20 thoughts on “McConnell & Bush Booed at Inauguration

  1. Totally lacking class.
    They must have missed the part of Obama’s address where he said that childish behavior must end.
    Maybe they wanted to get one last immature act in before they grow up and make the sacrifices that Obama is asking for.

  2. Regardless of who’s in the office, you still show respect for the office itself. Booing Bush devalues what Obama now is.

    While I may not like or agree with our Governor, I still stand and clap when he enters the room because I’m honoring the office, not the man.

    That is definetly an honor that the presidency was NOT afforded at times yesterday, which is a sad statement of a small but vocal minority of those in attendance in DC yesterday.

  3. I agree. The booing showed a total lack of character, no matter how much W. deserved it. Simply wasn’t the right time or place for it. Though we enjoy the freedom of speech, we often need to exercise some self-control and stick a sock in it (me included.)

    That, and Michelle Obama’s Wilma Flintsone evening gown, were about the only negatives on the day. Classy lady, but a hilarious forehead-slapper of a dress.

  4. I disagree with the clapping part. You don’t have to clap for folks or even like them. But there’s a right time and a wrong time for booing and such. The right time is not at someone else’s swearing in.

    I think it’s even appropriate to write nasty things– if they’re warranted– about elected officials. But you don’t get a bullhorn and yell trash like happened yesterday. He even got booed at the airforce base when Exec 1 landed. That was kinda sad.

  5. I’m all for saying nasty things, writing nasty things, and generally bashing elected officials when they deserve it. I’m just refering to showing the proper respect at official events.

    If you want to go to a GOP rally and boo Bush or a Dem rally and boo Beshear, go ahead, but when they’re acting in their official capacity as Gov or Prez, or Senator, thats when its appropriate to show respect, give up a golf clap if need be, and keep your trap shut.

  6. “Official vs. Earned Respect”

    I would have sat on my hands, not booed, and then smiled widely as Bush entered the helicopter for the last time. MLK’s wonderful words would have been on my mind as well: “Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last, free at last.” I applaud for work well done and worthy of respect, not for official incompetence, cronyism, immoral and illegal deeds, etc.

  7. No booing, but good singing. Of course the Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey Goodbye tradition started in Chicago when the White Sox fans sang in celebration of victory at old Comiskey Park. (Note: The Sox are Obama’s favorite baseball team)

    A good Chicago tradition tranferred to DC on the day a Chicago citizen transferred to the White House. Good symbolism there.

    Bush has been giving the American public the finger for the last eight years. It was time to give it back.

  8. I heard from people who were on The Mall that the boos against Bush were a spontaneous outpouring from EVERYONE there. One woman said it was like thunder and that the
    ground shook.

    I’m all for polite response to public officials, but Bush’s case is different. There was no opportunity to break this most arrogant president’s cacoon of disdain for the American people. I believe he got what he deserved on Tuesday — a publc rebuke. Good riddance to Bush and may the US survive his disastrous reign.

  9. For all of those who actually think this breach of decorum is somehow OK…what’s next?
    Perhaps burning in effigy?
    Those who can’t keep their crude and impulsive actions and reactions to themselves, even for just a few minutes, when the whole world is watching, are an embarrassment.
    Nice going, I’m sure it played well on AlJezeera.

  10. “Decorum vs. Death & Destruction”

    E., Bush was more than an embarrassment. Burning him in effigy would be like a grain of salt compared to what he did to the USA and the world. By his own account, he “thought” by instinct. His own “crude and impulsive actions and reactions” were disasters that we and the rest of the globe will have to live with for decades. Whether it plays in AlJezeera or Peoria, that is whatever God’s truth.

  11. Well…there you have it….the thought process and logic unveiled.
    As such;
    Bush performed poorly as President…so we all get to sink to the newly established lowest common denominator.

    Funny you should mention God’s truth…so much for forgiveness, and doing unto others, I guess.
    Or does the holy writ of your religion have a few quotes along the lines of, “payback’s a bitch”?

  12. “Payback from Here to Eternity?”

    E, what would you say about Bush to comfort a family that lost a husband, wife, father, mother, son, or daughter in Iraq? There is no earthly payback for that deadly, final deed grounded in fake evidence and tortured words and actions of deceit.
    P.S. If any entity sank to “the newly established lowest common denominator,” it was the Bush administration. And that’s my God’s truth and His wrath as well.

  13. Again…so Bush sinks to a low…and you somehow use that as an excuse or license to do the same.
    I could have sworn Obama effectively asked the country to do the exact opposite.

    I guess some people are so ate up with ill will that they’ll not be able to do their part in working to improve things.

    Wallow in it if you will…clinging to your hatred will be your undoing.
    Although I did not vote for Obama, and did not like GW….it’s done. I will move on, and will do what I can to make things better…as I always have tried to do anyway.

  14. “Making Things Better: Eyes of the Beholder”

    E, I’ve helped make things better by working like hell to get Obama elected and kicking the GOP out of the White House. And there is no way I would ever “do the same” as Bush. If I have an attitude of “ill will” toward him (granted, Barack is a gentler soul than I), my mental outlook pales in comparison to the world-wide rotten deeds Bush did to the flesh and bones of thousands upon thousands of human beings. Your analogy roughly equates to viewing a KY hillside alongside Mt. Everest. But thanks for trying to “make things better,” whatever that means.

  15. “Ill Will & Social Change”

    E-dude, it’s a certain kind of “ill will” (the French call it “resentement”) that can lead to social change. If one is too comfy and smiley-faced much of the time, h/she sits back, playing with his/her navel, as the world passes by. I appreciate your comments, though.

  16. I hardly sit back…
    But I also see the long term value in not becoming too vitriolic and bitter, especially after the fact.

  17. “Healing from Hiding Bygones”

    Yep, let bygones be bygones. So what if Bush tore up the Constitution? So what if future Chief Executives (Palin maybe?) now have precedent to do the same? We corroborate that precedent by doing nothing. We forgive and forget. Forge ahead, history of deceit notwithstanding. A mere bump in the road. We can still smile nicely while knowing that Big Brother Bush almost did us in. Keep up that stoic “power of positive thinking” and we’ll likely step all over shit again. Cheers, E-dude–glad you don’t just sit back.

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