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It’s that time again. Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET.

Scheduled guests for the evening:

  • John Stamper – Herald-Leader
  • Deborah Yetter – Courier-Journal reporter extraordinaire
  • Bill Bartleman – phoning in from the Paducah Spin… er… Sun

And on Monday night? Don’t miss Kentucky Tonight’s discussion of the 2010 election with guests Julian Carroll, Bob Stivers, Charlie Moore and Steve Robertson. That’ll be a real hoot! Cause the KDP clearly hasn’t learned its lesson form the last time Charlie Moore got his rear handed to him by Republicans.

Your Friday Afternoon Pre-Fancy Farm Stuff

We’re now on Day 5 of Golden B.S. Awards. Make your nominations for each category today! [Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5]

This is why American can’t have health care reform. People are “too dumb not to eat 5,000 calories of corn-syrup nacho-pocketz per meal.” And so is Washington. [Wonkette]

Is Robin Engel planning a run for congress? That’s what we hear. [Engel’s Council Page]

Joe’s going to Fancy Farm to get poisoned by Lt. Dan’s supporters and will be writing about it, on the Twitter machine, on the internet. [Barefoot & Progressive]

What the crap is with this Covington man who lived with his girlfriend’s body for eight days? [C-J]

Speaking of the C-J, the editorial board finally grew a pair and is criticizing Jerry Abramson for ridiculous behavior and wasting money. [More C-J]

No wonder Republicans have become a party that only exists in the deep south. None of them believe Barack obama was born (ED NOTE: This originally said “porn” but we had to change the hilarious typo) in the U.S. and A. [HuffPo]

Today the U.S. Treasury announced it will distribute about $3 billion to support approximately 5,000 bio-mass, solar, wind and other types of renewable energy production facilities. Companies interested in applying can clicky the clicky. [Click Here]

Sweet Pension Deals Are Where It’s At

As you already know, Governor Steve Beshear is offering state senators enriched pensions and state jobs in exchange for the open seats.

Kentucky Roll Call has the skinny.

And what is giving “slot machines at racetracks” its extra zip right now and causing a buzz around the capitol about a possible special session before year’s end? The enabler is enriched pensions for legislators!

Saving Kentucky’s signature industry and finding good people to serve in government has been the governor’s spin on slots and on a Republican senator’s departure from the Senate. But in reality the taproot, which has given rise to the new zip and buzz, is lawmakers’ pensions.

It’s new twist that has embolden the pro-gambling forces — leading them to think the Democrats could, possibly, gain control of the Senate, and, therefore, the Legislature could enact a slots’ bill, before Christmas.

The governor can now bestow government jobs worth $1 million or more in extra pension benefits in exchange for a lawmaker’s resignation from the Senate, creating an open Senate seat that Democrats might win in a special election.

Click here to read the rest.

Why David Tandy Won’t Be Louisville’s Mayor

Yesterday we linked to the LEO Weekly story about Metro Council Majority Caucus Director Kenya McGruder. She “directed” Barack Obama’s non-existent campaign in Kentucky and was brought to Louisville by Carolyn Tandy and her husband, now-Metro Council President David Tandy, during Eleanor Jordan’s congressional race in 2000. They’ve been joined at the hip ever since.

LEO wrote about McGruder receiving a mysterious five-day suspension from the personnel committee instead of getting fired.

But what’d she do that was so mysterious and unworthy of being mentioned in public? Well, it’s not so much what she did.

Multiple Metro Councilcritters tell us that the Tandys were using McGruder to babysit their children while she was supposed to be conducting official Metro Council business. Steve Henry-style babysitting. Among other things. And they let her keep her job.

We emailed Tandy’s Legislative Aide, Rob Haynes, requesting a comment about this corrupt little situation. We were first promised a written statement within an hour, but Tandy wanted to talk on the phone about it. Fortunately, we don’t have much time today (personal reasons/obligations) and again requested a statement. Note: Normally, we’d be happy to record a telephone conversation and would jump at the chance.

Here’s what I received, two hours later:

I am only aware of one instance when David’s daughter, Kennedy, was with Kenya at City Hall. I was told that Kenya’s timesheet reflected that she was off the clock.

If there are other instances, that would be news to me.

Our Metro Council sources stand by their statements about McGruder. They have no reason to be dishonest and all three of them appear to genuinely like the Caucus Director.

Should be noted that I like David Tandy and think he would make a great legislator and great mayor — if he’d just take a risk and maybe stop walking on eggshells. He has a great personality, he’s genuinely nice, he has a beautiful family and hasn’t tried to get rich off the public yet.

But dragging things out and playing coy with this McGruder situation does nothing but lead us (and probably our readers) to believe he could be abusing his position as an elected official and taking advantage of taxpayers. Primarily because it doesn’t take several hours to formulate a denial if you’re not trying to cover something up.

We pressed again for an explanation and here’s what we received three hours later:

With regard to personnel matters involving Metro Government employees, I am prohibited from discussing those matters publicly.

As for any rumors that suggest the reasons for Ms. McGruder being suspended are due to her attending to my daughter while on government time, those rumors are false.

Dueling statements? It’s a little more than rumor when actual council members share the info. And Rob Haynes’ earlier statement admits that McGruder was indeed babysitting at City Hall, saying he “was told” she was off the clock.

Creative wording? Tandy avoided answering our question about whether or not McGruder had been a babysitter on government time. We never asked, not once, if that was why she was suspended.

Here’s what we asked:


Care to provide an on-the-record comment about the Kenya McGruder situation?

Here’s what I know: Multiple Metro Council members tell me that Kenya was babysitting the Tandy children while she was supposed to be conducting Caucus business. Specifically, she was used as a personal babysitter by Metro Council President David Tandy and his wife, Carolyn (also a government employee), paid for with our tax dollars. Steve Henry-style babysitting.

Comment? Denial? Non-denial?

Make of it what you will, ladies. We’re not buying it. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

P.S. Haynes told me he needed extra time to explain everything, that it took too long to write everything out. And then that’s what we got. Again, something doesn’t smell quite right and it’s not us.

Day 5: Inaugural Golden B.S. Awards

Welcome to Day 5 of the Golden B.S. Awards in honor of Page One’s second birthday (August 13th!). Ten lucky (unlucky?) winners will receive a fancy pile of golden b.s., pictured at left. You know the drill.

Which elected officials, public officials, candidates, reporters, public figures, et al are absolutely full of it? We need your input!

Each day for the next five days we’ll announce a new award category for which you may submit an unlimited number of nominees.

Previous Categories:

So make sure you nominate someone for those categories.

After all nominations are received for all announced categories, we’ll announce the winners and promptly send along golden piles of poo to recipients. Let’s make this as scandalous and appropriate as possible.

Today’s category is:

Worst Example of Total Incompetence From a Local or State Official in an Appointed Post

Submit your nomination – along with your reasoning – in the comments. Keep it funny!

Beshear Urges Cash for Clunkers Continuation

In light of widespread media reports that the cash for clunkers program’s budget was exhausted ($1 billion) in just four days, Governor Steve Beshear has written a letter to President Barack Obama urging further support of the program.

Here’s that letter:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

In the midst of the worst recession of our lifetime, you and Congress recently created the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), an excellent program that encourages Americans to trade in their old car and purchase a new fuel efficient vehicle, by receiving a significant cash rebate. I applaud your efforts to not only work to remove “clunkers” from the road to improve our environment, but also to invigorate our struggling auto industry. In Kentucky, we followed your lead, and just last month passed our own legislation providing tax incentives for Kentuckians who purchase new vehicles.

However, I was distressed to hear from media reports that the CARS program has run out of funds. This news shows how tremendously successful this program has been, and illustrates the great need to find additional funding to keep it going.

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