Doug Hawkins Breaking the Law Again

That’s right. Your favorite protector of our white women from the Mexicans is at it again.

Doug Hawkins has sent a campaign email from his Metro Government computer with his Metro Council email address. Here’s a quick screengrab as proof:

Here’s the text of the email:

New Mayoral Survey

WHAS11 has posted a poll on their website asking, “Who should run as mayor of Louisville?” Councilman Doug Hawkins is among one of the names listed. You can follow the link below to share your opinion.

Take WHAS 11 Survey
(Must be registered to participate)

The survey on WLKY 32 is still posted on their website and can be found by clicking on the link below. Please take this survey if you haven’t already.

Take WLKY 32 Survey

These surveys are not scientific. The surveys are conducted just for entertainment value.

(If you want to make the liberals at the Courier-Journal insanely mad, you know who to vote for!)

Joseph Gerth’s article

Will Hawkins ever learn that he cannot use his taxpayer-funded computer and email system to promote his candidacy for any office?

What a waste of money.

4 thoughts on “Doug Hawkins Breaking the Law Again

  1. Since he put the line “The surveys are conducted just for entertainment value,” he’ll probably get away with it. It is pretty fishy though…

  2. Did something get in the water in the south end from that explosion pit? Hawkins can’t win anything where the electorate is half sane. I think his district just elects him as a joke against merger. He couldn’t even win a state senate seat in his own backyard. I wish the media would quit taking him serious, he’s a bad joke.

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