Thursday Afternoon Update Dept of Craziness

Did you know? Martin Cothran says a story about gay-hating really had nothing to do with gay-hating. How quaint. Also, Jake thinks he’s “big stuff” these days. And yeah, those who do nothing but complain about the gays all the time are probably closet queens, Marty. For example: Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Glenn Murphy, Jr. Huge, huge closet homos. Huge. [Martin Cothran]

Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled that the road bill Steve Beshear vetoed is invalid because it wasn’t given to the governor until after the close of the session. [PolWatchers]

We’re not sure how Republicans can not expect us to lose respect for them when he continues to post racist tripe over and over and over again. This time MC publishes a photo of prominent African Americans praying with Barack Obama with the headline, “Be afraid, Be VERY, VERY Afraid!!!!!!!” You may not be a racist, but repeatedly publishing crap like this will continue to drive people away. [Marc Carey]

And more from PolWatchers… The Republican Party of Kentucky is now going after Bruce Lunsford by blaming him for high gas prices. How much lower can the RPK sink? This ridiculous claim is getting embarrassing. [PolWatchers]

David Adams continues to repeat the Republican meme that the economy is peachy keen! No recession here! Carry on about your business, kids. Nothing to see. All you have to do is think positive thoughts. [KY Progress]

The McCain campaign is accusing Barack Obama of playing the race card. Heads up to McCain: If you’re really worried about Obama’s actions and aren’t just trying to fabricate a racially-charged snafu? You wouldn’t wait a day-and-a-half to respond. [Huffington Post]

“The left’s reign is over in Congress. Praise Jesus!” Proclaims someone named “K. Smith” in a letter to the Courier-Journal. Never mind that the “left” hasn’t been in control of congress since, oh, before Newt Gingrich. Make sure you check out the other hilarious letters to the editor that spew the exact same talking points from the McConnell campaign. We love it. [C-J]

To end on a positive note, here’s a message from a prominent McCain supporter to you. These are my testing supplies! [The YouTubez]

Most Sickening Story of the Week: Toby Keith is a Racist Hack, Just Like Sonny Landham

You’ve gotta read this story:

Toby Keith’s Pro-Lynching Publicity Tour Hits Colbert, CBS and More

While Keith belted out “Beer For My Horses,” Colbert’s studio audience clapped to the beat, blithely unaware that they were swaying to a racially tinged, explicitly pro-lynching anthem that calls for the vigilante-style hanging of car thieves, “gangsters doing dirty deeds…crime in the streets,” and other assorted evildoers.


Grandpappy told my pappy back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he’d done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys
Hang them high in the street
For all the people to see


During the days when Toby Keith’s “Grandpappy” stalked the Jim Crow South, lynching was an institutional method of terror employed against blacks to maintain white supremacy. According to the Tuskegee Institute, between the years 1882 and 1951, 3,437 African-Americans were lynched in the United States, mostly in the heart of Dixie. Felonious assault and rape (read: corrupting “the flower of white womanhood”) were the two most frequent justifications for lynch mob actions.

This is sure to make Toby Keith even more popular in parts of Kentucky, right?


Need a Job and Love the Environment?

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is hiring 14 electoral organizers to work (for folks who want to work 20 to 40 hours per week) for 11 weeks across the commonwealth building long-term power and relationships leading up to election day.

Organizers will recruit and train volunteers, manage canvassing programs and develop phone banks throughout the fall.

KFTC is seeking applicants to work in the following locations: Louisville, Lexington, Morehead, Madison County, Pike County, Perry County, Floyd County, Letcher County, Knott County, Harlan and Warren Counties.

For more information or to apply, please visit KFTC’s website. Great compensation for those struggling with the current jobs market.

More Mitch McConnell Hypocrisy? Oh Yeah

We love that Mitch McConnell is continually opening the hypocrisy door because it’s eventually going to bite him in the butt.

His latest mess? He’s released a new attack ad complaining that Bruce Lunsford has investments in big oil. Never mind that Mitch himself owns up to $250,000 (PDF Link) in a fund that invests in ExxonMobil– the Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral Shares.

ExxonMobil, of course, has made larger profits than any other company in history. The Washington Post just reported today that the compay raked in $11.68 BILLION in second-quarter earnings.

Take a look at the ad:

In addition, Mitch McConnell has taken more than $3 million from big oil. The Center for Responsive Politics documented it all. $2,839,317 to McConnell’s various campaign committees and the NRSC since 1989. And $239,389 to his campaign committee, Bluegrass Committee (political action committee) and to the NRSC.

During his 24 years in Washington, McConnell has done nothing but vote in favor of giant tax breaks for big oil that total billions of dollars. Here are a few:

The hypocrisy is so ripe and juicy.

Interesting State House Leadership Rumors

We hear through the grape vine that University of Louisville president Jim Ramsey is making telephone calls in support of Larry Clark in the Speaker Pro-Tem race against Joni Jenkins.

We’re pretty sure this is bad news for Larry Clark. Aside from the fact that Clark was probably the only person other than Tony Lindauer to support Steve Henry for governor after he found out he was under investigation, Larry just isn’t exactly a well-liked man in the State House. So this Ramsey thing could further tarnish his reputation.

Ramsey, you’ll recall, recently developed a less-than-stellar reputation for defending Robert Felner in super-awkward ways while in public. Praising a man who allegedly swindled potentially millions of dollars in grant money, allegedly sexually harassed people and caused all kinds of unrest at the College of Education for several years is hardly a good move on his part. Also not a good move to trash and belittle 30+ individual faculty members at UofL who filed grievances and complaints against Felner by calling them “crap.” You may read all about Ramsey here, here and here. Not exactly a smooth move on Larry Clark’s part to get Ramsey on board.

For more information about Larry Clark’s recent past, dig in after the jump…

Read more…

Thursday. Day Before The Dead Pig Picnic.

Be glad you’re not Chris Koster, a party-switcher running for attorney general in Missouri. His ex-wife bought nearly $200,000 in airtime ti take down his campaign. How insane is this? WE LOVE IT! [KC Star]

Jim Bunning is suddenly all upset over China’s spying and poor treatment of, you know, everyone. He apparently isn’t familiar with his buddy Mitch McConnell’s super-tight ties to Red China. Maybe he could open his eyes. [UPI]

The U.S. House voted to regulate tobacco. Geoff Davis voted no. We’re talking about a bill that both John McCain and Barack Obama support. Isn’t that nice? We’re finally going to regulate one of the biggest killers on earth and people like Geoff Davis don’t see fit to care. Ed Whitfield, Ron Lewis and Hal Rogers also voted no. [H-L]

Wait wait. Steve Beshear has replaced Jim Sullivan on the lottery board with Larry O’Bryan, the political media consultant in Louisville. Does this mean anyone can get appointed to anything and get paid while doing it? If so, someone needs to tell the governor we need some appointments. [Mark Hebert]

David Williams will chair John McCain’s presidential campaign in Kentucky. What’s most interesting, though, is that Williams said “McCain is a leader Kentuckians can believe in.” After, of course, McCain himself lies every day by saying he didn’t say something controversial the day prior– and then the press digs it up on video. [PolWatchers]

Of course gay-hater Martin Cothran couldn’t go five minutes without dreaming up some sort of ho-mo-sexual conspiracy at the Courier-Journal. Did you know The C-J and UofL are “running interference for the gay community” ?? Because we certainly didn’t. [Martin Cothran]