Another Rand Paul Staffer Resigns!

Ruh ro:

I am writing you today to thank for for all the hard work you have put in on behalf of the Rand Paul for U.S. Senate campaign in 2009.  As 2009 comes to a close, I want to personally thank you for all the work you do for the cause of liberty! 

In light of some recent unfortunate developments, I regret to inform you that I have officially resigned today from the Rand Paul for U.S. Senate campaign.  I will be issuing a public statement soon, and I will be happy to send it to you at your request.

It is with a heavy heart that I have made this decision.  I will miss your company and your passion for the cause of liberty, but I eagerly look forward to working with you again in the ongoing fight to save our nation.  Whatever your feelings, don’t ever quit the fight.  Your efforts will always be needed as we all work to save our nation and the Constitution.

Good luck in the New Year, and thank you for all of the fond memories we have shared along the campaign trail.  If you ever need anything or if you would like to stay in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Liberty,

Christi Gillespie

What happened in Liberty Land, kids?

FYI – that screaming lady from the video earlier? That was her. She was Rand’s replacement spokesperson. Here she is again:

Looks like Rand Paul has a real problem with hiring people who embarrassing the living shit out of him, like Mr. Death Metal and Ms. Screaming Lady.

I stand corrected. That’s not her in the video. The official with the Paul Campaign lied to me yet again.

So what REALLY happened, folks? Why’d Rand lose yet another spokescritter?

UPDATE – Statement from Christi

Lexington, Ky.– Effective at 1 p.m. today, I have resigned from the Rand Paul for U.S. Senate Campaign. Reflecting on previous staff changes and how they were handled, I wish to speak for myself on my own behalf. I am making my intentions clear in my own words.

I came to work for Rand first as a grassroots volunteer, then as a full-time staffer. Initially, I was attracted to his conservative message of reforming the Republican Party. This powerful message is held dear by the growing majority of mainstream Kentuckians. This message is what attracted me to support Rand, after I had originally pledged my support to Secretary Grayson.

I have decided, after much thoughtful deliberation, to leave the GOP after 15 years of activism and campaign involvement at all levels. My political career began as a highschool student, where I served as the state chair of the Teenage Republicans. Since then, I have consistently continued my involvement by working both as a volunteer and as staff in Republican organizations and campaigns. This step, therefore, is not taken lightly, but I deem it morally necessary.

After all, it was Rand Paul who caused me to “see the light” about Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment, both of whom Rand has now forbidden campaign members and grassroots supporters to attack. Rand now says he can’t win by attacking McConnell. Rand has changed his message of reform, so I cannot be further involved in this effort with a clear conscience. If we are not working to reform the GOP, we are only helping the establishment. On a personal note, however, Rand and I have parted company on friendly terms.

I have re-registered as a Libertarian, and I look forward to helping to grow the Libertarian Party of Kentucky into the viable third-party alternative it can be. I welcome you to join me in this worthwhile endeavor for liberty and our Constitution. Please visit for more information about the Libertarian Party of Kentucky.
In Liberty,

Christi Gillespie



Oh, look at this:

Losing two staffers in the early stages of a campaign is not unusual or a sign of internal problems, Adams said.

HA! It’s not that they left the campaign – it’s the circumstances under which they left. Hightower, after racist crap was uncovered. And Gillespie, after she got fed up with Rand’s flip-flopping and McConnell butt kissing.

Steve Beshear Shares His “Wrap Up” of 2009

Governor Steve Beshear’s re-election campaign, which has Jerry Abramson tagging along or whatever, sent out this email blast a bit ago touting all the things Poppy Beshear has allegedly done.

Let’s look:

Kentuckians won’t soon forget 2009 — a year that gave us a record-shattering ice storm, significant flooding, and the worst economic outlook in decades.  Yet even in this extraordinarily difficult year, my administration has continued to support Kentucky families and build for the state’s future.

Since taking office, I have remained focused on two goals:  creating and maintaining jobs, and helping families and businesses survive this economic crisis.   When we emerge from this recession, Kentuckians won’t be shell-shocked and shattered, but will be stronger than before.

Am I the only one troubled by Beshear’s claim that he’s actually done anything the past two years? Either there is some serious revisionist history going on or I’ve been totally brain dead for quite a while. Both are entirely possible.

Creating and Keeping Our Jobs

We successfully overhauled our tax incentives program this year to grow existing businesses — creating dynamic new economic tools to create and maintain jobs across the state.  Our efforts are already paying off.  In November alone, we approved incentives for 29 businesses that will create 1,100 new jobs and maintain another 1,400 jobs in Kentucky.  I can’t wait to see what happens as the economy recovers.

We also used federal stimulus money to save or create 4,200 jobs, and jump-started the Ohio River bridges project — a critical component of our future regional economic health.

Do we need to go into the eleventy five thousand million various companies that were supposed to create jobs that, you know, ended up being a huge farce over and over again? And where is this bridges project jumpstart? Does he mean all the hemming and hawing of people in Louisville’s East End who are afraid someone from the riffraff part of town is going to walk through their yard?

Supporting Families

I am keenly aware of the pain our families are experiencing as they weather this economic storm. That’s why I worked to expand unemployment insurance benefits, and created a task force to find solutions for keeping this critical program solvent when more and more Kentuckians need it.  I launched an overhaul of the food stamp program, created programs to help families avoid foreclosure, and helped needy families secure $10.5 million worth of prescription drugs by streamlining access to low-cost or free prescription drug programs.

Ah, I get it. He’s just going to take credit for things that didn’t even happen in Kentucky. Or things other people did. Good call, Poppy.

I am especially proud of bringing health coverage to 36,000 children who were previously uncovered through KCHIP.   We also managed to balance our budget without cutting the SEEK formula, the main K-12 education funding mechanism.  No matter the economic climate, we have to put the well-being of our children at the top of our priority list.

These are worthy accomplishments in the best of economic times.  But consider the fact that we’ve accomplished all this even after cutting more than $850 million in state spending and balancing the budget five times.  

We still have difficult days ahead, but I take pride in our efforts so far.  I look forward to moving Kentucky forward in 2010.  My best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful new year.


Governor Steve Beshear

Again, what the crap? Telling people to sign up for something that already exists isn’t exactly what I’d tout as a major, year-end accomplishment. But we’re obviously not living in the reality-based community with this email blast, so…

“Putting the well-being of our children at the top of our priority list” apparently means sticking it to kids everywhere, ignoring education, cutting KEES funds, proposing 20% cuts across the educational board, ignoring the shit out of education in rural areas and fighting to keep corrupt power broker superintendents protected with special rights and tons of petty cash.

I think we’ve all been hoodwinked. Is this what an enema feels like? I want some of whatever our Gas Station Governor is taking. It must be really good stuff.

You’ll need this, most likely:

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve Late Morning Roundup Stuff

That whole bit about me trying not to do work today? Haha, right. Fat chance. People were calling before six a.m. Who knew so many folks would be pretending to do work today? Goodness.

So let’s look at some stuff…

The 2009 Rooties are here from Joe! I won a fancy award but was a mere runner-up on the ego front because apparently my ego isn’t big enough or rich enough. It is unfair that a goat-you-know-whatter beat me in that category. Go read the entire thing because I know you have nothing else to do today. [Barefoot & Progressive]

I hear the Kentucky Democratic Party’s executive director may have resigned to take a similar job outside the Commonwealth. Possibly because he sucked, hard, just like I said a year ago or whatever? Unfortunately, KDP is in the dark ages with a current spokescritter who shuns technology. Meaning we won’t have an actual answer to my questions for about a million more days. [Rumor]

Kevin Skinner is the Herald-Leader’s most intriguing person of the year, according to the internet, which means this is accurate. At least we can all agree that he deserved to win that fancy teevee prize. [H-L]

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Turncoat. [Hilarity]

Greg Stumbo has a website, on the internets, for reals. You should look at it. My favorite part is his biography that reads, “From eastern Kentucky, Stumbo has the determination and steel inherited from that land. toidus dksjdf skdkfjs dkdjfis dkfjsl” No, I’m not making it up. Yes, I realize the website isn’t live just yet. [Click the Clicky]

Fairdale Bigfoot has returned from his holiday break. He’s back with his advice column and it is good. [Consuming Louisville]

How to tell if you have religious food. [Consumerist]

Rand Paul is officially lying about his flip-flopping on Gitmo. [Ronnie Ellis]

Here’s video proof of his stance on Guantanamo Bay. [YouTube]

Oh, and here’s video of Randy Rand Paul’s daddy talking about how terrorists are terrorists because we’re occupiers. Ben Stein calling Ron Anti-Semitic was interesting. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the treet. [Larry King Live]

It’s Maybe the Last Round-Up of the Year

State Government employees lost more than 6,500 pounds in 2009. 1,200 folks took part. That’s a lot of fat. It’s too bad the legislature won’t do the same thing. [Press Release]

The Sixth Annual Not Good For Nothing Quiz is upon us! [LEO Weekly]

A plethora of numbers traces a decade of change. [H-L]

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is so broke it can’t afford the letter “B.” Thanks to the Courier-Journal for pointing this out. [Page One]

It is decided. I need a baby camel. [Daily Squee]

Horses are leaving Kentucky… for Canada. [H-L]

The blue moon of Kentucky could be here on New Year’s Eve. [HuffPo]

Candidates raised $1.4 billion in 2008. Bruce Lunsford and Mitch McConnell combined was $29 million, the second-most expensive. [Hotline]

A look at job loss by county. [Rural Blog via WFPL]

Do you like cutting stuff up and gluing it on paper? You’re in luck. There’s a wild “Scrapbooking Weekend” planned for January 15th & 16th at Greebo Lake State Resort Park. Registration fee is $45 and you can stay at the lodge (and park your gas hog) for a mere $105. [Press Release]

Louisville Republican Metro Councilcritters just did not care for Jerry Abramson’s alleged “accomplishments” so the crew released their own little list. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jim Gray pulled in 137 contributions in under 48 hours. I’m betting Jim Newberry pulled in almost none. [Stuff on the Internets]

David Williams Takes On The Governor Again

The sleeping beast is waking up since the session is right around the corner. David Williams on Steve Beshear:

“He’s been a one-issue governor up until this juncture,” he said. “That’s all he’s had on his mind: establish one crisis after another that was unmanageable if you didn’t have gambling revenue.”

Click here to read the entire story from Steitzer & Loftus.

While I think Williams is spot-on about Beshear never, you know, doing anything ever… I think the point needs to be made that the man has made no real effort to actually push expanded gambling. It’s all fallen on the shoulders of the horse industry.  Holding a meeting here and there with track presidents and making a few appointments clearly isn’t enough.

Williams needs to stand up for comprehensive tax reform. Immediately.

Because we’re all gonna die of the poverty ASAP without the gambling, which will never be expanded under this governor, and tax reform is necessary.

Oh, and here’s this story from WHAS11:

Click here for the story.