RUH RO: Daniel Mongiardo Steps In It

You definitely wanna give this a listen:

Cute how Lt. Dan attacks his Governor, isn’t it?


UPDATE: Here’s a transcript –

Mongiardo speaking: “See, I’ve always said that, uh, the only difference between Fletcher and Beshear is Beshear hasn’t had a blow-up yet. But it’s comin.”

“It wouldn’t hurt me at all to uh to uh see Steve uh go down. I think he’ll go down just if he makes it through (inaudible) just the way it is.”

“My loyalties are, I don’t have, I have zero loyalties for him, zero.”

Other guy: “Who’s doin a fundraiser this quarter?”

Mongiardo: “Steve Beshear is. For Steve Beshear. One in Lexington. One in Louisville. He’s trying to dry up my money. He’s screwed ever way possible and what I get out of it? We finally begged him to show up at one in Northern Kentucky. He not gonna lift a finger, he’s not gonna do a damn thing. He’s just gonna show up and his name’s gonna be on the, on the…”

“I have, listen, there is no love. I’m, I’m this close to saying ‘fuck it all.’ I don’t need this job. I don’t need the U.S. Senate.”

38 thoughts on “RUH RO: Daniel Mongiardo Steps In It

  1. Holy F-ing christ! Did Dan Mongiardo just say Beshear isn’t loyal and needs to go down? AND that he is this close to saying “fuck this shit?”

    Is that what Ijust heard? From Dr. Dan? about his boss? His boss who endorsed him?
    What does loyalty mean in Mongiardo’s world???

  2. david: appears to be spliced audio from a couple different recent conversations – not certain of the location.

    Though, I definitely welcome anyone who knows to drop me a line anonymously, if necessary, to fill in the gaps.

  3. I could not understand much of it. It seems like bits and pieces to me. It would seem some folks are worried and are trying to drive a wedge between the two of them. The question is who benifits from this? Conway? Not much. Stumbo, maybe. Nrscc sure! Someone went to a lot of trouble to produce this just like the Conway video

  4. MarshallDem: You can read the transcript above.

    I spent nearly 20 minutes making sure I got it correct. Granted, I have pig flu or something and am slow, but I think I got it pretty much spot-on.

    This wasn’t produced by the Conway crew. Was produced by Republicans, according to my sources. Because everyone sees Lt. Dan as the nominee at this point.

    But Conway would be crazy not to take advantage of this.

  5. Wow. A sad day for Kentucky Coal.
    I’m curious to whether the surreptitious recording of a private conversation in Kentucky is legal, though? Any great legal minds with the 411 on this?
    Should I email Jack Conway and ask him? :)

  6. Remember when Lt. Dan criticized Jack for saying “son of a bitch” at Fancy Farm?

    Wonder what he has to say about using “fuck” so nonchalantly??

    Kim Geveden is set to spin this in 3, 2 …

  7. Fair! Except mongi does not cuss much if ever. But u r right Jack should try to use it but I really don’t see much of a opp. Numbers come out soon that will b the story. Who ever did this should have waited

  8. Friend found it for me:

    So it looks like if the person that recorded the conversation(s) is the same person that released it(them), it appears to me that person committed a Class A misdemeanor. Am I wrong?
    That’s someone that really, really, really doesn’t like Dan- but Dan didn’t realize how much.

    But now Dan does, it will be interesting to see if he files charges against the person that recorded the conversation(s).

  9. An honest politician for fuckin’ once. Too damn bad he didn’t say it publically…. Wait he did.

    Either way as I’ve said a hundred times Beshear is not loyal to anyone. That’s why I call him “one termer” Beshear.

  10. Curt: How do we know that at least one individual did not know the recording(s) was being made?

    How do we know Lt. Dan didn’t know the recording(s) was being made?

    We don’t. So crying foul is a little silly at this point.

  11. Jake- You’re right. I did misread that that statute. If only one party in conversation knew it was being recorded, then it was legally obtained, correct?

    As for the possibility of Dr. Dan knowing it was being recorded, yeah right. lol.

    Also, the video was put out by V 12.
    That’s intriguing. Anyone know a politico or insider with pre-1996 Jag hidden in his garage?

  12. Didn’t mean that to come off as condescending, so my apologies if it did.

    Just wanted to point out that this always happens in campaigns. Even happened with Bruce Lunsford.

  13. that is the worst audio hack job I have ever heard…Maybe three words are actually Mongiardo’s……I love how they had to add bird tweets to help disguise how terribly fake that tape is…….Could they at least name it something better than V12….which is obviously version 12.

  14. “If only one party in conversation knew it was being recorded, then it was legally obtained, correct? ” Yes, I do believe that applies to telephone “intercepts”. In all states except Maryland–that’s what got Linda Tripp in trouble.

  15. Not all states have single-party consent laws like Kentucky. It was the Herald-Leader’s use of that law that secured a Pulitzer for the big expose on UK basketball during the Joe Hall era.

  16. After audio analysis, this thing was spliced together but the sentences have no breaks.

    There’s no doubt its legitimate statements from Mongiardo. Bet tomorrow is going to be an interesting day at work.

    Channel 27 in Lexington just led with this video on their 11 pm newscast. The telling part was them saying a political website removed the video. I immediately checked PageOneKentucky, saw it still here, then I went to the Lex Herald Leaders “Bluegrass Politics”. They have removed it. Chicken shits.

  17. At least Mongiardo had enough guts to let Beshear have it. He’s been a train wreck as governor even worse than Ernie “Hypocrite” Fletcher. He has no idea other than being another attorney in the wrong position. This state needs a consistent and intelligent businessman who knows something about budgeting and creating jobs. Not a bunch of careerist nincompoops running things. That explains why the state is just about broke because we’ve had bad government for decades. Its not just the one term of Beshear, Fletcher, or even Brereton Jones.

    John Y was a pretty decent governor and it seems that the state was moving forward but since then its been a bunch of fools running things again. Its just a shame that we can’t go back to that era and see what could have happened if we had solid leadership since then

  18. lifelong dem.
    Jones inherited a 400 million dollar budget deficit and left the office with a 600 million dollar surplus.

  19. Dr. Dan is the only reason why a has been like Beshear is Governor. Had Bruce picked Dan they would be Gov and Lt Gov. Also, Beshear is only loyal to people like stites and harbison (spelling) and soon to be the Cordish Group and Jerry Abramson.

  20. Actually, if Bruce had had the guts to go through with the run-off, he would be governor.

    He was well within his rights to press. And he didn’t.

  21. LeGardien…I’m no lawyer, but I believe telephone intercepts fall under FCC regulations, as well I believe it is illegal to record from electronic transmissions unless all parties are aware of the recording (hence the disclaimer at the beginning of any call to a service center).

    I’ll not be able to vote in the primary unless I change my party affiliation…but if I were a dem, this would actually entice me to vote for Dr Dan. How refreshing, a politician who doesn’t NEED to be Senator. I’d fear a probable career politician much more than I’d fear a ‘potty mouth’.

  22. E-

    You’re right: You are not a lawyer. The wiretap statute doesn’t cover this type of intercept and it isn’t necessary for all parties to consent. Not to mention that these statements were made in a public forum, not on the phone.

    voting democrat is far easier that getting a job. keep it up.

  23. young con-

    where do you get the notion that these comments were made in a public forum? because of the “birds” in the background? or is it the “crowded marketplace” effect that someone layered over the recording?

    haha, where the hell did you come from? straight from that wacko bland paul site that posted this thing?

  24. YC…just in case you missed it…I wasn’t saying the types of recordings (in the Dr Dan story) were illegal. I suggested that telephone/electronic transmitted conversations were. I was merely offering what I understood the laws to be to LG, who asked the question.
    Geez…I certainly hope you’re not a lawyer…as you missed that…and inferred a whole different meaning from that which was obvious to everyone else.
    [voting democrat is far easier that getting a job. keep it up.]
    Apparently you must have missed the part where I made the point that I couldn’t vote dem…because I’m not a registered dem…again…given your penchant for inferring what’s not there and missing altogether what is…I sincerely hope no one has to count on your low powered perception to safeguard their rights…I sincerely hope you are NOT a lawyer, if you are…I sincerely hope you have a good paralegal that can READ for you, as you miss entirely too many obvious details.
    I’ll have to guess by your post about dems and jobs…you must think I’m either a dem or a liberal…(that’s funny). Jake has called me an “arch conservative” at times…and I liked it!
    I’m a conservative that mocks the GOP for being too liberal, too lacking in thrift, and too inclined to encroach on our rights.

  25. I got the impression that Breshear originally was really a sort of “stand-in” during the last gubernatorial election, a place-holder, an “acceptable” Democrat who would reap the vote of all those who were turned off by Fletcher and/or Bush. During his administration the Dems were expected to come up with a TRULY viable candidate, with name recognition and appeal, who actually wanted the job and would do amazing things for ALL Kentuckians (except David Williams).

  26. Millionaire politicians being self-serving… that IS news.
    Please Dr. Dan, say fuck it all and leave Kentucky alone. Pretty please? With ethics on top?

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