Worst Anti-McConnell Ad Ever

AFSCME has released what could have been an amazing radio ad attacking Mitch McConnell. It goes on and on about everything Mitch has done to ruin the world and then brings up his military record.

A deep and ominous-voiced announcer says:

“Now, people in Kentucky are asking why Mitch McConnell won’t release his entire military records. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that McConnell was discharged after serving less than six months. But McConnell won’t discuss the full details … What is he hiding? … Isn’t it time for Mitch McConnell to be straight with us?”

Listen to it for yourself:

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Was it really necessary for AFSCME to sink super-low to the ground and question Mitch McConnell in a manner in which could be construed that they’re hinting at sexual orientation? We’re absolutely blown away by this b.s. And that’s coming from us– folks who want nothing more than to find out once and for all if Mitch has something to hide. But we’re intelligent enough to know that you don’t jack around with a story like this unless you have evidence.

Annoying.  Homophobia isn’t okay anywhere, any time, no matter what.

For your convenience, we have included the complete transcript of the ad after the jump…

With all the political ads, it’s confusing. But it comes down to this:

24 years ago Mitch McConnell went to Congress. He became one of the most powerful people in Washington by siding with special interests. McConnell took more than a million dollars from the Wall Street crowd. And led efforts to spend billions bailing out Wall Street fatcats.

McConnell took money from Big Oil and voted to give them billions in special tax breaks.

Now, people in Kentucky are asking why Mitch McConnell won’t release his entire military records. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that McConnell was discharged after serving less than six months. But McConnell won’t discuss the full details.

What is he hiding?

After 24 years in Washington, Mitch McConnell is responsible for the mess there.

Isn’t it time for Mitch McConnell to be straight with us?

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16 thoughts on “Worst Anti-McConnell Ad Ever

  1. I heard the ad on radio today and thought at the time the word ‘straight’ was used as a double entendre but doubted my own suspicions. Sorry they are now confirmed.

  2. Found your site via Lawyers, Guns & Money. No idea whether you are pro- or anti-McConnell, left, right, or anything in between (and don’t much care). Can’t abide McConnell myself, and would be delighted to see him lose. And as far as the whole sex thing goes, I am a flaming hetero.

    But may I just use your forum to pass the following message along to whatever brain donor thought to help Lunsford by implying that McConnell is gay: f*ck you, *ssh*le.

    And on the off chance there are any Kentuckians who’d have voted for McConnell but would, if they thought McConnell gay, vote for Lunsford instead: just stay home. I’d love to see Lunsford win, and I imagine he would too. But somehow I think he’ll feel a whole lot cleaner if he doesn’t get your vote.

  3. Mrs. Tilton, McConnell’s opposition has been making that claim in a whisper campaign ever since he first ran for Senate in 1984.

    They’re just now making it, 24 years later, in such an open and public way.

  4. Damn anyone to hell who doesn’t respect sexual orientation. That includes Mitch McConnell and the Republican party, who have made GLBTs their punching bag for decades, and especially with 2004’s so-called marriage amendments, etc. that Rove, McConnell and Bush used to flame the fundies in critical states for the presidential election.

    If Mitch is gay, then he needs to be called on it as a campaign issue. Not as hatemongering, but because “It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.” He’s built the GOP brand on tearing down gays.

  5. Well if it isn’t “Sam Wise,” know liar and Democrat partisan hack patronage hireling merit system employee.

    Hey “Sam” how are you enjoying that 1 percent raise and the big health insurance deduction increase that’s coming from 2009?

    I’m guessing you’re not smart enough to be earning in the upper levels of state government salaries — so did you know that you actually got bigger raises under Fletcher than you got under Beshear?

    Bwaa haa haa.

  6. You know, we Democrats are too honest for our own good. Every election we endure the lies, slander, and fearmongering from the right wingers, and we tell ourselves that nobility will win in the end. And every election we get our asses kicked.

    I can’t say I support the use of sexual orientation as a bludgeon … but I do think it’s about time we fought fire with fire. For example, I read a satire piece that said McCain had selected “Joe the Plumber” as his Treasury Secretary. Maybe I’m losing my integrity, but isn’t it time we stopped bringing knives to gunfights?

  7. I’ve always considered outing to be uncouth, but I’m inclined to make exceptions in the case of closeted gays who toe the anti-gay line and support homophobic legislation. If McConnell doesn’t play that game, he should be left in peace, because at least he’s not a hypocrite. Just a bad senator.

  8. show me where Mitch list his military service on his websites!why would he not mention his service, He’s obviously not proud of his record

    “I’ve turned fresh eyes on this case and recently noticed an interesting inconsistency with McConnell’s public Army record. In particular, there is a differing answer to a section of his records titled, “Transcript of Court Martial.” While every other section of McConnell’s records without information simply “n/a,” this particular section uniquely states, “not on file.” Does that mean a McConnell court martial file exists? Only the Senator knows.

  9. If Mitch McConnell didn’t bear such a resemblance to Miss Jane Hathaway from “The BeverlyHillbillies” I’d be inclined to dismiss the rumors.

  10. Gosh, that is so gentle compared to what McConnell and the Right have said about the Clintons. It’s just swatting him with a feather.

  11. I hope that everyone who is troubled by this will contact the AFSCME. I sent them the following message:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am horrified at the advertisement the AFSCME is running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, and I urge you to remove them and to apologize for them. While there is disagreement among Democrats about the extent to which we should campaign for homosexuals’ equality, I hope there is no disagreement that our tactics should not sink to those of our opponents. Unfortunately, in referencing McConnell’s military record and asking that he be “straight” with voters, the AFSCME has found a low ground to share with Republicans, and it makes me ashamed to have made common cause with the AFSCME.

    Please, please reconsider such advertisements, and please remember that the Democratic coalition cannot be strengthened by using sexual orientation as a fear factor in politics.

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