Why Was “Outer” Michael Rogers in Louisville?

The weekend of July 12th was an interesting one. Primarily because we caught wind of a visit to Louisville by Michael Rogers of BlogActive.

Rogers, you may recall, is the man who “outed” Rep. Ed Schrock in 2004, the man who first published information about Rep. Mark Foley’s instant messenger sessions with underage pages in 2005 and the guy who outed Sen. Larry Craig in 2006. (Craig was later arrested in 2007 for his well-known foot-tapping in a Minnesota airport.)

According to several reports, Rogers attended the Metro Democratic Club’s annual picnic on the afternoon of the 12th. From there we were able to obtain photographs of him near The Bristol on Bardstown Road, in front of Toast on Market and at the Louisville International Airport on July 13th.

We’re not 100% certain why Rogers was in Louisville and have been unable to get a confirmation of rumors we have heard. We know has a habit of showing up in states before outing well-known politicians, though it’d be wrong of us to speculate in that realm. If anyone has solid information, please get in touch with us.

11 thoughts on “Why Was “Outer” Michael Rogers in Louisville?

  1. Innuendo aside, ‘Stalker Behavior’ seems to be a theme on the blog today. I assume this guy is a private citizen- so my question is ‘who is hunting this guy with a camera’?

    Does he know he’s under deliberate surveillance?

    I fully realize that if you’re in a public place then there’s no prohibition against your picture being taken, but the stiuation above seems odd.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  2. Ed Whitfield? Geoff Davis? Harold Rogers? Ron Lewis? Jim Bunning????

    Or is he going to finally out that pathetic, lisping, hypocritical old queen who grabbed that private’s privates and got kicked out of the Army?

  3. If that really is Mike he has a nice butt. I know it’s completely irrelevant to the topic but I still have to point these things out because, well, it’s there.

  4. OK Jake — you deleted some of Magruder’s posts for the “Mitch is Gay” crap. How about these?

  5. Mitch or his butch beard (sorry to the old golf pro with that name, I was laking of Secretary Cho).

  6. Jake, you have posts from Brad and downwithtyranny that are making that claim, and they ain’t gone yet.

    Butch Beard was a basketball player, not a golfer. Geez — the “Mitch is gay” crowd can’t even get the facts right in their otherwise slanderous posts.

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