Fear & Loathing For Your Monday Evening

It’s day eleventy million of the ‘Will Teresa Isaac Ever Address Serious Concerns About Her Involvement In Major Lexington Scandals?’ watch. She’s still mum.

Interim Dean of the College of Education and Human Development – in the wake of Robert Felner’s legendary heist – is the chairman of the board of La Grange’s park board. Not sure how he’d have time to run a massive school after such a major scandal and a busy city organization. But good for him. [C-J]

Rather interesting that Joe Arnold would drop four rumors – without noting the pieces are based on rumor – about Jack Conway without dropping the same about Daniel Mongiardo. He could mention how Lt. Dan lives in his in-laws’ basement. And what’s terrible about knowing Scott Jennings? We’d consider him a friend, as well, and have even been seen with him in public. Odd journalism from Arnold, whom we also like a great deal. [Joe Arnold]

Nate Silver says the likelihood of Jim Bunning’s U.S. Senate seat falling into Democratic hands has increased since last month. [FiveThirtyEight]

It IS time that Governor Steve Beshear think broadly before calling a special legislative session. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has suffered far too long. For once, all aspects of revenue need to be considered. [Terry Brooks]

A flashback and examination of Martha Layne Collins’ luck with the auto industry. [Stephenie Steitzer]

Looks like Kentucky’s own William Mapother may have a new role. Heh. [Ruh Ro from The Onion!]

We updated you earlier on Robert Felner and now there’s something about which we’ve got to complain. How is it people like Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz can randomly authorize tens of thousands of dollars for salary increases, personal travel expenses and all that jazz for people like Robert Felner – no questions asked – but cannot bring themselves to care for one of the most famous and revered pieces of art in the world? Budget cuts my formerly fat ass! [LEO’s FatLip]

What? NOW Dick Cheney supports gay marriage? What the living hell? Now Daniel Mongiardo is to the right of DICK CHENEY! [HuffPo]

Jack Conway raised $110,000 at one fundraiser in Northern Kentucky, where he is super-strong. Who said Conway wasn’t competitive with Daniel Mongiardo? Interesting that Pat Crowley echoed the poor “journalism” practiced by another reporter earlier in the day. [Pat Crowley]

8 thoughts on “Fear & Loathing For Your Monday Evening

  1. “Acting Like Busy Bees in Card Land”

    The interim dean of UofL’s CEHD has two big jobs (LaGrange park board being the other) because he has so many associate/assistant deans sticking their fingers in the pot of gold on the Belknap green. Holdovers from Felner’s robbing regime have to justify their existence, so they putter around like fire ants in Blake’s anointed suite.

  2. Yeppers, that was quite the haul for Conway up in North Carolina the other day. Them thar Dukies do have some deep pockets now, don’t they? Actually, everytime I find myself in Northern Kentucky I think I’m in Assholia.

  3. Jake,

    It is interesting that you’re asking for balanced journalism, when you are so hesitant to practice it yourself.

  4. Hey, don’t give Blake a hard way to go. He was a reasonably decent guy back when he was my principal at Oldham County High years ago. Certainly better than the person he replaced!

  5. Hey Mr. ” Liberal”

    So you want balance eh? How about from Bobby himself, he quotes Mahatma Ghandi “We must become the change we want to see” from his desk and edited by Kevin Rayburn 2005..
    He bragged about a 5 million funded initiative to train principals like the interim dean who moonlights while the “Dis trustees ” keep paying KY taxdollars to the old crew…at CEHD.
    Oh well if they stopped that, they would have to resign next right?

    He states, (your bobby) “We spend a lot of time with superintendents..in Oldham and other counties…. (see the Shaping Tomorrow magazine article by Rayburn..) Bobby continues to observe ….” You really have to really get IN THERE and blur the lines, fuzz up the old ideas…..” etc.

    so yes, by all means let’ s show what the hired hand said..
    Hey Liberal, you are RIGHT! t he poor Bobby did just what he was told to do, right? Let’s be “fair” and recognize what this lil’ boy had to deal with ” A Board of Trustess that wanted him to go faster and faster to put UofL on the map!

    Geez Whiz…and he did it, check out the mastery displayed when he gave his boss Ramsey evidence….the national ranking bestowed by the fuzzy facts and how much did that Banner hanging on the CEHD college building cost to KY taxpayers??
    Maybe a gift from J.R. and his Trustees? who knows..

    You see how many people believe in those rankings? What exactly was reported to them ?? All those faculty doing research grants right, read the reports, don’t let Jake do all the work Mr. Liberal..

    So Ok, let’s have a balanced blog on the virtues of Adolf too, hey…guess what? Maybe real people were not hurt by this trustees clique either and their Cheney, no other than the Ram
    still stands strong…the tax payers love these salaries, they will approve a girlfriend for 80K+
    while his Bobby destroys other females in the fuzzy climate they allowed….
    How about their rights? The trauma inflicted on faculty and students by these administrators we trusted who looked the other way is as criminal as the previous Tobacco scandal, so look deep….as in the Insider” ….liberally.

  6. The Liberal: I also make it a point to declare that I am not a journalist. And I make it clear when something is rumor or not based in fact.

    There’d be nothing wrong with what he published – if he’d indicated he was sharing opinion or not basing everything in fact.

    When you visit this site, it’s clear what’s editorial commentary and what’s news or “journalism”…

  7. “How Many Beers on the CEHD Dean’s Wall?”

    Crutnacker, if you read at all carefully, you’ll note that my criticism was aimed much more at the appalling waste of money at UofL in allowing so many associate/assistant deans to continue their so-called “work” in the CEHD. Felner is gone, but his ludicrous legacy lives on in the form of 6 or 7 (I lose count) administrative “trophies” that grow moldier each day.

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