Best Thursday Evening in Kentucky In a Year

This has got to be the most beautiful day the Commonwealth has seen in a year. Get outside and enjoy it if you can. Visit a state park, walk down your street or driveway or hop down to the waterfront for the balloon glimmer if you’re in Louisville.

Today the Courier-Journal published to letters to the editor expressing outrage over the University of Louisville’s apparent whitewash in the John Deasy degree scandal. [C-J]

Hrm. Why would Jack Conway physically distance himself from Todd Hollenbach? We can’t imagine. [Some Photo]

Rick has a story about racial tension on the campus of the University of Louisville. Seems UofL students have a lot to say about the administration of the school. Here’s a taste, “But look at the facts of the case: a student stabbed someone, with a knife, on campus. It’s astonishing that there is only an investigation to determine campus discipline. At U of L, you are more likely to be expelled for asinine MySpace postings than for taking a knife to someone, and putting them in the hospital.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And peep the Courier-Journal employee complaining about “editorial bitching” in the comments section. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Why is Kim Kardashian, who is famous for releasing a sex tape, hosting a Kentucky Derby party at Glassworks in Louisville? Can someone please explain that? And Michael Jackson in Louisville? HAHA. [WHAS11]

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Nearly anyone with a brain now says Jim Bunning can’t count. He says he needs $7 million. Reality says he needs $19 million plus. Oh, and Jim Carroll? Darlene filed her FEC report. We linked to it days ago. [Jim Carroll]

And if you really needed to read this all again, Jim Bunning is not going back to the U.S. Senate. [Roll Call]

We know Mitch McConnell loves to hire young gay staffers 24/7, so what’s his deal with a woman who supports the right to choose? [WaPo]

The Kentucky Arts Council is coordinating an event at the State Capitol on Derby day on behalf of Governor Steve Beshear. The Council has finally released the list of participating artists scheduled to be on display: Anne Stewart Anderson, Louisville; Sharon Asher, Heidelberg; Tom Bluemlein, Ft. Mitchell; Patricia Brock, Louisville; Paul Burns, Richmond; Jim Cantrell, Bardstown; Julie Diehl, Louisville; Marta Dorton, Lexington; Damon Darrell Farmer, Versailles; Patrick Fretz, Danville; Linda Fugate-Blumer, Lexington; Patrick Gallagher, Louisville; Robert Halliday, Louisville; Lisa Hurst, Cynthiana; Jane Ward Kehrt, Glasgow; Staci McKnight Maney, Lexington; Lauren A. Milliken, Franklin; David O’Hara, Bellevue; Gaylen Rankin, Millersburg; Judy Rosati, Louisville; Teresa Smith-Brewer, Chavies; John W. Snell, Lexington; David Toczko, Elizabethtown; Jacob van der Oort, Frankfort. Hopefully they’ll put everything online so the entire Commonwealth can take part. [More Info]

You in New York City this weekend? Check out Con Artist when it premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival. More great work from our pal Gill Holland. We’ve mentioned it in the past, but this is kind of big news. [Huffington Post & IMDB Trailer]

And in political film news, this movie (which also premiers at Tribeca) will blow your socks off. Closet cases in Washington, D.C.? This film names names. [IndieWire]

Larry Summers fell asleep during Barack Obama’s meeting with credit card executives. [Think Progress]

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