Senate Poll Results: Lunsford has Huge Lead

In the ongoing battle (haha. battle. hahaha.) for the Democratic nod for U.S. Senate, we’re finally seeing some solid poll results. WHAS11 & SurveyUSA today released polling data that shows Bruce Lunsford the front-runner, more than 35 points ahead of opponent Greg Fischer. And like we said months ago, Fischer’s name I.D. is way below that of perennial candidate and moonbat David Lynn Williams, who is sitting at 11%.

Long story short:

  • Lunsford 42%
  • Other 17%
  • Williams 11%
  • Undecided 8%
  • Fischer 6%
  • Rice 5%
  • Wylie 5%
  • Cassaro 4%

See that? Lunsford has more support than than the rest of the candidate field combined. Fischer is sitting at the same level as three unknowns who have absolutely no shot– and he has a full campaign staff that has been spending money for months. We’re just seven short weeks away from the primary so there’s no possible way for Fischer to catch up. (But there’s still plenty of time for Michael Cassaro to finish in third place if we works hard enough.)

Love it or hate it, Bruce Lunsford is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate. Contributing to anyone else at this point would be a waste of money and a waste of time. It’s time to prepare for the McConnell whipping Bruce is going to experience.

8 thoughts on “Senate Poll Results: Lunsford has Huge Lead

  1. Since Greg obviously has no intention of competing, it looks like our only option is to keep Mitch busy with his $$$, by flooding our state with that sweet, sweet Vencor cash on attack ads against McConnell, while Lizzy is free to ignore KY completely (shocker, eh?) and spend DSCC money on other races that we can actually win.

    Sad, but true.

    Thanks Jennifer Moore and Jim Cauley!!!!

  2. David Williams is crazy, he is not going anywhere. And, why should “Undecided” throw their support to Fischer? The only reason Greg is considered the challenger to Lunsford is because of his money, which he isn’t going to spend. It’s called cheap … I mean frugal.

  3. I can’t believe anyone would vote for Bruce Lunsford period. He traitored the Democrat Party every way possible.

    Only totally stupid people would vote for Lunsford.

    This is unbelieveable. Incumbent politicians have put America in the shape its in. So don’t vote for McConnell. Lunsford was a friend of Ernie Fletcher, donates to Republicans, and spent $8m of his own money to call Ben Chandler everything name in the book.

    The 42% of Kentuckys Democrats voting for Lunsford should have their minds checked for stupidity. They are obviously a product of the great Kentucky education system.

    There can be no other reason other than they have seen his name in the news.

    What a hell of a way to vote for a United States Senator. Just because they had heard of him.

    These people shouldn’t even be allowed to vote

  4. I still plan to vote for Andrew Horne since he will be on the ballot. He is the only one worthy of my vote anyway.
    I cannot and will not vote for Bruce Lunsford. I simply cannot vote for a crook, democrat or republican. I will not vote for McConnell, so I will stay home.
    I am glad Senators Schumer and Obama wanted to have a senatorial candidate that has 13 million to run on. Sounds like they have it. Enjoy the ride and crash. The Kentucky senate race..Change you can believe in HAHAHAHA.
    Ill be at home.

  5. Isn’t there a PAC out there that doesn’t want to see Lunsford get the nomination? Run the same ads Ben Chandler ran in ’03 and watch Lunsford’s poll numbers take a dive. If someone doesn’t do it now, McConnell is sure to.

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