Holy Crap! What a Day! For Real

All right. Today got the better of us. And you’ll see why. It was tons of fun.

Isn’t it interesting that Ken Herndon or one of his supporters have taken it upon themselves to trash us – Ken’s only support in the news world? Really smooth move. Way to piss off your support base, Ken.

And on that note – let’s just go ahead and say it – Ken Herndon has turned his lawsuit to determine who is responsible for the anti-gay mailer which cost him his primary election into a witch hunt. It’s time for the Office of the Attorney General to pick the case up so it may be responsibly investigated. Ken’s private investigator has spent the past year going all over Louisville declaring that Denise Bentley and Jim King (two people we once believed were involved, as we’ve said on this very website, due to Ken Herndon’s and Jeff Noble’s incessant promises that they were responsible) are guilty. And Ken, himself, has spent the past year focusing on no one other than Jim King (Jeff Noble just admitted as much to as in an email a couple days ago). All because Jim wrote a letter to Ken’s employer, which apparently hurt his feelings quite a bit. Don’t believe me? I have hundreds of emails from Ken that are on-the-record which I will be publishing.

For nearly a year I’ve supported Ken Herndon and worked behind the scenes to help pinpoint those responsible for the disgusting anti-gay mailer that cost Ken his election for Louisville Metro Council. Each time I met or spoke with him, he focused on Jim King and wasn’t interested in discussing any other possibilities. That’s a shame. Because I once thought Ken filed his lawsuit for the right reasons. I no longer believe that to be the case.

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Battle Between UofL and Norton Healthcare

There’s a mysterious battle going on between the University of Louisville and Norton Healthcare. And the Governor just released this interesting statement:

“I met Wednesday night with University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey and Norton Healthcare CEO Steve Williams. The meeting occurred at my request because of my increasing concerns about the ongoing dispute between these two critically important institutions. Few health issues are more important in Kentucky than accessible, high-quality trauma care. I wanted to hear from both leaders that they share that priority. I was pleased to receive assurances from both Dr. Ramsey and Mr. Williams about their commitment in that regard. It was not – and is not – my desire to take sides in this dispute. The issues here are complex and both sides have strong, sincere points of view. But the people of this state expect, and deserve, Level 1 trauma care. They need to know that our leaders are committed to that goal. I appreciate the fact that both Dr. Ramsey and Mr. Williams are committed to the principle that this level of care will remain intact.”

Interesting, eh?

What are you thoughts? Somebody needs to shed some light on this situation.

Breaking: Investigation Into Falsified Mine Reports

We’ve just obtained a document from the Office of the Attorney General that appears to indicate there is an open and ongoing investigation into allegedly falsified mine reports from Betty Sue Whitaker.

Told you on Tuesday that the OAG’s Communications Director, Allison Martin, told us that the office could neither confirm nor deny any investigation. But she made clear that the OAG has the authority to investigate any crimes involving the Treasury.

So we filed an open records request with the OAG requesting, as follows:

Any and all communication between the Office of the Attorney General with any state cabinet regarding Betty Sue Whittaker.

Low and behold an agency of the state government (it’s a miracle!) complied with our request within the allotted timeframe. And here’s part of what we received in response:

With respect to your request, the records are exempt from production because they relate to an open investigation that involves this office. [Emphasis ours] Pursuant to KRS 61.878(1)(h), these records are exempt from disclosure because the disclosure of the information may harm the agency or agencies by revealing the identity of informants not otherwise known and by premature release of information to be used in a prospective law enforcement action or administrative adjudication. As with any investigation, the release of the requested records may harm the ongoing investigation currently being conducted by this office by possibly exposing informants and witnesses to threats, intimidation and harm by persons being investigated or prosecuted for these crimes. Release of these documents could also subject evidence yet to be discovered in this investigation to be destroyed, altered or made unavailable.

So it’s confirmed. There is, indeed, an ongoing investigation.

You may read the entire response from the OAG by clicking here. (Warning: PDF Link)

Thursday Morning of Mitch Wants His Money

President Barack Obama called Mitch McConnell out during his primetime speech last night. It’s time for McConnell to start meeting the man half way. [Huffington Post]

Republican Virginia Foxx had the nerve to suggest the Matthew Shepard hate crime was a hoax. Seriously. [Daily Kos]

Steve Megerle, convicted for his role in a homophobic campaign finance crime SHOULD face impeachment. Covington is jacked up if they don’t oust this guy ASAP. The City Commission must act immediately. If the guy is barred from seeking office, he shouldn’t be allowed to BE in office. [Enquirer]

Yes, Mr. Principal, you’re gonna learn a lot about Sheldon Berman’s travels and any excesses in the near future. Hopefully he’s not wasting taxpayer dollars willy nilly. [Kentucky School News and Commentary]

Aww, Mitch McConnell wants his money back from his former best friend Arlen Specter. [The Hill]

This video of Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning is kinda funny. Reminds me of that photograph of Jim Bunning and the handicapped sign. Anyone have that picture? [Down With Tyranny]

The Herald-Leader’s Frankfort bureau moved from Shelby Street to the Capitol in Room 227. Nice! [Bluegrass Politics]

Bid rigging case involving Bill Nighbert and Leonard Lawson may be split up. A judge ruled that there should be two separate trials. [Associated Press]

2009 State of the Air from the American Lung Association. Ready for this? Kentucky’s cities suck. Hard. [State of the Air]

Ready to watch Jim Newberry squirm, Lexington? [Barefoot & Progressive]

We’re all gonna die of the pig flu! [Huffington Post]

Wednesday Afternoon Dept of Ready for LOST!

Whew! What a day.

Is anyone else sick in the head enough to watch LOST? We’re always excited for Wednesday night. Don’t judge.

Here’s some stuff for you to enjoy.

See the fancy bombshell released in the case of the homophobic anti-Kern Herndon mail piece? Almost mind-blowing. [Page One]

We’ve been poking around campaign finance reports in light of some rumors published earlier today. David Boswell’s KREF reports reveal that he bought a car and financed it. He’s still maintaining the loan and having his campaign fund make payments on it, with just enough cash to come close to paying it completely off. All while making reimbursements for gasoline and mileage. Isn’t this almost abusive and borderline illegal or unethical on the campaign finance front? [More Fancy Rumors]

Will Brad Montell be Gary “Tapp Tapp” Tapp’s replacement in the state senate? Them’s the words on the street in Shelby County, despite Tapp’s endorsement of Paul Hornback. [Fancy Rumors, Club for Growth]

Obama’s crack sentencing laws change is in the works. Kentucky is cited. Who was responsible for the change in Kentucky’s laws? It seems like they should be given props. For Kentucky to be recognized is a big deal. We should be proud. So if anyone remembers who is responsible, drop it in the comments. [Huffington Post]

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Big News: Guilty Pleas in Covington Hate Case

Jack Conway and the Office of the Attorney General just announced the conviction, by guilty plea, of the three defendants in connection with their joint roles in election finance crimes in Covington last year.

Steven Megerle pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance restrictions and one count of conspiracy to fail to identify campaign contributors and advertisers. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail, conditionally discharged for one year, and a $500 fine. Prosecutors are demanding that Megerle have no involvement in the financial affairs of any political campaign and to be barred from seeking public office during this period.

Jerry Bamberger pled guilty to the same two offenses and was sentenced to 12 months in jail, conditionally discharged for two years. He will also be barred from involvement in the financial affairs of any political campaign and from seeking further public office.

Craig Johnson pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance restrictions.


Guess it goes to show you cannot discriminate against someone while at the same time violating campaign finance laws. Score one for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Flashback: Homophobic Anti-Herndon Mailer

Before you read any further, please take a moment to refresh. We believed Jim King was involved in the homophobic mail piece attacking Ken Herndon from May 2008. Read all about it by clicking here.

Then take a moment to read the following five stories: here, here, here, here and here. Now, let’s proceed.

Like we said, we believed Jim King was directly involved in the homophobic mail piece that cost Ken Herndon the Democratic Primary for Metro Council. And we weren’t the only people to believe so. But as time moved on after the May primary loss, we performed extensive research, conducted dozens of interviews and uncovered bits and pieces of information that caused us to question King’s alleged involvement.

While we started questioning whether or not King was involved, Ken Herndon’s camp (himself, a few supporters and his attorney who currently happens to be an anti-King Metro Council member) pushed more and more in the direction of focusing on Jim King. Note: We were Herndon supporters and still think he’d be a better Councilman than disconnected George Unseld. And we’ve gone out of our way to help Herndon throughout the investigation.

But Herndon’s alleged evidence includes an affidavit sworn by a young campaign staffer who has no solid evidence to back up any claims. The affidavit, which Herndon’s attorney(s) have been promoting throughout the investigation, claims the Herndon mailer was in King’s sphere of gravitational pull, based merely upon a conversation. Unfortunately for that campaign staffer, they also told us in October 2008 that he had never seen evidence tying Jim King to anything– though he did say, at the time, that he believed Katie King was involved in the mail pieces attacking her.

Long story short: We question whether or not King was ever involved and the Herndon camp is banking on blaming Jim King without any real evidence. Fine and dandy, right?

Not so. Hold your horses.

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