Crazy Teabagger Running for Congress

Teabagger Marilyn Parker announced her candidacy last night. But she will “officially” announce on Saturday in Central Park in Louisville.

That said, you absolutely must read her press release:

Marilyn Parker would like for you to join her and other Republican candidates at the Louisville stop of the National Teaparty Express on Saturday September 5th at 3:30 PM at Old Louisville’s Central Park located at 4th & Ormsby.

Marilyn Parker will formally announce her candidacy for the 3rd Congressional Seat in Kentucky. Please help her in her efforts to take back our country from the radical socialists that are now in charge in Washington. Marilyn would appreciate your support, whether it be volunteering. contributions or just an encouraging word. Please stop by her booth, meet Marilyn, and join her and all the other thousands of American Patriots for an afternoon of family fun and a slate of Local, State and National speakers.

Don’t miss it.

See you at Central Park

Marilyn Parker For Congress

Yeah. Wow. Those gat danged socialists are taking over everything.

CRAZY. With a capital batshiz.

John Yarmuth should totally be running scared, right? Cause this lady is totally going to beat him in the 3rd Congressional District.

31 thoughts on “Crazy Teabagger Running for Congress

  1. I’ve seen much worse rookie would be politician web sites than Parker’s, Jake. In fact, I’ve seen worse for incumbents. Parker is also a 23 year veteran critical care nurse with opposing positions on health care reform. Why, some might see her as qualified as, say, John Yarmuth or Barack Obama on the subject. Now let’s see if she can walk, talk and chew gum at the same time.

  2. Give her time, Terri. Hillary wore out 14 pairs of scissors and 20 hair dryers getting her doo on. I just hope that Parker has more than pants suits in her closet, and an ass smaller than Delaware.

  3. In honor of her position that we need to rid the 3rd Congressional District of the radical socialists, I think that I will make another contribution today to John Yarmuth’s campaign!

  4. If they are really against government involvement in health care then it would only make sense they woudl want to end Medicare and the V.A. system. Right? Why aren’t they out there trying to win people over by getting rid of their single payer government entitlements if government involvement is really that awful?
    It’s easy to be brave when you’re not really being brave at all.

  5. Well, Terri, if I’ve had too much to drink, or a lot on my mind, or the damned dog is watching… Wait, you said sexism. Never mind. Carry on.

  6. Why do doctors and nurses run for office? Don’t they know they’re in short supply? Shouldn’t they rather save lives?

    I just saw Dr. Adewale Troutman say that childhood obesity costs $147 billion per year.

    Ms. Parker’s time and talents would be better utilized by starting a boot camp for fat kids than waging a campaign that’s dead on arrival.

    A non-radical-socialist boot camp, that is.

  7. I actually hope that Robin Engel will consider running for the seat. As a metro councilman, he has the name recognition and experience to defeat Yarmuth if the economy goes further south as unfortunately many predict. Plus, his council seat isn’t up for re-election this year so he could run without risking anything.
    I’ve heard both Parker and her opponent Hausman at the Jefferson County picnic, and if the race was just between the two of them I would be leaning towards Hausman at this time — seemed like a much better speaker.

  8. OMG. I demand this woman endorse Rand Paul, and vice versa, right now.

    Ray Re, you had me going, man. All these months I had you pegged as a conservative, but you let it slip today that you’re just performance art.

    Seriously… if I was Brad Cummings, one of the MANY things on my to-do list (work out, get glasses that go well with my face) would be to push somebody else into the race. Even Anne again would be more appealing to swing voters (and former Republicans who saw the crazy coming out) than this, and that’s saying something.

  9. I heard on Francene’s show that IDs would be checked at the door at Congressman Yarmuth’s Town Hall. That could get interesting if Yarmuth supporters seem to have a lot of ummm.. stage passes. Note to self, make sure to ask John his thoughts about tightening up voter ID requirements for real elections, and whether or not illegal immigrants are covered by whatever passes as Obamacare today.

  10. I have personally seen socialism in action with the sub-prime mortgage crisis that liberal special interest groups instigated through congress, which gave us TARP. Furthermore, Rep. Yarmuth, when asked repeatedly “how are you going to pay a 9 trillion dollar debt?” His answer is always the same, “I don’t know”. One time he actually said, “print more money or grow the economy”. What he really meant was create inflation and grow the government. The third largest employer in the world is the UK’s government run health care system that is on the backs of their taxpayers. I know the young citizens of this country can’t wrap their heads around 9 trillion dollars worth of debt, but in 20 years they will , because they will be trying to figure out a way to pay for it.

    The sexual commentary is better suited for LEO rather than the public discourse that we are all involved in at this time.

    Words of wisdom:
    America’s abundance which we all enjoy right now , was created by free men and women, not socialist politicians.

    Here is another crazy idea, “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem”. A quote by none other than Ronald Reagan.

  11. Marilyn Parker are you for real? Please explain the socialism of the subprime crisis? I would love to hear that!
    Banks lent money to people who did not have credit, savings or the ability to borrow money if something happened to their homes and many people were foreclosed on. It was not all the banks fault because people tend to want everything, but how the hell is that socialism, or is it just something you heard Rush babbling about.
    hell I hope you are running against Yarmuth. That would be fun.

  12. Im glad some people have found religion and are finally concerned about the deficit. The last time this country had a balanced budget was 2001 when Bill Clinton left office. Where were all of you deficit hawks during the Bush years when he never vetoed a deficit increase?
    Glad you all finally woke up from your siesta.

  13. Marilyn —

    Thanks for weighing in. Would you provide some links to any statements you made in opposition to President Bush’s Medicare Prescription Drug Act, his creation of huge budget deficits, or his 2003 invasion of Iraq, and subsequent six-year occupation.

    These statements, which I’m certain you made throughout the golden years of the Bush era will surely mark you as a serious thinker and a worthy ofcandidate for the U.S. Congress.

    Have a Ranch Burger!

  14. James, Clinton didn’t balance the budget. The President doesn’t make the budget; the congress does, and the congress at the time was Republican-controlled.
    Worth a read:

    With that said you are absolutely correct about the Bush admin and deficits; but then again that is why many of us conservatives were supporting Dr. Paul. I’m glad to see other’s getting religion again. Balanced budgets should be a nonpartisan thing.

  15. Thoughts.

    Ray Re: It appears Yarmuth answered your question about illegal immigrants getting healthcare under the bill. They won’t – he quoted book, chapter, and verse and the C-J has a picture of it. So dismiss that idea.

    They used Kentucky Drivers Licenses to identify people. If that can get you backstage to see somebody, more power to you. Dismiss that idea too.

    Larry West: Who is Robin Engel? You said he was a councilman. There are 26 of those, so he has represented 1/26 of the county and gives him experience to represent the other 25/26ths of it? Interesting math.

    Um: Most of the people appearing on this site indulge in performance art of one manner or another, this writer included.

    Specs: If you wish for the Republican Party to take credit for the surplus under Clinton, then they need to also take credit for the deficits under Reagan and Bush. Your group – those who support Dr. Paul – are not the Republicans who control the Republican Party. That group claims to be conservative – they aren’t. They are big government big spenders. Good luck in your efforts to reclaim the pre-Reagan Republican Party.

    Before Reagan came along, we were a nation of “we” not “I” and “community” not “individualism.” The downfall of the American Republic will someday have its genesis identifed as the administration of Ronald Reagan. He, and the people who thought and think like him, destroyed what had been a pretty good system of United We Stand, Divided We Fall, From Many One, and so forth.

    It is really a shame.

  16. Au contraire, Garlic Oasis. Individualism is the essence of America. Messy sometimes, yes, but it makes us harder to herd, and much of the worst of world history is herding. God bless our Bill of Rights, a testimony to individualism and a government not afraid of its governed.

  17. Wrongo ReyRe.

    The Bill of Rights is a part of the Constitution, which begins “We the People” not, “You, me, him, and her, all individuals.”

    The amendments, including the Bill of Rights you imply you have knowledge of, in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 24th, and 26th refers to the “rights of the People” of the “rights of Persons” both of which are plural. In fact, the word “individual” does not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

    RayRe, maybe you should stick to talking about sex and sxism and leave the important subjects to the grownups.

  18. Let’s just agree, anon, that the 19th amendment was horrible for our republic. Even Terri agrees with me on that. As for your constitutional epistle, I just think you’re all wee weed up.

  19. I think “you’re all wee weed up” is your way of saying I must be right or you would have responded. I accept your silence on the matter as such and appreciate the obvious admission of defeat, especially as to your knowledge of the Constitution in general and the Bill of Rights in particular.

    Further, with your last comment, you’ve provided additional fodder for my argument that the Constitution was written for “people” and “persons” and not individuals. For those of you who don’t know, the 19th, like so many other amendments as I mentioned above, applies to an entire group of people, rather than one individual. Again, the Constitution, the very bedrock of our nation, vests most of its rights in “the people” or “persons” and not individuals.

    ReyRe, go back to your Lincoln Logs and Matchbox cars. With them you can build an entire civilization over which you have control. But remember, America isn’t based on such an idea.

  20. Anon, I’ve consulted with some people and persons, and the collective opinion is that you are individually obtuse. So, do you apply your we-we standard to all of the Bill Of Rights amendments, or just the Second?

  21. Now you are grasping at straws. This is getting comical, if a little embarassing for you, but I feel no pity for those who dig their own sinkholes.

    The discussion isn’t about the 2nd, the 19th, or any other amendment. It is about your incorrect statement about the Bill of Rights being about individualism and your subsequent total inability to defend your obviously unfounded belief. You do remember stating that above? And have you found any basis for your statement from your thinktank group of “some people and persons?”

    This will be my last post on this matter unless you fully acknowledge that until I wrote it above, you had no idea that the word “individual” is not found in the Constitution.

    I doubt you’ve read it, or being the intelligent person you think you are, you would know that. Perhaps you have read one or two of the amendments, but obviously not the 2nd, which is one of the amendments which refers to the right of the people and not that of the individual, as you asserted.

    At this point you’ve lost all credibility on the matter. But, please, continue to make your points. And continue to back them up with – well with nothing. I will respond with nothing. As I said, I’m have no need to further discuss a matter with one who, by their own words and lack of words, clearly knows not of which they speak.

  22. Anon, you’re the a-hole making the argument that the Bill of Rights somehow only applies to groups as if “the people” doesn’t spring first from a person. Damn, Shelton, has UK devolved that much?

  23. For all of you that are geared towards making negative comments regarding Parker and her ability, well..the gloves are coming off…You have not heard the last of this woman, we are going to get her message out! So think what you will, but the grassroots movement is larger than you think..2 million in the streets of DC was proof of that! Don’t be dismayed Marilyn, their kool aid cups are running dry!

  24. Except for the fact that, oh, law enforcement, the media and people who were actually there say there were a mere 70,000 on the streets of Washington, D.C.

    Guess you folks are keen on making up your own numbers, though, right? Facts have never been a part of your rhetoric.

    Marilyn Parker couldn’t suck enough campaign cash through a water hose to buy lunch – let alone buy a pair of gloves to take off. But keep dreaming. Because it’s cute to watch.

    (also hilarious to watch the birthers and mouth-breathers get frustrated while trying to figure out public transit)

  25. When GOP-types throw down with their favorite Ronald Reagan quote I like to respond with my own:

    “I don’t recall….”

    Repeat as necessary.

  26. Ray –
    You are so thick … except where it counts. You’vde had your hat handed you. Go back to the first grade.


    As for Coyle’s remarx – more rubbish derived from gibberish. As we say in the programming lounge … garbage in; garbage out.

    I’m satisfied that Parker is as good as the Republican’ts can do-do.

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