Rumor: Carroll Wants Boswell as KDP Chair

We hear through the fancy rumor gayvine that former Governor and current State Senator Julian Carroll is attempting to get failed U.S. Congressional candidate and current State Senator David Boswell the job as chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. All because Boswell is (thankfully/hopefully) threatening to retire and Carroll doesn’t want to lose him the Democratic Senate Caucus.

HAHAHA. Let’s all laugh at that for a moment.

How awesome would it be to have an anti-abortion, anti-gay, hater-lite who refused to support Barack Obama as the chairman of the state party? Haha. Yeah.

Not happening in this lifetime.

Happy Black Friday!


While Rick is thankful for, you know, meaningful things

We are thankful for things that actually matter. Like hot tubs, schadenfreude and pumpkin spice-flavored things (in that order). Oh, we’re also thankful for whomever invented unsweetened soy milk and sweet mint gum.

The end.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday feasting. We’re preparing to watch Swiss Family Robinson, The Great Escape and Rosemary’s Baby. After we look through all the coupons in the paper, of course. Gobble gobble!

Thanksgiving Eve Afternoon Time Wasting

Oh, haha, so, funny story… Today just might have been a slower news day than yesterday.

Anyone else surprised that the State Parks didn’t put out a press release about Thanksgiving meals at the parks early this week? Weird. Yes, it’s so slow that we’re thinking about that.

So seriously – which one of our rich sugar daddies/mommas is gonna buy us a new television? All these Black Friday deals are gonna make it highly affordable for you. Especially if you want us to, you know, spin stories your way for the next few months.

Enjoy Thanksgiving. We’re going to spend all day watching rented movies from iTunes. The Great Escape and Swiss Family Robinson!

Did you live or work within 3.5 miles of the Bullitt County train derailment in January 2007? Time to join up on the lawsuit so you can bank your $10,000 or whatever. [Settlement Info]

Remember that awful lady who caused a girl to kill herself over MySpace? She was just convicted on misdemeanor charges. Three charges of accessing a computer without authorization. Each count punishable by up to one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. [Huffington Post]

Haha. Some nutbag couple is pushing the Supreme Court to hear their case challenging Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship. [First Read]

From the Department of Nah, You Don’t Say. The Herald-Leader editorial board says that Blue Grass Airport’s spending deserves scrutiny. Giving Michael Gobb a blank check because he’s doing a good job is hardly the right thing to do and it’s a total waste of money. [H-L]

Aww, lookit. Dubya pardons his last turkey. And it wasn’t even a member of his administration. [YouTube]

December 1st is World Aids Day. So now’s a good time to read up on information and statistics related to HIV/AIDS in Kentucky. [KDPH PDF]

Your Weekly LEO Roundup

LEO, once again, is filled with all kindsa stuff. Rather than pimp one story, let’s do several. Because it’s slow and no one is in front a computer today anyway.

  • Butchertown is no longer gonna smell like death and pig poop. [What a Week]
  • With layoffs looming, the Courier-Journal’s publisher discusses the state of the ailing paper. [Rick Redding]
  • Project Censored: the top ten stories the old school media ignored in the past year. 1. How Many Iraqis Have Died?; 2. NAFTA On Steroids; 3. Infraguard Guards Itself; 4. ILEA: Training Ground For Illegal Wars?; 5. Seizing Protest; 6. Radicals = Terrorists; 7. Slavery’s Runner-Up; 8. Bush Changes The Rules; 9. Soldiers Speak Out; and 10. APA Helps CIA Torture [Clicky Clicky]
  • The final hours and last breaths of Marco Chapman. [Sarah Kelley]
  • Could layoffs be the next step in shrinking Louisville’s $20 million budget shortfall? You bet your rear. Mostly because the city has suffered at the hands of terrible fiscal mismanagement for a number of years. [Phillip Bailey]

Robert Felner & UofL Non-Story Update

Here’s your daily non-story from Business First.

The University of Louisville is providing investigation updates on the Robert Felner situation.

Officials with the University of Louisville provided updates on steps the school has taken in the wake of former College of Education and Human Development dean Robert Felner’s federal indictment on charges of money laundering, mail fraud and conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.

The indictments stem from the alleged misuse of grant money appropriated to U of L and the University of Rhode Island.

U of L officials said auditors have completed an internal audit of the College of Education and Human Development’s finances. The auditors are expected to present their findings to university administrators following the Thanksgiving holiday. The administrators then will respond to those findings.


A faculty senate committee Tuesday finished interviewing faculty members about their understanding of the grievance policy. The committee is expected to complete a report on its findings by Dec. 5, U of L said.


Another committee is reviewing the university’s conflict of interest policy and is expected to propose a “values statement,” U of L said.

The university also continues to investigate the university’s awarding of a Ph.D. to John Deasy, deputy director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, during Felner’s tenure.

Still no word on any potential conflict of interest with the Cotton Allen firm.

And here’s WFPL’s take.

Felner is accused of misappropriating federal grant money. As a result, the university has established committees for internal and external audits of grant management and grievance policies and plans to hire an ombudsman to address grievances. But university spokesperson John Drees says the position hasn’t been filled, in part because there isn’t room on campus for another office.

“That process is still underway,” he says. “All of that is interwoven – the hiring, the location, the setup, what would be required. There are quite a few details that still need to be worked out on that.”

This is going to turn into a crazy circus, I think. A years-long circus at the University alone. And the trial– if it goes to trial– will be purely depressing entertainment.

UPDATE: Oh, just so we can make Joe Gerth yell at us about how mean we are to Nancy Rodriguez, here’s a link to her story about the very same thing.