New Katie King Attack Piece

There’s a new “attack” piece out today that’s allegedly from some group that wants to prevent Katie King from being elected. As you well know, we’re suspicious of the circumstances of any attack piece on Katie.

The flyer appears to have been sent only to media types and a few elected officials. What’s strange is that both Rick and myself received copies. My copy? Received at an address that no one really knows. The address has never been tied to my name and it’s only been used for very specific government-related issues (like passport, taxes).

Here’s the envelope:


It appears to have been dropped in downtown Louisville yesterday, September 29 as the postmark indicates.

Here’s the actual one-page flyer with some interesting photographs allegedly of Katie:



The Lunsford Campaign Finally Says It

Finally! Bruce Lunsford’s campaign finally says that Mitch McConnell is lying.

From the latest release:

The McConnell campaign is running a companion radio ad to complement his TV ad about Bruce Lunsford and Valor Healthcare. Be on the lookout for it, and pay particular attention to the new info that Valor stands accused of mistreating “thousands” of vets … More pure rubbish. Well, let me say it another way. He is lying. Again.

There are too many lies in both ads to recount them here. But don’t take my word for it. Check out, for the real story with citations. Facts, not spin.

It’s rather revolting that McConnell, at a time like this, would stoop to using vets like this, but as I’ve said before, he will say or do anything to hold onto power. These ads are a good illustration of that.

Oh snap.

Haha – Denise Harper Angel the Hypocrite

State Senator Denise Harper Angel is now campaigning in the very same neighborhood for which she seeks to disqualify from Scott Ritcher’s petition.

We couldn’t make this up if we tried, so read the entire release from the Ritcher campaign for yourself.

Denise Harper Angel campaigned Monday night to voters in a neighborhood she is asking Jefferson Circuit Court to declare is outside her district’s boundaries.

At a meeting of the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council, the incumbent Democratic State Senator addressed an audience at St. Elizabeth’s School and asked for their votes in the November election. However, according to claims made in her lawsuit against the Board of Elections and independent candidate Scott Ritcher, nearly everyone in Schnitzelburg is ineligible to vote in her district.

Schnitzelburg is a small neighborhood that borders Germantown. It is triangular in shape and bound by Goss Avenue, Shelby Street, and Clarks Lane. District 35 includes just a few blocks of Schnitzelburg at the northern tip of this triangle. (The Encyclopedia of Louisville (University Press of Kentucky, 2001), p. 790) (LRC Map of District 35)

In court documents, Angel claims 18 of the 105 voters who signed Ritcher’s nominating petition live outside the district. She argues their signatures should be disqualified and Ritcher’s candidacy revoked.

Nearly all the disputed signatories named in the case are Schnitzelburg voters who live within walking distance or line-of-sight from St. Elizabeth’s School.

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Bruce Lunsford’s Unreleased Ads – Part 1

We were able to get our hands on several unreleased ads produced for Bruce Lunsford’s U.S. Senate campaign. They’re the kind of red meat Kentuckians want to see and we wish Bruce’s campaign staff would release them statewide.

We’re releasing three of the ads online today and encourage you to check back throughout the day to view them all.

Here’s the first.

Grab your ankles and beg for more, folks, because the rest are good.