Flashback: Jim Gooch’s Global Warming Buddy

Remember the global warming denier and all-around nutbag Jim Gooch paraded around Frankfort last summer?

You know, Lord Christopher Monckton, of the “Science and Public Policy Institute”? The guy calling himself a journalist who believes HIV/AIDS patients should be imprisoned for life?


Get a load of this presentation he did at the 2009 American Legislative Exchange Council’s Annual Meeting of the Natural Resources Task Force.


No, I’m not kidding. That’s his actual presentation.

Isn’t that rich?

1 thought on “Flashback: Jim Gooch’s Global Warming Buddy

  1. Sourcewatch is your friend:


    About the parent organization hosting the event:

    ALEC is a conservative organisation that pushes legislation that favours big business and rollbacks environmental regulations. ALEC says that its membership exceeds 2,400 state legislators from both political parties, which is over 30 percent of all state lawmakers in America.

    In 2002, two environmental groups, Defenders of Wildlife and the Natural Resources Defense Council, described ALEC as “corrosive, secretive and highly influential” and a “tax-exempt screen for major U.S. corporations and trade associations that use it to influence legislative activities at the state level.”

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