Ed Whitfield is Pretending to Test the Waters?

What? Really?

Check it:

While much attention this spring has focused on next year’s U.S. Senate race and state legislative elections, it appears as though one Kentucky congressman may have his eye on the governor’s race that follows in 2011.

An aide to U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Hopkinsville, recently purchased two Internet domain names – www.whitfieldforsenate.com and www.whitfieldforgovernor.com – the latter of the two portending a possible gubernatorial match-up with current Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear, should he seek re-election.

According to Whitfield’s 2009 first quarter fundraising report to the Federal Election Commission, the domain names were purchased Jan. 28 for $866.48 from Network Solutions, a Web services company based in Herndon, Va.


A company representative said that the domain names were reserved through Jan. 27, 2010 under the name of Jason Hasert, who works as a field representative for Whitfield’s congressional office in Hopkinsville. FEC reports show that Hasert was paid around $25,000 for work last year between July and December for Whitfield’s re-election campaign to the U.S. House.

When reached last week by phone at Whitfield’s campaign office in Hopkinsville, Hasert said he was unable to comment on the matter. He also said he had taken a leave of absence from his duties with Whitfield’s congressional field office.

Kristen Walker, a spokeswoman for Whitfield, said in an e-mail to the Gazette that the campaign had in fact purchased the domain names in question.

Interesting, eh?

Couple notes: Jason Hasert is the guy who allegedly operates his toy train business/website from Whitfield’s congressional office computers. And he’s a geek enough to know that there’s literally no way in hell it cost over $800 to register two domain names.

The going rate? About $10 per domain name. And if you oh, say, spend $15 on hosting in addition to the domain? The domains are usually free. And at Network Solutions, where registration is expensive, the going rate is only about $30. So somebody is skimming quite a bit of money off the top.

Ed Whitfield’s folks have a bit of explaining to do.

5 thoughts on “Ed Whitfield is Pretending to Test the Waters?

  1. Home sick — time to write a little and comment a little …

    Jason sure is all about those collectible toy tractors, isn’t he? No problem with that — we all need hobbies. But running it from Whitfield’s office? Feh — not a good move.

    As for the $800+ for the domain names — do these people not see the “GoDaddy.com” ads? You can get a domain AND a basic site for less than dinner at {insert fancy restaurant name here}.

    $800? Nice work if you can get it.

  2. I imagine Jason wanted to charge whatever he felt he could justify. There is, however, some speculation that people can do by registering Web site domain names using the names of elected officials. Then, they offer to sell those names for a profit. For example, the Web site “www.kentucky.com” was such a speculation Web site that Knight-Ridder paid some guy almost $10,000 for in the late 1990s.

  3. Jason Hasert conducted an anonymous online smear campaign against Heather Ryan on behalf of Ed Whitfield, under the alias tristateareasvoice. He contacted someone on the internet who he believed may have some information on Heather. Turns out it was Heather doing counter-trolling and she played him like a cheap violin for weeks, saying she was an ex-friend of Heather’s who could give him dirt in exchange for cash. I managed to bust him on video at the Murray, KY parade as he pranced in front of Whitfield’s float. I also confronted him about operating his personal, for-profit website on government equipment and he looked ill. It’s an interesting video, you should see it. Jim Pence has it.

  4. Whitfield is not the member of the federal delegation that I’d prefer to see run for governor. I’d much rather see Rogers or Davis run, or even Ron Lewis come out of retirement to run, but Whitfield’ll do in a pinch. Much better than either Grayson or Farmer.

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