Your Monday Early Evening Time Wasting Mess

If you missed it, I uncovered corruption within the upper ranks of Greater Clark County Schools. Thanks for Francene, we got the current head of public education to launch an investigation and admit on-air that transparency is necessary. Read all about officials willfully misleading reporters and purposefully hiding public information from the press and the public. [The ‘Ville Voice]

That Rand Paul teabagged his way into the New York Whore Times! Says he’s a constitutional guy so somebody ought to quiz him asap. And here it is: Trey Grayson says he is opposed to gay marriage. So now his five thousand gay staffers are going to scramble for damage control. Gaybo McGayerson and the rest are not going to be happy. [NY Times]

It’s absolutely mind-blowing that a Democratic candidate for the Kentucky State House is advocating meaningful tax reform. Nobody tell the Gas Station Governor. [Mike Slaton on the Twitter]

Dubai’s debt crisis has the WEQ horsey crew nervous. [H-L]

Rand Paul, Trey Grayson and Daniel Mongiardo are still silent on the EARLY Act. [Jack Conway]

Looks like Jill York will lose to Barry Webb in the 96th District special election. [H-L]

Sarah Palin’s bus tour is a fraud. Apparently she can never do anything, ever, 100%. [Crooks & Liars]

Imagine that. MIT analysis backs Barack Obama on health care. Mitch McConnell will say science, stats and facts just don’t matter because he didn’t pull them out of his rear end. [Politico]

We received a rare press release from Richie Farmer! Apparently there’s an enhanced website celebrating Kentucky’s growing wine industry. Now that’s something we can all get behind. Unless you’re a prude. [Clicky Clicky]

What role will mountain top removal play in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate? [Hotline On Call]

Jimmy Higdon has raised $99,843.99 for the special election. [Bluegrass Politics]

There’s even more sad journalism news for the Associated Press. [The ‘Ville Voice]

What Is It With Keith Hall Wasting Money?

And why does he continue to pull the wool over his constituents’ eyes in Eastern Kentucky?

Let’s take a trip down the Keith Hall void:

Check out the latest from John Cheves & Dori Hjalmarson:

FRANKFORT — Over the last five years, state Rep. Keith Hall, D-Phelps, has earmarked at least $120,000 in state funds for the “Phelps History Center” in Pike County.

There is no Phelps History Center, as such. In the original budget request, Hall said Phelps High School would use the money to teach local history by producing “historical narratives and plays.” The focus is on academics, Hall wrote.

“This funding will greatly enhance the Phelps students’ knowledge of arts and humanities, thereby increasing their knowledge and greatly improving their test scores,” Hall’s request stated.

A Herald-Leader review of spending records shows that roughly half the $117,770 spent so far — all from coal-severance tax dollars — went not to academic projects for the school’s 430 students, but to sports gear, including basketball and volleyball uniforms, basketball micro-fleece travel outfits, a mascot costume and Nike and Adidas sneakers.

Click here to read the rest. There’s just too much dirt piling up around Keith Hall to ignore.

I love how coal severance dollars earmarked for a history center turns into ice cream and sports equipment. Makes tons of sense. And like clockwork, Keith Hall has ever excuse in the book prepared for the press.

This is why Eastern Kentucky cannot have nice things. And it’s why stagnation is rampant.

Paul Campaign Supports Non-Federal Candidate

Rand Paul’s federal campaign just can’t stop campaigning for Jimmy Higdon, a state candidate. Common sense apparently escapes the Paul world 24/7 – because we’ve already pointed out this illegal campaign activity twice prior:

But that didn’t stop anything. Check out what Rand Paul’s campaign manager sent on Facebook – a federal campaign once again campaigning for a state candidate:

Reply-To: noreply
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 21:49:08 -0800
Subject: “Rand Paul helps Jimmy Higdon” sent you a message on Facebook…

David Adams sent a message to the members of Rand Paul helps Jimmy Higdon.

Subject: Time to take a stand

If Jimmy Higdon wins his Kentucky state Senate special election on December
8, Gov. Steve Beshear’s tax and spend agenda will take a big hit. If Jimmy
Higdon wins, Beshear’s casino gambling scam will move one big step closer to
If Jimmy Higdon wins, conservative Republicans will still have a
voice in Frankfort.

But if Jimmy Higdon loses, all that is thrown into serious jeopardy. And
Kentucky Democrats will be very likely to give Nancy Pelosi two more votes
in the U.S. House from Kentucky through redistricting. You can help out by
attending and spreading the word about this event.



Yeah. Campaign finance nightmare that Trey Grayson is stupid (not ignorant – wholly stupid) not to pounce on.

And here’s more proof of official collusion:

From: Facebook
Reply-To: noreply
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 07:07:27 -0800
Subject: “Rand Paul helps Jimmy Higdon” sent you a message on Facebook…

Brittany Marie Dowell sent a message to the members of Rand Paul helps Jimmy

Subject: TONIGHT

Don’t forget! This evning Dr. Rand Paul is hosting an event for Jimmy
Higdon at the home of Rick and Nancy McCubbin at 7:00.

Look forward to seeing you tonight.

It doesn’t help that David Adams just said that Jimmy Higdon supports the expansion of casino gambling.

Amateur hour.

Thanks to Francene!

If you’re visiting from The Francene Show, CLICK HERE for the Stephen Daeschner – Greater Clark County Schools story.  It’s a hot mess involving the purposeful withholding of information from a reporter and $75,000 in secret funds.

Thanks to Francene for having me on her fun program this morning to discuss yet another scandal involving money and secrets in education.

If you missed the program, I’ll publish a podcast by tomorrow.