Oh Snap Mon… Tuesday! Long Weekend’s Over

Former Governor Ernie Fletcher has started a health care consulting firm in Ohio. No, not Covington– Ohio. [Business First]

Somebody needs to get us one of these things, pronto. The cutest things. Ever. [Telegraph]

Remember when 10,000 people applied for 90 GE factory jobs in Louisville? Well, it’s so insane that the story has gone national. [HuffPo]

What? Kentucky has major budget problems? Who knew? The legislature still isn’t taking real tax reform seriously. And probably never will. [H-L]

The crazy Paultard van from Kentucky was spotted in Michigan. All right for the pro-smoking nutball. [People of Walmart]

The mainstream media and politicos everywhere see the problems within the Beshear-Mongiardo Administration. When will the governor admit that there are major problems? [Ronnie Ellis]

Barack Obama gave a speech to the gays Saturday night and said absolutely nothing new. [AMERICAblog]

Here’s footage of the speech if you want to watch it. [HuffPo]

Check out these videos and photos from the crew who went to Warshington. [Curt Morrison]

Mitch McConnell asked Bob Dole not to issue his health care reform statement. Imagine that. Mitch. Obstructing progress yet again. [Jim Carroll]

The real faces of coal. Death, poverty, pollution, low taxes and ruined roads. [H-L]

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