Jim Gooch Lunacy Skyrockets Again

Several members of the Kentucky legislature tell us that Democratic State Rep. Jim Gooch has once again sent a memo to his fellow House members denying global warming.  Guess appearing on Good Morning America wasn’t enough.

In the memo he attacks Al Gore and the Democrats and says what they’re doing (believing in science/facts/global warming) is “counterproductive.”

He blabbered on for several paragraphs but ultimately said that sulfur that enters the air from burning coal is helpful and works to improve the environment. Seriously.

We also hear Gooch left his insurance business to start a pro-coal lobbying/advocacy group with Desiree Owen. All right for king coal not only owning the chairman of Natural Resources – now they pay him directly.

3 thoughts on “Jim Gooch Lunacy Skyrockets Again

  1. I know of some one who has the reputation of having what “James R.” suggested and will most likely run against Gooch.

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