Darlene Fitzgerald: Borderline or Just Whacky?

Haha, look at this. Darlene FItzgerald’s husband (Austin Price), not clued in enough to avoid using his personal email address (manually typing it in) on our email contact form, sent us this hilarious message pretending to be “Ian Jones”:


Lying, libeling, impersonation. Just think – these people are attorneys/are trying to be attorneys!

How hilarious is that? Pretending to be someone else but not intelligent enough not to manually type in your own, personal email address? Dahaha. These people. It’s priceless. Having to deal with them at all of the Senate primary events over the next year or so is going to be absolutely embarrassing.

For more on Darlene Fitzgerland and her apparently just as whacky husband, click here. Be sure to read all the comments.

Late Friday in the Commonwealth of No Electricity

WHY do people run generators INSIDE THEIR EFFING HOMES? We can’t even deal.

Don’t forget Comment on Kentucky tonight! 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Scheduled guests: Stephenie Steitzer of the Courier-Journal, Tom Eblen of the Herald-Leader and Greg Stotelmyer from WTVQ in Lexington. Discussion about the budget, Obama’s stimulus package, gifting at UofL and the fancy weather. [KET]

That recession David Adams loved telling us that we’re not in? Yeah, something about picking up major steam? What was that, again? [MSNBC]

The Fairness Campaign is launching its 2009 strategy to achieve a statewide Fairness law with “Tell Your Story—Learn to Lobby,” a free introductory lobby training session held on the convening day of the Kentucky General Assembly’s Regular Session, Tuesday, February 3, 7:30-9:30pm, in the Student Activities Center, Room 303A at University of Louisville. [Fairness]

Why is Dan Mongiardo ashamed of his virulent homophobia? That’s the question everyone is asking. [Barefoot & Progressive]

The Young Professional Association of Louisville is in favor of an increase in the state’s cigarette tax. YPAL is launching a campaign on Tuesday, February 3 to meet with state leadership, write letters to local legislators, press releases, letters to the editor and more. Want to get involved? Young professionals around the state are encouraged to attend the YP Day at the Capitol and join YPAL at Serafini’s Bourbon Room from 5:30 to 8:00 P.M. in Frankfort on 02/03. [Young Professional Association of Louisville]

Governor Steve Beshear today launched a campaign to “Restock the Pantries” in conjunction with universities and community organizations in an effort to collect canned goods during weekend sporting events. Supplies are dwindling at Kentucky’s food banks so we’re pleased to see the Governor doing his part. You should do you part, as well. If you have a dollar, you can help. Tomorrow, volunteers will be on-hand at at several Kentucky universities to encourage those attending basketball games to make both food item and financial contributions to individuals in need.

  • In Lexington, God’s Pantry Food Bank and UK have organized drop-off locations on High Street and Vine Street outside of Rupp Arena beginning at 12:30 P.M. and continuing until 3:30 P.M.
  • In Louisville, the Dare to Care Food Drive and the University of Louisville will have volunteers collecting food donations at all entrances to Freedom Hall, beginning at noon EST and continuing throughout the basketball game.
  • At Western Kentucky University, food and donations will be collected beginning at the 7:00 CST tip-off of the men’s basketball game. These goods will be donated to the Elizabethtown Food Bank for distribution throughout the Western Kentucky region.
  • Eastern Kentucky University has partnered with the Richmond Salvation Army in order to collect food items and additional supplies at drop-off bins locate around Alumni Coliseum, beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST.

So do your part!

Jack Conway on Cyber Safety & the Weather

Here’s Jack Conway’s latest…

For the second time in just six months, Mother Nature has again tested our resolve. The destructive winds that swept across Kentucky in September have been replaced by snow, ice and bitter cold. Although very different storms; the end result is much the same. A record number of Kentucky families are again without power, homes are damaged, lives have been lost and Kentucky is in a state of emergency. My thoughts and prayers are with the more than 600,000 families who lost power in the wake of this devastating winter storm.

It is during times of natural disaster that we see both the best and worst in people. In September, I was reminded time and again of what it truly means to be a Kentuckian; neighbors helping one another and strangers coming to the aid of those in need. However, we were also reminded that there are people who seek to profit while others suffer.

That is why Governor Beshear and I have again acted quickly to ensure that those who have fallen victim to the winter storm will not be victimized a second time by storm related price-gouging.

Read the rest after the jump…

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The Devastation of Mountaintop Mining

Read this:

I visited eastern Kentucky at the invitation of Marianne, a friend from school, and her husband Jim. While there, we met many people engaged in fighting mountaintop removal and took an air tour of the mining sites. Appropriately enough, after our tour, we landed at Wendell Ford airport, the site of a former mountaintop mine now turned into a flat table where a steep mountain had once been. Greeting us at the airport were posters claiming that “coal is the future,” with photos that can only be described as Orwellian:

  • Before: a mountain, looking barren and useless.
  • During: big trucks and bulldozers, implying jobs.
  • After: animals and grasses and specific claims that reclamation of mined areas “improves” the land.

The lie represented by those photos was seen clearly from the air where all we could see for miles was barren rock, not fertile productive farms. Rick, who has lived in the area his entire life, told us that there are no animals in mined areas. Animals, he explained, need nuts to last through the winter. Nuts obviously come from trees and the biggest piece missing from these lands are trees.

Click here for the rest…

RNC Update: Mike Duncan Lost

Just saw it on CNN. Stay tuned.

Michael Steele won. (Update: Is winning, faces Katon Dawson)

(Duncan withdrew, technically)

UPDATE: From Huffington Post:

ncumbent Mike Duncan has officially dropped out of the running for RNC Chair, finalizing what was already shaping up as a bad day. With his votes freed up, Michael Steele vaults even further to the status of frontrunner. But Katon Dawson could be the biggest recipient of Duncan’s departure, now assuming the mantle of the party’s social conservative candidate. The fact that the sitting RNC chair is out after three ballots — when he came into the election as the favorite to hold unto the post — must be considered an upset as well as a reflection of just how unpopular people consider the status quo.

Another Update: Watch the proceedings live on CNN.com.

Yet Another Update: From the HuffPo story linked above:

Sure enough, Katon Dawson, the chair of the South Carolina GOP, jumps dramatically into the lead for next RNC Chair, edging out Michael Steele by a two vote margin in the fourth ballot.

And Now: Steele is up 79 to 69 as of last count.

UPDATE: Secretary of State Trey Grayson’s statement:

“Today a dear friend and mentor completed his service as the head of the Republican Party as he is succeeded by another good friend.

“My sincerest appreciation goes out to Mike Duncan for his great service to our party. His friendship and mentorship has helped shape my success and involvement in the Republican Party. There is no finer representation of our Party than Mike Duncan. Kentucky Republicans and Republicans across this great nation owe him our greatest gratitude as he has helped guide our party during the peaks and the valleys of electoral success. My best wishes are extended to Mike and his family as they continue their service to the Commonwealth and their beloved eastern Kentucky.

“My congratulations is extended to my good friend Michael Steele in his election. With his selection, the Republican National Committee has reaffirmed our Party’s commitment to reach across all divides to bring together a winning strategy for the principles that our Party holds dear. I know that Kentucky Republicans stand ready to assist him in electing great conservative leaders to guide our nation, commonwealth, and local communities. I can personally attest that his leadership abilities and vision for our party are exactly what is needed at this critical juncture.

“The Republican Party is stronger today because of Chairman Duncan’s service and will only continue to strengthen under the leadership of Chairman Steele.”

Gas Gougers: We Can’t Make This Up

Earlier in the week we told you about Attorney General Jack Conway’s efforts to catch price gougers during this nasty ice storm and the aftermath.

We told you on Wednesday about Wal-Mart near the Snyder at Bardstown Road in Louisville charing $4.89 per gallon of gasoline.

You’d think that ridiculous situation would have been remedied after the Attorney General was notified. Right?

Well, we can’t make this shiz up. At 11:15 A.M. this morning that very same location was charging $6.89.

Wow. We literally couldn’t make this up if we tried.

UPDATE @ 2:51: Office of the Attorney General just called in to say they’ve investigated and the station is now charging $1.89 per gallon.