Oh Snap Monday! Happy Groundhog Day!

Yes, it’s true. We saw our shadow. Sorry bout yer luck, Kentucky. You’re in for six more weeks of ice storms and hell without electricity and running water. And don’t complain– this is why God or whatever invented bourbon (remember: other states don’t have it.)

Lord, lesbians are just cold takin’ over everything. We can’t go to the grocery or turn on the news without a lesbian trying to recruit our children into lumber jacking or trying to steal an entire country. [Independent]

Remember Derek the Abstinence Clown? You’ll love this hot mess of a story. [Joe Sonka]

Wait – More than 700,000 people were without electricity during points of this ice storm mess. 700,000! [H-L]

Daniel Mongiardo told Fox News on Saturday that it’s not true that shelters in Kentucky are telling people to pack a suitcase and head to a motel. Unfortunately for him, the Herald-Leader proves that shelters are, indeed, doing that very thing. People in government or who are running for higher office in Kentucky need to learn how to tell the truth and harness it. [H-L]

Five facts about the new RNC Chairman, Michael Steele. All you Republicans still calling him your friend after being reminded of all this mess? [Huffington Post]

Governor Steve Beshear activated the entire Kentucky National Guard along with portions of the Air National Guard to assist in the aftermath of the ice storm. [C-J]

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The House will vote on expanded gambling. But that doesn’t mean anything. Even if a gambling bill could get out of committee in the Senate? It wouldn’t pass. End of story. [H-L]

Haha – this guy doesn’t think Jim Ramsey would wear a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops to conduct a press conference. Guess he hasn’t been paying much attention over the past year. [C-J]

Democrat Jim Holbert has decided to run for the U.S. Congress in Kentucky’s 5th District against Hal Rogers. And in other news, no one blinks an eye. Hal Rogers has that seat until he’s good and ready to retire. Or until someone who is actually powerful and well-known comes along. [FireDogLake]

Are you older than the hills or totally terrified of the internets and the Google machine? If so, you need to attend FAIL! The Top Seven Ways Business Get the Internet Wrong. It’s a seminar scheduled for February 27th (Embassy Suites Hotel, 9940 Corporate Campus Drive) in Louisville. Third Space Media is offering two sessions to help attendees the opportunity to get introduced to the most common misconceptions surrounding internet marketing and e-commerce (aka modern business) and how to avoid typical mistakes. [Clicky Clicky]

According to the latest SurveyUSA/WHAS11 poll Jim Bunning has a 42% job approval rating. Mitch McConnell’s approval rating is just 45%. My, how the tide has turned. The Lady of Pork, Mitchell, is in the same tank as the old geezer himself. [SurveyUSA]

More on the circus acts in Frankfort. All kinds of ignorant and/or wasteful legislation. Some day we won’t be embarrassed by our elected officials, right? Right? [Ralph Long]

There is a video so awful that we’re afraid to share it with you. This sort of video should be illegal. It’s the only reason we advocate secret prisons. [YouTube]

Will the state’s budget woes we resolved? We’re not holding our breath for people like the Dunns who need health care. [H-L]

Neither candidate in the State’s 32nd Senate District running in the special election support gambling. And neither have the sense to know an increased cigarette tax is necessary– not for revenue, but for decreasing smoking and cancer. [Bowling Green Daily News]

7 thoughts on “Oh Snap Monday! Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. Is it just me or does anyone find it absolutely scandalous that Beshear waited as long as he did before declaring a state of emergency? Even Governor GoodHair, Mr. 39% down in Texas is smart enough to make these declarations before the storm, not after. When asked, all Beshear could muster was that he was afraid that the state emergency fund might have to reimburse localities.

    Maybe the response down in the Purchase (Carlisle and Hickman counties are looking at months without power potentially) could have been better had the Governor not turned DHS into a huge patronage pit.

    Thirdly, where is the inspirational leadership in this time? If 700,000 Kentuckians are without power and are for all intents and purposes stranded, if fuel distribution is such a problem that Kentuckians are forced to drive over an hour (in my case) to Jackson, MO to pay $8.00/gallon for kerosene, etc., any half-way decent elected executive official would at least be able to try and say something positive about the state at a press conference, something along the lines of:

    “The people of Kentucky are some of the best people on this planet. They, since the days of the pioneers, have proven that they are strong enough and tough enough to deal with whatever life brings them, and I am confident that whatever comes after this storm will be a part of a rebirth here in the Bluegrass State, of a new, better, and more prosperous Commonwealth.”

    Instead, the Governor (at least for another three years) just continues to try and disappoint every constituency that helped get him elected and continue his apparent goal of destroying the KDP.

    It doesn’t help during this mess that I can look right across the Ohio River at the poorest school district in Illinois, in a town that is losing 25% population every ten years, and note that they have 85% power and plenty of supplies, and yet no local or state EO or bureaucrat is telling people to go there.

    It doesn’t help that we have to turn on the battery-operated radio and listen to the Crittenden County Judge Executive telling people to leave the area and head south (poor choice anyways) and go to TN to get help.

    And, it always pisses me off when my locality shuts off water to the town because they are worried that they will need 300,000 gallons to put out a fire in an ice storm. Therefore, in order to flush toilets down here, I had to break off the spouts on our gutters and collect water (50 gallons in four hours) Fri. and Sat. All this because Beshear and HS couldn’t plan ahead of time with some tanker trucks.

    I will say one positive thing though. Someone needs to give Carlisle County Judge-Executive Greg Terry a medal or something. Instead of sitting around b****ing and moaning about how his county is going to be without power for three weeks (WK Rural Electric has over 1500 poles down), he is actually organizing the community to use the resources it has, through churches and other existing institutions. He is also sending for several large generators that will help provide power to the area. On top of that, he could very well be running this whole operation out of a car dealership, being as that has been the administrative HQ for the county after the courthouse burned in December ’07.

    My prediction: if Trey wants the Governorship, he’ll win in a walk and I’d vote Republican for the first time in my life. Crises can make weak Governor’s appear great, such as Haley Barbour, or they can turn weak governors into failures (like Blanco). Beshear is quickly going into the later category.

  2. “Incontinence: A Better Alternative”

    Jeez, 1.5 billion in federal money for untruthful, damaging Abstinence-Only programs? Only in ultra-Victorian America. Perhaps Barack will put handcuffs on this silly business and put it to bed. Maybe Derek the Clown, Elizabeth’s New Life Center, and the National Abstinence Education Association can join Robert Felner as “federal centerfolds” to picture for us all supreme examples of total wastes of money.
    P.S. All the folks above cater to only “true believers” in their cults of religion and/or personality. Wither democracy? At least Felner
    should soon be in prison.

  3. “Some Evidence for No God in America”

    Iceland gets a very impressive, progressive woman (who just happens to be gay) as its leader–and we got that incurious, incompetent, immoral Mr. Bush, who was an utter failure throughout much of his life (except for fooling the public at election time). Where was the Diety when we needed Him, Her, It?

  4. C.J.S.

    I don’t know about the Governor’s speed in addressing this crisis–it seemed Gov. Brashear was paying attention and responded pretty well to me, but in Louisville Metro things were awful–little communication, warnings or direction was given on tv or internet sites (and guess what? people with no power may have a radio but are very unlikely to have tv and internet), few shelters for days, no direction, and as you say–no leadership.
    This is very risky business as this disaster could have been worse, and the next time,we could face much worse, with severe winds and flooding, even devastating earthquakes.
    It’s time to fine-tune emergency preparedness.

  5. Re: the Gov’s response– I agree with Davi; he was clearly on the ball (declared the disaster early, reached out to the President early, making unprecedented moves with the national guard), but has been handcuffed by a lack of communications infrastructure.

    That said, this is in the baliwick of the Department of Homeland Security, and we know what a mess that has become. So maybe it is his fault.

    Either way, he can stick the landing if we come out strong on the other side of this to actually fix the issues. We shall see.

  6. I think it’s time Kentucky invested in a Reverse 911 system that would contact people via phone during times of emergencies.

    I’m guessing there’s a way to do it by text and e-mail, but I’m not sure.

  7. Didn’t they install a reverse 911 system downstream of the Wolf Creek Dam that impounds Lake Cumberland?

    I don’t know that such a system would do any good here. The weather forecasters were warning about the coming ice storm for days. I’m on a mailing list that a weather expert from the McCracken County DES sends out, and he was predicting major havoc several days prior. Besides, once the storm hit, everyone’s phone and cell service (AT&T, anyway) was out down there and there would have been no way to contact them.

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