2008 ROOTIES! They’re Finally Here

Joe does this every year and it keeps getting better and better. The 2008 Rooties!!!

From Joe, “Oh yes, boys and girls, it’s that time of year again. It’s time for the winners and losers and douchebags of this fair year of our Lord, 2008. Barefoot and Progressive style. Last year, we had the “Rooties”. What are they this year, the Footies? The Booties? The Pooties? Well, whatever the hell these are called, the winners and losers are getting the Rudy Huxtable trophy, damnit.”

Hilarious. With categories like Biggest KY Douchebag, Worst KY Democrat, Best Schadenfreude Moment and Most Incompetent Politico. Fun!

Like last year, you can only imagine that various electeds will be fuming for days to come… while the rest of us laugh.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Don’t forget to change your undergarment, ladies, because you’re likely to pee. A lot. Hilarity shall ensue. It’s so juicy, juicy that we can’t even excerpt. GO READ IT ALL.

This Makes Us Wanna Throw Up

Are we gonna keep seeing crap like this the deeper we get into a recession?

PADUCAH, Ky. — A grand jury in Paducah will review a felony theft charge against the local coordinator for Toys for Tots.

Jason Carper is accused of stealing about $12,500 he solicited, saying a building was needed to store toys.

Taking from children? Really?

What great people.

New Year’s Eve Time Wasting Round-Up

We’re in all kinds of meetings this morning. So entertain yourself on this slowest of news days and final day of 2008. In other news, go see Slumdog Millionaire.  It’s the best movie we’ve seen all year.

Ruh ro! Harsh words for Senator Mitch McConnell. “Mitch McConnell is not my friend. He is not a friend to my family, co-workers, community or state. And even though he supposedly attends the same church I do, I consider him to be a Judas.” [Point Taken]

Speaking of Mitch, check this bit out from Talking Points Memo: “Mitch McConnell and his racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic minions want to destroy the United States of America, at least the part left over after 8 years of the Boy Blunder and Dr. Doom.” [TPM]

David Hawpe has some fancy anonymous “handicapper” who says Greg Stumbo will beat Jody Richards. Unfortunately for the reader, Hawpe doesn’t indicate that his handicapper is probably Larry Clark or one of Greg’s lobbyist pals. There’s not a soul in the House who thinks Greg has a shot. Not even Greg’s longtime friends like Jerry Lundergan think he can win. End of story. [C-J]

Not only is Billy Reed quite possibly the most boring, long-winded writer on the planet, but now Rick has joined his ranks by posting what appears to be an ENTIRE boring press release. SOMEBODY needs to learn the art of page breaking or something. Also, Rick is a bum. Zzzzzz. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Fancy Gay-Hating Protest In Murray

Man, that Murray. There are so many millions of known homosexuals there that a few hundred (or just three) people showed up this past weekend to protest the ho-mo-sexuals. Oh, and to do a little street preaching.

Take a look at some shots a fancy reader sent us, here, on these internets:



Garsh. Kelly Flood would feel right at home with these folks.

Moving & Shaking In State Gubmint

We go the release but are too lazy to write about it. Read all about it here. (They’re even using a picture swiped from our website. Ha.)

It’s official, Jeff Derouen has hopped from Crit Luallen to Daniel Mongiardo to Executive Director of the Public Service Commission. His currently salary? $115,000.

Derouen replaces Stephanie Stumbo. She’s been appointed malt beverage administrator at the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

She replaces Danny Reed, who will fill the position of distilled spirits administrator. Reed is replacing Jeff Middendorf, whose four-year term expires December 31.

Beshear: Give Pension $$ to Cities, Counties

Steve Beshear held a press conference today asking the retirement system boards to provide $37 million+ to cities, counties and school districts in the wake of major shortfalls.

The governor recommended that cities and counties be allowed to spread their required contributions over a ten-year period instead of the current five. He says it would provide $37.5 million of immediate relief in the next fiscal year.

From a press release:

“Just as the state is struggling to cope with the worst national financial crisis since the Great Depression, cities and counties are straining to provide the most basic services to their residents,” said Gov. Beshear, who was joined in today’s announcement by Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry, Sylvia Lovely, executive director of the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) and Bob Arnold, executive director of the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo). “My proposal will provide more than $37 million of immediate relief to our local governments in a way that keeps our pension systems financially sound for years to come.”

Gov. Beshear’s recommendations are in response to the report of his bipartisan Public Pension Working Group, chaired by Finance and Administration Cabinet Sec. Jonathan Miller. Gov. Beshear said he hoped the KRS board would meet prior to the start of the upcoming legislative session to address his recommendations.

“Allowing additional time to achieve full funding of the actuarially required contribution is a critical component of our strategy to bring desperately needed financial relief to county government,” said Bob Arnold of KACo. “We look forward to working with the governor and legislative leaders to assure that the public pension system and the local governments that support that system remain financially strong.”

Other reform issues recommended today include:

  • Adopting effective securities’ litigation policies to enable the pension systems to claim millions of dollars of damages from Wall Street losses where companies have engaged in illegal or unethical practices;
  • Exploring creative health-care reforms adopted in other states to provide affordable health benefits, while ensuring the long-term financial stability of the funds;
  • Promoting the state’s existing optional defined contribution, 401(k)-style plan, the Kentucky Public Employees’ Deferred Compensation Authority, to encourage individual retirement savings;
  • Providing more oversight and transparency of pension system funds to enable the Governor and the General Assembly to ensure that the systems are properly funded; and
  • Amending enabling law to authorize the Kentucky Asset Liability Commission (ALCo) to issue pension-related bonds when funds are appropriated by the General Assembly to pay off unfunded liabilities of the pension systems. Specifically, consideration should be given to authorize the issuance of bonds, if market conditions are favorable, to repay funds to the KTRS pension fund that have been used to cover health insurance costs for KTRS members.

Mike Cherry has pre-filed legislation to provide the $37.5 million if the Kentucky Retirement Systems decide not to adopt the governor’s recommendations.