U.S. Senate Debate Yesterday – Highlights

In case you missed it, here are some highlights from yesterday’s Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce U.S. Senate debate between Bruce Lunsford and Mitch McConnell.

Mitch denied ever supporting tolls. A total lie.

Mitch McConnell pushed for tolls to cover the cost of the Brent Spence bridge. While addressing the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce in 2007, he talked about a bill that would “allow local officials to set up special-purpose funding authorities that could borrow money for road projects” and “operate facilities such as toll roads.”

The Enquirer reported in December of last year that, “McConnell [and others]… have pushed for forming local bonding authorities or… private operators to fund the project. Supporters of those ideas have said a toll could be a way to pay for a bridge.” [Northern Kentucky Enquirer, 12/1/07; Northern Kentucky Enquirer, 12/31/07]

And he said his office didn’t smear a 12-year-old boy. Another lie.

Senator McConnell literally knew his office was smearing him and we reported on it here, complete with video of his lie-filled television interview. According to the Courier-Journal, “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell knew last week at a time when he was denying it that his staff had sent e-mails encouraging reporters to look into the background of a 12-year-old boy used by Democrats to support expansion of a health-care program.” [Courier-Journal, 10/17/07]

Mitch made it a point to give Bruce grief for never directly answering his questions. But what the hell? Mitch didn’t answer ANY questions. At all. For any reason. So the media totally ignored McConnell’s bogus claims on that front. With the exception of Mark Hebert.

What we found to be the most interesting part of the debate came about 12 minutes or so in, as Mitch lost his shiz and started queening out, demanding a personal apology. He was all upset that Bruce would assert he’s corrupt and bad for Kentucky. Then he gave us the most priceless quote of the entire campaign, “I’ve lived on a government salary for 30 years.” Playing right into the Democrats’ hands. (His lips didn’t move at all during the entire debate.)

Even more interesting: Sources at WCPO in Cincinnati tell us that station executives wanted to hold the debate later in the day (it took place at 9:15 A.M.) but were unable to do so. Unable to do so because Mitch McConnell refused to debate later in the day when people might actually be awake to watch television. Imagine that. Mitch. Hiding from his constituents.