Monday Afternoon Dept of Ambassadoring & Such

A Swedish profile of Ambassador Matthew Barzun. [Dagens Nyheter]

And here’s a fancy video of Barzun proving he knows a bit about Sweden. [Video of Ambassador Barzun]

Even the rest of the country knows Trey Grayson is Mitch McConnell’s favorite and pick to win. [Southern Political Report]

Mountaineer reduced its workforce by another 35 employees, in addition to 100 let go earlier in the year. [Blood Horse]

Steve Beshear is hosting a flu pandemic summit on September 3rd. Video will be available online so you’ll know exactly when we’re all going to die of the pig flu. [FLU FEAR SUMMIT OH NOES]

Rand Paul has some great friends. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Looks like Hal Heiner could run for mayor of Louisville. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Our favorite Bush Twin, Jenna, got a job with The Today Show as a correspondent. [HuffPo]

It’s a real shame that David Tandy is such a fraidy-cat do-nothing. Otherwise this Swift pig slaughtering factory would be old news. [C-J]

John Yarmuth’s Town Hall Meeting

This Wednesday evening John Yarmuth will host a health care town hall even in Louisville.

Will you attend?


  • Central High School
    1130 West Chestnut St
    Louisville, KY 40203
  • Starts @ 6:30, doors open @ 5
  • Got questions? Call Yarmuth’s office at 502.582.5129

Should be interesting, right?

The local GOP’s latest email blast, though, is stirring up trouble. “WEAR YOUR HEALTHCARE CONCERNS ON YOUR CHEST!” proclaims the email’s subject. The Repubs are selling these shirts:

For $15.

Call us crazy, but we love how closed-minded and ignorant Brad Cummings and his fellow Party members have become. Can’t wait for their death panel t-shirts. Or maybe an after birther t-shirt.

Rand Paul On the Anointing of Trey Grayson

U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul is all up on attacking Trey Grayson, the GOP favorite.

Check this statement sent out by his campaign:

U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul on Monday pledged not to accept campaign contributions from any U.S. Senator who voted for the bank bailout and challenged his opponents to follow suit.

Dr. Paul issued this challenge after learning that Trey Grayson has scheduled a Washington D.C. fundraiser co-sponsored by several U.S. Senators, seventeen of whom voted for the so-called TARP bailout in 2008, which was then used to fund an auto industry bailout Congress rejected.

“This isn’t about holding politicians to an impossibly high standard of agreeing with everything one’s supporters say or do,” Paul said. “But a primary focus of my campaign is that we need Republicans in office who will have the courage to say no to federal bailouts of big business.”

“There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the government to pick winners and losers in the private sector and the Republican party platform specifically condemns bailouts,” Paul said. “I’m running for the U.S. Senate to stand up for true Republican principles and the Republicans I’ve talked to agree that is what we need.”

Let the games begin.

Another Campaign Finance Problem for Paul

Rand Paul has another sticky campaign finance mess on his hands. Check out – another money bomb site. It ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem that there’s no FEC-required paid-for-by disclaimer on a random website talking about how much someone likes a particular candidate. But there’s clearly a requirement when advocating the election or defeat of a candidate. And it doesn’t help that Rand Paul’s campaign manager has officially endorsed the effort:

That’s Paul’s campaign manager promoting an independent expenditure by what is effectively a money bundler.

The same thing happened with, with Adams and the campaign promoting it and the campaign directly profiting.

Playing fast and loose with campaign finance laws is not okay. We harp on the Democrats in Kentucky who pull this same shiz 24/7. And this campaign finance ignorance – whether intentional or not – is about as ridiculous as Jennifer Moore paying for Kathy Groob’s anti-choice, anti-gay mail pieces last election cycle. It needs to stop.

There’s no excuse for the appearance of impropriety when it comes to campaign finance. All candidates – especially Rand Paul since he’s profiting so heavily – need to get educated. Because this is the kind of mess that can sink someone – especially if the FEC gets involved.

Oh Snap Monday! The GOP Has No Teddy

Verizon Wireless is sponsoring a union-busting mountaintop removal rally. [HuffPo]

Afterbirthers demand to see Obama’s placenta. [The Onion]

The Courier-Journal mistakenly published a column by Cal Thomas under the name of Al Cross. That made for hilarious reading. [C-J – if the link still works]

Friends of coal, friends of Mongiardo. [Barefoot & Progressive]

If you’re like Stephenie Steitzer and enjoy old rocks, this is going to be an interesting read. [H-L]

Have you seen the Billy Gillispie frog march? [Billy G’s Frog March Video]

Louisville is getting cable television competition. Will AT&T’s U-Verse be good for the city? [C-J]

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry let this happen. [Barefoot & Progressive]

This should be the new oath of office in Kentucky. [Tom Eblen]

The GOP’s Ted Kennedy is not MItch McConnell. [WaPo]

Because he supports corrupt measures like allowing corporations to flat out buy elected officials with much more ease than they currently can. [NY Times]

And he closes discussions on health care to the general public. [HuffPo]