Man, What a Political Day This Has Been!

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Greg Stumbo is going to China to represent Kentucky and we don’t have to foot the bill. The State Legislative Leaders Foundation will be paying for air fare, lodging and meals. Stumbo will be part of a group of legislators from more than 30 states who will travel to Red China in November to attend the Sino-US Provincial Legislative Leaders Forum. Stumbo is bill this as a “major trade mission” and has asked the Kentucky Coal Association to “provide him with information about opportunities in Eastern and Western Kentucky that he could share with the Chinese business leaders and government officials.” [Press Release]

Mongiardo & the E-Health Elephant in the Room

So far, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo has attacked Steve Beshear and said his administration will end in turmoil.

Today we learned that he’s referred to Governor Beshear as an “SOB.” Quite hypocritical when you consider how crazy he went over Jack Conway using the same language while referring to himself. And we also learned that Mongiardo really was kicked off his e-health committee by the Governor– he maligned Janie Miller, the woman now in charge.

I’ve written for months about Mongiardo being ousted from the e-health world by the Governor. Read about it here and here. I’ve even outlined how he rarely showed up to e-health meetings, suggesting a reason for Beshear to remove him. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Mongiardo is finally saying what he’s saying.

But would it surprise you to hear he sent out a fundraising letter on September 24th that is apparently dishonest, telling an entirely different story?

Take a look:

September 24, 2009

Dear Such&Such:

Last night Governor Steve Beshear honored my campaign for U.S. Senate by serving as a special guest at our Northern Kentucky fundraising event. This was the first of three fundraising events that the Governor will be serving as the honored guest.

I am deeply grateful to both the Governor and the First Lady. The friendship they have shown Alison and me has been tremendous. It has been my honor to work with Governor Beshear to clean up the mess we found in Frankfort, and to work closely with him on the issues that I have always cared most deeply about, particularly health care. I am delighted by the response we received from so many of those who supported us in 2007.

Some of my opponents will attack me by attacking the Beshear-Mongiardo Administration. To them I say — attack away! The Governor’s support will carry a lot of weight with the electorate; his support is part of the reason I have a decisive lead in the polls.

In the end, however, voters are going to elect someone who has a vision for moving both Kentucky and our country forward. It will ultimately be my background and my positions on the issues that will distinguish me from my opponents.

In the primary, my opponent is taking stands that oppose our positions on some critical issues, but the main difference between us is the expertise that I can bring to the table on the most complex issue of our day – health care.

As Lt. Governor, Governor Beshear asked me to focus on improving health care. The “E-Health” plan we are developing will improve the quality of health care, lower costs, and preserve patient confidentiality. As the only medical doctor in the Democratic Majority, I hope to continue my work in the U.S. Senate.

I was honored to have Governor Beshear’s support last night, and I would be honored to have your support as well. Please join our efforts by making a contribution to “Friends for Mongiardo” today — your contribution of $250, $100, $50 or whatever you can give would be very much appreciated. Together we can make a real difference.



Which is it?

Is Daniel Mongiardo lying with this letter? Was he lying when he said – on a recording – that he was removed from e-health?

Was Governor Steve Beshear lying yesterday on Francene’s radio show?

It’s time for somebody to come clean and to tell the truth. The Commonwealth deserves it.

True Patriot Marilyn Parker Will Win

Because she says she will win. True story.

Check out this uncharacteristically well-written blurb from her latest email blast, which she forwarded to her entire contact list (really, forwarded):

We are at a point in history where America as a nation is sitting on a precipice. We can decide as a people to allow her to be pushed off the edge, or we can grab her by the coat tails and reel her back in. We need to restore the values of common sense, dignity for human life, and smaller, honest, less intrusive government that does not trample on our liberties and our constitution. Marilyn Parker for Congress will share with you her passionate vision, and solutions for our future. Economic times are tough, but if we do not invest a little now to take back congress in 2010, we stand to lose so much more in the very near future.

Marilyn Parker For Congress

That’s right. We need to invest in her campaign to beat John Yarmuth, the nation’s worst problem. Because he wants to trample on our liberties and our constitution!

We hear Parker will appear on the radio with Ed Martin & Ed Springston tomorrow evening. My VIew Matters from 7-8 P.M. on WKJK 1080 A.M. in Louisville.

Maybe I’ll call in to the show and ask her when we’re going to get gay married by a socialist Muslim.

Hey, Folks: Where Is Our Lt. Governor?

Yesterday Governor Steve Beshear’s office sent out a press advisory announcing, well, just look:

Governor Beshear to speak at University of Kentucky Topping Out Celebration

WHO: Gov. Steve Beshear
Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo
Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry
Lee T. Todd Jr., president, University of Kentucky

WHAT: UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Topping Out Celebration

WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time

WHERE: Near Wethington Building
Tent overlooking construction
Rose Street
Lexington, Ky.


But today’s press conference came and Daniel Mongiardo didn’t show up. The Governor told those in attendance that he was supposed to be there, that he had no idea why he didn’t come.

Mongiardo’s camp first said he didn’t know about it. Then said there was a conflict because he’s at a fundraiser in Chicago. And now other excuses are being bandied about.

Is it possible Mongiardo didn’t show up today because of what went down on Monday? Possibly because of the latest clip of Mongiardo referring to Beshear as an “SOB” ? Maybe because Mongiardo – in the same clip – admits that Beshear did, indeed, take e-health away from him?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

HA: Dirty Joe Is a Campaign Prophet


Remember when Joe said Daniel Mongiardo’s end-of-quarter email blast wouldn’t mention Jack Conway’s SOB-gate after the mess that’s come forth this week?

Well, take a look at his latest blast:

The end of the financial quarter is today! We’re on our way to having a strong finish and you can help put us over the top. We hope if you haven’t joined us to scrub in with Dr. Dan you will today.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy. Dr. Dan received the unanimous, statewide endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers (IBEW), representing 15 locals across Kentucky and nearly 10,000 members. We rolled out our field organization in 120 counties and we launched MyDrDan to help build an online community of Dr. Dan supporters.

Dr. Dan has shown a solid lead against his opponent and continues to prove himself as the strongest Democrat to take on whoever the Republican may be in 2010. He’s also tirelessly crisscrossing the state to get his message out and to talk to Kentuckians like you. Our campaign has set up a field organization that is second to none in this race because we feel that this election will be won vote by vote, person by person.

With only a few hours left before the filing deadline, we hope you’ll help us keep the momentum going with a contribution of $20, $35, $50 or more. Scrub in with Dr. Dan and be a part of the team. Let’s work together to give all of us Kentuckians the voice we deserve in Washington. Donate or volunteer today!

My, how the tides have turned.

First this. And now this. Hoo boy.

Really, Folks, It’s Time to Grow Up

To the moderated individuals who continue to malign my personal character and that of Rick Redding, keep it up. I’ll eat you alive in court.

For the record, it’s no secret that Gill Holland is an investor in Full Signal Media Group. Attempting to attack him is also childish and down right ridiculous.

And if anyone has questions about why Rick no longer writes for The ‘Ville Voice? Email me privately and we’ll talk. I’ll make public comment when I’m good and ready – not before. I will not speak poorly about him.

I will not be bombarded by bullshit artists who feel it appropriate to air dirty laundry and attack people personally. If you have a bone to pick with us, stand up like an adult.  My personal health is my business.  So think twice about that, folks, while attempting to malign me.

This is absurd and it will stop today. Until certain employees of the Courier-Journal can act as adults, until one individual at Louisville Magazine can get their attack rhetoric in check, and until everyone can behave in a rational manner? Commenting on this site will require you to be a registered user. This is temporary. But if you wish to comment here, you’ll take that privilege seriously.

Time for Daniel Mongiardo to Drop Out

You thought Daniel Mongiardo’s profanity-laced outbursts on Monday were rough. Well, get ready for this. Here’s the full audio.

Daniel Mongiardo comes unglued and refers to Governor Steve Beshear as an SOB.


Think Steve Beshear will continue lying about his support for Mongiardo?

The Lt. Governor owes the Commonwealth an apology for maligning the highest office in the state. For maligning the office for which he is running. And for being a hypocrite.


“I’ve been working on this information technology n health care for a decade. You know where he put it now? He took it out from under me and put it over in Health & Human Services under, uh, Janie Miller, who knows squat about this.

“And, uh, what can I do? Uh, I complain about it publicly. Well, no, n, the governor just says, “I can’t work with this guy.”

“I’ve got, … I’ve got no leverage over this SOB.

“You know I’m, I’m this close to saying fuck it all. I don’t need this job. I don’t need the U.S. Senate.”