Heh – NRSC Is Grasping at Straws With Latest

Have you seen this bullshit? The NRSC is alleging that supporters of Bruce Lunsford have anything to do with the kind of person Bruce is. And Pat Crowley bit at a video press release from the Republicans. He’s a journalist– he’s supposed to get BOTH sides of a story before running to publish– unlike dirty bloggers who have no standards.

What’s obvious here is that Bill Londrigan has jack to do with Bruce Lunsford. Bill’s with big labor. And if you think for a moment he’s got anything to do with Bruce’s senate campaign beyond what’s on the surface? You’re sorely living in a fantasy world.

And Bill Titelman? He’s some random guy who supports Bruce. What does this guy have to do with Bruce’s campaign beyond being a supporter with asshole tendencies?

This is bullshit. Unless Mitch McConnell’s supporters are being called on their behavior, the NRSC has no place producing an ad like this. What about Mitch McConnell’s ties to Ted Stevens? Or recently indicted Leonard Lawson? What about his wife whose family directly benefits from the Red Chinese government because of their interesting Red Chinese shipping company?

Finally, if you think for a moment that Republicans don’t have foul mouths, you haven’t met my circle of friends.

Here’s what Lunsford’s spokesperson, Cary Stemle, had to say about the matter, “This is nothing more than the typical political back and forth. We can’t speak for the two gentlemen. You should call them to get their side of the story.”

UPDATE @ 4:40: Everyone thank John Stamper for doing the very same thing Pat Crowley did. Yay, journalism!

15 thoughts on “Heh – NRSC Is Grasping at Straws With Latest

  1. “Rose” is a perfect rose! She’d never use foul language around someone like me!


    Though, I can’t say the same about 99% of the other folks I know– Democrats and Republicans alike. Even the Priests and Rabbis I know curse like drunken sailors.

  2. Yah……im pretty sure this is just another Nasty McCONell trick for campaigning. Im pretty sure at fancy farm they had 8 people following Bruce around at fancy farm screaming stuff about child molesters at a FAMILY event when there were clearly little children around. And PS the Democrats Tracker is respectful of Mitch. Is Richard St Onge i mean getting 2 inches away from someones face and not moving even if he is polite, i mean who stands outside of a event that the candidate isn’t even @ and stalks volunteers. Isn’t one tracker enough i mean SIX outside of a fundraiser seems sortiv silly and petty if you ask me

  3. Who’s minding the store?
    If Lunsford is going to run and is serious about getting more than 35% of the vote his staff had better get on this stuff NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This moves votes to the buyers column. If Lunsford isn’t going to fight back, he should just resign. I can’t see that he’s running. I was willing to wait until Labor Day for him to get off his tookus to mount a real campaign. Well it’s after Labor Day and the best his PR flak-katchor can do is refer callers, for denial or comment, to the people taped in the ad???????????????
    Where are their heads?
    Failure to fight is why people charge that politics is fixed and it makes no difference who runs or wins — it’s all fixed anyway. What is more crooked? Going in the tank purposefully is no more honorable nor is it better than being beaten.

    There is nothing lower in the human culture than a quitter. If Lunsford is so convinced that he’s throwing good money after bad, he should put 15 million in trust for a candidate to use to defeat Howdy Dooty at the next cycle. It would be pennance for having disenfranchised voters, candidates and professional political operatives of choice, a fundamental precept of both – a Republic and a Democracy. Lunsford should stand at the bar of public opinion and willingly be sanctioned and punished for this hubris and misbehavior that deprived the electorate of choice.

    Dems didn’t attack or counter-attack in 1988, 2000, 2004 and again now. If we don’t fight to win, and Republicans do … everyone loses, especially Democrats, middle-class families, adults sufficiently educated to make chooices and single parents lashed to the decks of ships not of state with the passengers strapped to onerous levels of debt, taxes and escalating costs of basic living.

  4. I love how “NRSC”‘s comments are on every blog that posted this footage. Way to lurk and post dude!

    BTW, it wasn’t McConnell people who got a talking to by state troopers at fancy farm after shoving a few little kids to the ground during their overzealous blocking of the McConnell trackers, and there’s photo’s to prove that one.

    At the end of the day, to me at least, the lesson on trackers is this: The only reason you have to be concering with trackers is if you’re worried about your candidate slipping up and saying something stupid. If you have a GOOD candidate, you shouldn’t be worried about who, when and why someone is taping him.

    Either teach your candidate better and trust him or don’t let him out in public.

  5. actually no i am pretty sure that the people who were tracking Bruce were right up in his face and one thats right Richard St. Onge hit mulitpul staffers in the face with his camera at FF oh wait were those “little” kids polite or were they right on Bruces staffs feet the whole time. I am pretty sure i saw that state trooper go into the republican RV to yell at the trackers for yelling racist slurs, demining remarks, talking about raping children when there were families around and oh thats right wouldnt leave Lunsfords space that he thats right not Richard St Onge Not Justin Brassell or Jeff Poole, the Bruce Lunsford campaign rented are you hard of hearing Richard???

  6. Mabey Lunsfords staff blocks so much because they know how Mitch can change anything you say or do into a negative ad with that comment taken out of context….on a side note i am pretty sure that I saw a tall dude shaved head and honestly glasses that make him look like he is 98 years old……..I am pretty sure the same state trooper went into the republican RV and went off on Mitches staff and threatened to arrest Richard St onge for assault and whats that trespassing.

  7. oops here is what Richard did “.on a side note i am pretty sure that I saw a tall dude shaved head and honestly glasses that make him look like he is 98 years old hit many of Bruces staff with his camera”

  8. The way I figure, I’m at least 50% redneck, and what the hell kind of sissy-ass WATBs would call the incidents in that video “assault and battery?” Probably the same sorts of WATBs that LOVE war enough to have dodged the draft.

  9. wow….people stealing my posting name…creative. At least I have fans. Maybe someday I can grow up to be like Jake, with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of stalkers on the tubes.

  10. The Real NMN: Ha – I wouldn’t worry too much about some asshats who can’t spell for shit or create a sentence for shit stealing your screenname.

  11. Amazing! clearly a tracker has been attacked at least two times by those who would hate it if Kentuckians knew what bruce supported, and you goons try to spin it!
    Is this a application to the NY times?

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