Convicted Felon Now on Community College Board

Remember Governor Steve Beshear’s pal and convicted felon Larry Kelley? He’s the former Ballard County Attorney who fraudulently obtained, received and used a credit card to commit fraud. He was charged with a number of ethics violations by the Kentucky Bar Association and eventually disbarred by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

After doing time in prison, he actually served on Beshear’s transition team. He currently claims to be Beshear’s best pal.

In June he was elected Vice-Chairman of the Ballard County Democratic Party. And the Party establishment slowly started jumping ship in protest, starting with Cale Sullivan’s resignation.

But something more interesting is going on now. Steve Beshear recently appointed Kelley to the West Kentucky Community and Technical College Board of Directors. That’s right. Larry Kelley. A convicted felon who had his license to practice law taken from him. Put partially in charge of an entire college system by the Governor. Somebody’s got some major explaining to do.

Kelley, who tells everyone in Wickliffe that he intends to run for mayor, is attempting to use his gubernatorial connections to get his license back. He is also reportedly, according to members of the bar association, pressuring folks to support him/back him in an attempt to have his disbarment reversed. But we wonder why anyone would take the man seriously, what, with advertisements like this where he tells potential real estate buyers that they’ll “own their own river.” His listing makes some rather distorted claims about usage rights that landowners have with the Mississippi River (Wolf Island). And that whole, you know, felony thing.

It would be rather interesting to view Kelley’s Application for Community College Board of Directors (Warning: PDF Link), wouldn’t it? We’re left wondering how terrible the non-felonious applicant could have been.

This is a deeply troubling movement from the Governor’s office.  There apparently is absolutely no vetting process. After this mess, how can Steve Beshear expect anyone to believe he takes higher education seriously?

P.S. Bruce Brockenborough was re-appointed as head of the board after lying about his history during his 2006 campaign for the state house. And Jennifer Moore’s aunt, Shirley Menendez, is also a new appointee.

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  1. Vetting? The Governor didn’t have to check on this guy’s background. Besides, he already has chosen Abamson as his running mate. That is enough to tell you all you need to know about Beshear’s ethics and the quality of the pack he runs with.

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