Governor Beshear Just on Francene’s Show

Governor Steve Beshear was just on Francene.

“Quite honestly, Francene, I got a little chuckle out of it. It’s amazing the ingenuity of folks and what they can do these days… it is cut and pasted and spliced.”

He then compared the profanity-filled rant from Mongiardo it to the casino/slot machine mail piece of him. It’s clearly not randomly pieced together. The only editing is to put two separate recording sessions together.

Let’s listen again just to be safe:

And if you need a transcript, click here

He wouldn’t say the clip was a fake when pressed. Said Mongiardo says it’s doctored. “We’re not gonna allow these kind of political shenanigans.”

Francene pressed the governor pretty hard on his relationship with Mongiardo, said Mongiardo takes advantage of him. The only thing Beshear could do was suggest that Mongiardo was a leader in e-health. Francene then asked why he was removed from the e-health board if he was so involved. Beshear lied, saying he was never removed. He was removed. You can check for yourself. He was on the board at one time and then mysteriously disappeared. Granted, it may have something to do with the fact that he never showed up for meetings. But the Governor lied.

Cute, huh? This spin machine is pure hilarity.

This is going to be AMAZING to watch. Because sources in the governor’s office tell me that Beshear is heated over this.


Francene just said this after Beshear hung up: “I can’t imagine he’s taking it as lightly as he sounds.”

“The Mongiardo camp isn’t refuting this.”

“The damage control is swirling.”

“Pretty nice for a U.S. Senator. He turns around and stabs the man who gave him everything in the back.”

“That sounds like vintage Daniel Mongiardo. Let’s see how he worms his way out of that one after calling Conway a thing or two.”

Love her. We will shower Francene with awards, flowers and candy. Just because.

15 thoughts on “Governor Beshear Just on Francene’s Show

  1. Given Francene’s personal history with Mongiardo, I’d think her comments should be taken with the requisite dose of NaCl.

    If anyone used anybody, Beshear used Mongiardo to draw eastern KY votes away from the Stumbo ticket. Then Mongiardo was discarded. I know personally of one specific instance where Mongiardo lobbied hard for a political appointment in eastern Kentucky for someone who was experienced and qualified for the position. The Beshear administration went out of its way to avoid giving the appointment to the Mongiardo associate, bringing in someone from out of the area to take that position. (It’s the highway district that encompasses Jake’s home county). Mongiardo has been privately expressing frustration at Beshear’s failure to include him in decisions affecting the Hazard area for quite some time, so this revelation is really not any surprise.

  2. It’s true that Beshear has taken advantage of Mongiardo – probably more than Mongiardo has taken advantage of him.

    But that’s no reason to disparage Francene or her legitimate on-air concerns.

    There’s also no question that Mongiardo has taken advantage of Beshear– in email blasts, at events, yadda yadda.

    You’re right, tho. He’s speaking the truth. He shouldn’t have, as a candidate, cursed like, say, someone like me.

  3. Oh I love Francene and listen to her when I am able to. I’m just sayin’ that since she and Mongiardo used to date, that ought to be kept in the back of one’s mind when digesting her “typical Mongiardo” comment.

  4. I agree with Conservative.
    Isn’t this the same Francene that kept her romane with the Lt. Gov a big secret and then she was dumped by him? Could there be a little jealousy on Frances part that the Lt Gov. married a young good looking babe 1/2 her age? Why didn’t she ask the Lt Gov to be on the show so he could respond to this?

  5. Hrm. I don’t seem to recall Francene speaking of her relationship more than once. And I’m pretty sure that today she was speaking of Mongiardo’s performance as Lt. Governor and State Senator, not as a romantic partner.

    What’s Allie have to do with any of this? Nothing. That’s what.

    This was part of Beshear’s regularly scheduled weekly appearance on Francene. He was given talking points. His staff knew what to expect. If they wanted Mongiardo to appear, they would have asked him to appear.

  6. Oh, yeah, she sure does. Which is why you never, ever hear her opinion on anything.

    HA! Please. The day Francene says what anybody wants her to say will be the day I like women.

    But it’s cute how folks love attacking the messenger. How dare her – a woman – question a man.

  7. Hmmm….after Jim Bunning, democrat control of this seat should be almost automatic. If Conway keeps up with the gaffes like his performance at Fancy Farm and Mongiardo keeps up his gaffes and his feud with the Gov., don’t be a bit surprised when Trey Grayson goes to Washington.

  8. At this point, Grayson winning his own party’s nomination is not a sure thing. And this coming from someone who keeps praying for a better alternative to Grayson or Paul than who’s already out there.

  9. It’s not that Francene’s a woman that’s an issue
    it’s her views. She doesn’t say what Clear Channel tells her it’s the Republican talking points she repeats. The only person she has on that show that gets a word in that doesn’t follow her agenda is
    Yarmuth. And I don’t know why he wastes his time
    on that audience.

  10. Again, that’s just spin.

    I’ve been on her program a number of times and have always been able to speak my mind – while disagreeing with her. For hours at a time.

    I listen every day and hear people constantly ripping her a new one.

    It’s true people disagree with her. I also believe she goes too far a lot of the time (so do I). Having listened to her since her first day on-air here, I don’t believe she’s got a “Republican” agenda, really. Conservative outlook for sure, though.

    But I’m not her defender – reality is reality.

  11. Ok…… people are misunderstanding why the bird chirps are there. It’s masking the actual location of where this was actually recorded, it’s mixed in SO bad that it wasn’t meant to act as if it’s outdoors, it’s masking the interview and what’s going on at the event.

    Smells like the Paultards are at work in this one……

    Listen to the audio, bird chirps begin, THEN the audio cuts in.

    The birds are masking what’s going on in the background, sounds like an indoor event, there’s someone speaking on a microphone in the distant background.

  12. I got the impression that Beshear originally was really a sort of “stand-in” during the last gubernatorial election, a place-holder, an “acceptable” Democrat who would reap the vote of all those who were turned off by Fletcher and/or Bush. During his administration the Dems were expected to come up with a TRULY viable candidate, with name recognition and appeal, who actually wanted the job and would do amazing things for ALL Kentuckians (except David Williams).
    –And Francene can be “bought.” Remember her love affair with her late, great Saturn…?

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