Felner’s Troubles Began in the 1980s

During what has now turned into literally hundreds of hours of research and investigation, Page One has uncovered information that suggests former UofL Dean Robert Felner’s troubles go back as far as the 1980s during his days at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Multiple sources at UIUC who worked with Felner during his time at the school have revealed some interesting information. It should be noted, however, that no one we spoke with held any personal grudges against Felner, never offered personal opinions and made it very clear that they only want to deal with facts. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Felner was a member of the Clinical/Community PhD program in the Department of Psychology at UIUC from roughly 1986 to 1990 and was the program’s director (Director of Clinical Training) from 1987 to 1989. Sometime during the late fall of 1989 that program’s faculty (who selects the DCT) asked Felner to step down. According to our sources and our own research, no other DCT has ever been asked to step down.

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Adam Edelen Interviewed By Trey Pollard

Adam Edelen is obviously the best thing to happen to the Governor’s office since Steve Beshear won the election against Ernie Fletcher. Sure, he has his flaws, but his background obviously fits the role of Chief of Staff.

So along those lines, take a look at this great interview by Trey Pollard at Politicker.

In an interview with PolitickerKY.com conducted last Friday, Edelen says he is bringing the lessons of his experience in the private sector with him into Beshear’s office, noting he wants the administration to become more “customer service oriented” in its dealings.

“It’s important to note I am not a political professional. I would bristle at the term,” Edelen said. “I am a businessman who has been involved in politics and not the other way around.”

Edelen joins Beshear’s staff after a stint heading Kentucky’s Office of Homeland Security. With Beshear already having faced a fair share of struggles in his first 6 months in office – including stalls in the legislature on his proposed expanded casino gaming and tobacco tax initiatives – Edelen has his work cut out for him in the high-pressure chief of staff role.

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Gay Hating Is Definitely Back In Style

Must be a full moon because the gay-haters are out in full force.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky is attacking six UK professors for ever having anything to do with the gays, abortion or anything not hateful.

A conservative political group has singled out six University of Kentucky professors in fliers because their teaching, research and outside activities deal with subjects such as same-sex couples, abortion and queer theory.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky issued the fliers, which question the need to spend state funds supporting the six individuals, to state lawmakers who were in Frankfort last week for a special session on pension reform.

Who is behind this current outcry? Why, none other than Kent Ostrander and the ever fancy Martin Cothran.

Kent Ostrander, the foundation’s executive director, said photos, short bios and salaries that appear on the fliers were taken from UK’s Web site and should not be construed as ammunition for ”personal attacks.“


Cothran said ”all of the politicization of the academy is coming from the left.“

UK and other universities might have achieved greater diversity in terms of color, gender and nationality, but the political left controls the prevailing campus ideology, and that control amounts to ”partisan political activity,“ Cothran said.

So if we’re reading this correctly… college professors are pinko commies and the librul left are the victims of the ho-mo-sexual agenda. Correct us if we’re mistaken, because we know we’re only moments away from the world ending.

Oh, and for the record gay haters: Telephone calls threatening rape or other violence get you no where with us.

Landlord in Louisville Breaks Fairness Law

Some asshat who owns rental property at 1068 Cherokee Road in Louisville has certainly violated the Fairness Ordinance, which protects against discrimination against sexual orientation in the workplace, government and housing.

So we thought we’d publish some photos of the property, along with a sign that reads “NO GAYS” and a handbill with the asshat’s telephone number.

We called the number, 502.644.7000 only to be told that the apartment is on Craigslist and to be given another number to call, 502.452.6000. The Craigslist listing has been deleted but we figured it’d be worth our time to Google the second number.

The same person has a 1980 Mercedes 450 SL for sale and interestingly enough, left a comment using the name Billie Dixon on CMT’s Trick My Truck website begging the show to come trick her poor son’s truck out because he’ll be living in it. WTF?

He’s a good kid, earned a scholarship to Duke University when he was 12 but never wanted to go. Now he wants to go but can’t afford it. He applied to Florida Tech but couldn’t get the loan.

Austin keeps the truck about 10 miles out in the country where he is staying in an old camper about 12 feet long and has to cook outside. He works when he can with the guy that has the farm. He comes from a good family and I hate to admit it but he can’t park the truck in my driveway without the neighbors complaining. He was riding a motorcycle until a car hit him so now he rides a moped out to the truck. His dog, a big black one, rides in a large milk crate on the back. His dog Flash is well trained and goes everywhere with him. Sometimes people take pictures of them. Maybe the wreck on the motorcycle, an old Harley, didn’t help. He just can’t seem to focus on anything but going to Nc.

We have no idea if “NO GAYS” was written by the property owner (Billie J. Conley, according to the PVA website) or if they’re also responsible for the language on the handbill, but that’s not important. The property owner is responsible for their own signage and advertisement and if they allow something like this to go on for more than a few days, then, something’s wrong.

Basically, somebody in Metro Governent needs to step up and, you know, fine somebody and pretend they’re standing up for equality. Right now. So, Mayor Jer? His gay staffers? Metro Council? Why aren’t you screaming from the rafters at this very moment?

Oh, happy Monday!

And for anyone not familiar: Cherokee is the gayest area in Louisville. Gay, gay, gay. The hub of all activity, power and money. So this is really effing weird.

UPDATE: Check out what Rick is uncovering at The ‘Ville Voice:

Certainly there’s no proof that the gay-bashing written on the signs isn’t simple vandalism, but our sources tell us that the landlord in question has been accused of violating tenant rights by entering apartments without proper notice. She’s been accused of violations from the City’s Inspections department, and lost a lawsuit with neighbors over fencing.

The crazy is so thick it’s palpable!

Oh Snap Monday! Mitch Hides Again Edition

Guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns. Mitch McConnell. Global Warming. Global Warming. Global Warming. Global Warming. War. Everybody hates Al Gore! Global Warming. War war war war war. [C-J]

Did you know liberals are responsible for high gas prices? It’s true. And conservation is also to blame. And the “environmental lobby” is the root of all evil. So give Mitch McConnell all of your money and he’ll save the world from us heathen fruitcake tree huggers. Meanwhile, Larry Craig and David Vitter have foot-tapping diaper rendezvous all across the land. [Some Concern Troll]

Northern Kentucky is in for the fight of a lifetime over a pending smoking ban. Get ready for all kinds of ‘smoking is good for babies’ rhetoric. Just look to the events that have gone down in Louisville and Lexington over the past few years and you’ll be able to get a good indicator of what you’re in for. [Pat Crowley]

McConnell admits Republicans won’t be the Senate majority next year. [CNN]

All kinds of legislators are saying Paul Patton left a legacy of bold leadership. For real. Both sides of the aisle. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell and John McCain raised $2 million dollars in Louisville on Saturday. The funds will be split between the McCain camp, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Kentucky. [H-L]

The mainstream media, naturally, ignored protesters at the event. So. You’ll just have to read about them, view photographs (omg the obesity) and watch video provided by Jim Pence. Also, Elaine Chao sure knows how to spend gubmint money when getting her nails done. Two SUVs and six security folks. Don’t miss the video of McConnell and McCain supporters getting all nervous and uncomfortable. The gum chewing lady with a perm (a perm!) is our favorite. The po-leece mens being directed by the Secret Service to hide protesters from Mitch McConnell is our second favorite. Like Bill Londrigan is a threat to Mitch’s safety– ha! [Hillbilly Report]

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Porn Star & Senate Candidate on Fox News

A reader informs us that porn star and U.S. Senate candidate (and wife beater, children beater, racist) Sonny Landham was on Fox News Red Eye last night.

If anyone has this on video, SEND SEND SEND! He apparently discussed his porno past and said his “short comings” were all out there for the world to see.

We’re waiting on response to an interview request, so get your questions ready, kids.

P.S. He made Time.