Late Tuesday Dept of Abramson Isn’t Happy

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Poor old Jim Bunning’s fundraiser in Lexington last night? Hahaha. It was “postponed” until August because too many people are “on vacation.” HAHAHAHA. These stories really should come with pee alerts. Nice that Bill Caylor of King Coal is making Bunning’s excuses for him these days. It’s sad that the coal industry can’t even muster an audience for him. [Roll Call]

Homophobic wingnut Sally Kern is at it again. This time she’s blaming the recession/depression on “debauchery” – aka the homosexuals. For real. [HuffPo]

Where do Kentucky’s metro areas rank on the list of worst-hit cities for unemployment rates? Check out the map. [More HuffPo]

Governor Steve Beshear won’t say whether or not he plans on seeking a second term in office. He, likewise, said nothing about a potential new running mate. [Ronnie Ellis]

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Ronnie Ellis Has Some Good Advice For You

Ronnie Ellis really does have some good advice for you in his latest piece  about the recently-behind-us special legislative session (not his latest article, but latest about the special session):

Disingenuously, Beshear said “it is too early to tell” if the gambling debate will be a central issue in 2010 legislative campaigns. Three hours later, he told a rally at Keeneland in support of expanded gambling that “we’ve got to change some of the state senators and let’s get started right now.”

Maybe it’s not over after all. Just remember: listen to what they say, but watch what they do.

Actions sometimes do speak louder than words.

Mayoral Watch 2010: End of Abramson?

Earlier this morning we attended a press conference at the Jefferson County Republican Party Headquarters where Party Chairman Brad Cummings laid out his case against Mayor for Life/McCheese Jerry Abramson. Feel free to refresh yourself by reading Cummings’ remarks.

There’s no denying that we’re not fans of Abramson and we feel it’s time for him to leave politics. But there’s also no denying the facts Cummings is laying out for the press.

Rather than pick and choose sound bytes to air, we’re sharing this morning’s entire press conference, including follow-up questions by reporters. Jerry Abramson should be shaking in his expensive booties.

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Barzun Key Player in US’s New Green Economy

Could Matthew Barzun’s role as Ambassador to Sweden be key to the United States’ reformation in the “green” era?

In a Swedish story about the US embassy expanding its “A-List” of clean tech firms, we learn that really does seem to be the case.

“With this latest update, Embassy Stockholm is carrying on the tradition of finding the next technological breakthrough in clean technology,” said US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Robert Silverman in a statement.

“It’s amazing that our project, which began as a rather small idea, has grown so much. I am excited for the future of US-Swedish cooperation.”

At a Tuesday afternoon ceremony, Silverman added that his preliminary conversations with Matthew Barzun, President Barack Obama’s choice to become the US ambassador in Stockholm, indicated that the OBT initiative will continue.

“I’ve spoken with the incoming ambassador, Matthew Barzun, and he told me he is very committed to continuing with OBT and the A-List,” Silverman said.

The US Department of Energy’s former top official for renewable energy, Andy Karsner, was also on hand at the event.

Karsner, who played a pivotal role in the early stages of Ambassador Wood’s efforts and is now a sought after advisor to clean tech companies, is also confident that Barzun will continue the tradition set by his predecessor.

“Matthew Barzun has been in touch both with me and Michael Wood and all indications are that he plans to continue and elevate the work to new levels. He’ll do a great job,” Karsner told The Local.

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Appears Barzun’s job in Sweden could have a major, major impact on Kentucky’s up-and-coming green sector.

Berman Spending JCPS Funds On Himself?

In light of recent (major) budget and personnel cuts within Jefferson County Public Schools, we thought it’d be prudent to let our readers know about a rumor (dozens have spammed us with it – many individuals were entirely credible) that Superintendent Sheldon Berman is having his office renovated. At an alleged cost of $150,000. Complete with a glass wall and other items of luxury. $150,000. During a time of economic crisis within the school system. (Infuriating, isn’t it?)

Berman was alleged to have been conducting the remodel on the down-low with the work being done internally by the JCPS Maintenance/Renovations & Grounds Department.

Well… we’ve done some digging, have filed open records requests and are pleased to report that claims Berman is spending $150,000 to renovate his office are nothing more than unfounded rumors.

There is, however, some renovation going on around Berman’s office but it seems to be quite limited.

According to an open records request we filed 7 to 10 days ago, the only renovation is for the accommodation of staff members (like the hiring of DeVon Holt). Conversion of closets and such in order to create office space, putting a receptionist in a foyer area and constructing a glass wall for partial privacy.

The entirety of that renovation will only cost an estimated $15,000 or so.

Feel free to click here (Warning: PDF Link) to review a copy of the records we received.

Berman’s assistant tells us there are currently no renovations underway for Berman’s office itself and there are no planned renovations.

NOTE: This instance of rumor that we’re quashing should not be confused as an endorsement of anything Berman has ever said or done. We have proved, on this very website, that he’s not just someone fond of wasting money… he’s lied to us, point blank, about his past and current involvement with an organization poised to make thousands of dollars from JCPS and about his personal relationship with a “running buddy.” And for these reasons, we won’t soon be overlooking anything he does.

A Damaging Case Against Jerry Abramson

UPDATE – See video of the entire press conference by clicking here.

Original story below…

Right now, Louisville GOP Chairman Brad Cummings is holding a press conference about Louisville Mayor for Life Jerry Abramson and all of his misdeeds. No matter your political bent, Brad’s case is highly damaging and paints an honest picture of the Mayor that many would like to ignore. We believe 20 years of Jerry is plenty. Louisville has had enough. And it’s time to move on.

Take a look at Brad’s scathing indictment and connect the dots for yourself when it comes to wrongdoing and incompetence during Mayor McCheese’s years and years as King of Louisville. (We’ll have video in a bit)

Brad’s remarks:

We are a city of great culture, restaurants, people and industry. We have a proud sports tradition and a beautiful kindness of spirit. And in Louisville, with some hard work and persistence, the American Dream is alive and well. As a former struggling stage actor turned Jefferson County chairman, I can attest we truly are the ³Possibility City².

So it is because I love this city that I dare ask the difficult questions about our future, questions so many are asking themselves right now. And while I realize that to some folks my words will forever be seen as a partisan attack, I stand here as a fellow citizen personally invested in this community.

With the Mayoral elections being about a year and a half from now, we need to consider if we want 24 years of the same Mayor. As we work together, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, to make government more efficient and transparent, we have to ask if having a “Mayor for Life” is the best way to run our government. And with many bad marks on his resume in recent years, has Mayor Jerry Abramson and his administration performed at a high enough level to even deserve another four years of our tax dollars?

I ask the people of Louisville to let our Mayor know that 20 years is enough. Regardless of which political party wins next year and almost entirely because of his job performance, I call on our Mayor to step down after this term.

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