Dear Joe Gerth: Why Publish Mistruths?

A rare weekend post from the known homosexual…

Kim Geveden lied about Mongiardo campaign staff being allowed into Lt. Dan’s illegal at most/wasteful and unethical at the least functions on Friday.

He denied claims by Riddle that Mongiardo campaign workers were allowed in, saying the only Mongiardo campaign worker who attended either event was a video tracker at the Lexington event for the sole purpose of filming the Conway campaign workers.

Geveden also disputed Riddle’s contention that Mongiardo “barred” Conway’s staffers.

Unfortunately for Kim, those staffers were caught on video and Kim’s caught in yet another lie.

Here’s the proof from yesterday:

So, Gerth, what’s your excuse for publishing something you know to be untrue without providing facts for your readership?

Mongiardo’s campaign staffers – the tracker caught on-camera and Lauren Biggs – were allowed inside these $200/plate events. Along with the press. And you just ignore those facts? I mean, one of the kids was caught on-camera effectively saying that the KSP was protecting him – a campaign staffer. And you ignore the facts.

Good job.

Oh, P.S. The blonde lady? Beth Gallagher-Henninger, an employee of Tom Underwood at the Kentucky Society of Association Executives. Maybe you could dig a little there, too, Joe.

You’re Inside on This Beautiful Evening?

Daniel Mongiardo has an ethical problem on his hands after the mess he caused earlier today. What could he possibly have to hide? [Here & Here]

Go read the 2009 report on diversifying Kentucky’s leadership. [Secretary of State]

Everybody should be reading Ryan Alessi’s story about KACo’s “generosity” – he’s single-handedly responsible for bringing this mess to the media’s attention to the extent that he has been able. Consistently the best reporter in the Commonwealth. [Ryan Alessi]

How many times can Steve Beshear recycle Joe Prather? He just appointed him to the Bi-State Bridges Authority. [The ‘Ville Voice]

More people buy more booze when the economy is in the popper, duh. [State Journal]

Surely everyone can appreciate this kind of Friday evening science geekery. [HuffPo]

The former Blue Grass Airport crooks pleaded not guilty to being crooks and wasting our tax dollars for years and years. [H-L]

Kentucky just released its first stimulus reporting information. Stim-uh-liss dollars allegedly created or retained a total of 2,299 jobs. 215 in Social Services, 551 in Infrastructure, 205 in Housing, 19 in Energy, 1,309 in Education and Job Training. [Press Release]

HAHAHA! Go look at Barack Obama’s Facebook wall. [Slate]

Lt. Dan: Caught Red-Handed, On Video

From earlier:

  • What Does Daniel Mongiardo Have to Hide? [Page One]
  • Hey, Lt. Dan, Which Is It? Public? Private? [Page One]

And here’s the video footage:

From a Conway Campaign press release:

“We have all witnessed during the past month that Dan Mongiardo cannot be trusted. He will say or do anything to get elected – including bad-mouthing our Governor. What is Mongiardo hiding? What is so secret? Why would he use state resources to invite people to attend a public event and then slam the door when someone shows up to try and find out where he stands on the issues? What is troubling is that Mongiardo had his own CAMPAIGN staff involved in these supposedly officially state-sanctioned events. If they were official state business, as the media advisory indicates, why were they closed meetings and why was Mongiardo’s own CAMPAIGN staff denying access to the meetings?,” said Conway spokesperson Mark Riddle. “Is Mongiardo telling different groups different things to curry support? Is he refusing to let people attend public events to which the media is invited? Is he missuing state resources? I think Dan has a lot of explaining to do!”


“Was the Lt. Governor discussing health care reform and legislation in his official capacity at public events or were these ‘private’ campaign events that he was attending and promoting on the taxpayers’ dime? Perhaps he is travelling across Kentucky trying to explain why he was kicked off the e-health task force. I know this is Halloween Eve, but this entire situation smells like a trick and is scary for taxpayers,” added Mark Riddle.

Ruh ro.

My favorite part of this whole mess? State dollars paying for KSP protection at a private campaign event. Nice.

UPDATE @ 7:22: Like clockwork, the mainstream media releases a story about the Mongiardo events that no press allegedly attended. Imagine that.

Who wants to file the Ethics complaint, folks?

What’s Up in the Gov’s Office These Days?

What’s up in Governor Steve Beshear’s office these days?

The departure of everyone from Jay Blanton to Will Carle signals massive changes are afoot.

So why the mass exodus?

Let’s speculate: Adam Edelen will run for office (he wants Crit’s job). Jerry Abramson’s mayoral staff are taking over the Governor’s office. Jonathan Miller wants Jack Conway’s job. Jay Blanton got tired of the chaos. And everyone else has become disillusioned.

What else you got, kids?

League of Women Voters: Training to Run

The League of Women Voters in Louisville is preparing for its “Training to Run” workshop which encourages non-traditional candidates to jump into politics. This year’s program is designed for state and local candidates, their campaign managers and treasurers from across the Commonwealth.

The Details You Need:

  • Saturday, November 14 @ League HQ
  • 115 South Ewing Ave
  • 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
  • $100 per person, which includes lunch and all material
  • Email for registration/more information

The workshop will feature representatives from the Jefferson County Board of Elections, Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (which apparently doesn’t understand campaign finance in Kentucky – so take their mess with a grain of salt), the Legislative Ethics Commission, media and direct mail pros.

“We developed this workshop in 2001 after the merger referendum and we started getting requests for information from potential candidates,” League President Vicki Willard said. “We feel the same thing is stirring today, that new leaders are emerging for the state legislature and city councils throughout Kentucky, and we want to encourage these true grassroots campaigns, won or lost on the basis of energy and vision, rather than money and connections.”

Let us know if you go. And take pictures.