Fischer Passively Attacks Lunsford. Again.

Being passive, as you well know, gets you no where in politics. But that’s Greg Fischer’s campaign tactic. Where has it gotten him? To 5% name I.D. with very little money in the bank. So it only makes sense that his campaign would continue being passive, right?

The campaign sent out a last-minute fundraising email blast this morning that leaves us scratching our heads. Not only does the campaign contradict what it’s said in previous emails about having already met their fundraising goal (now they’re saying they’re *this* close) but they’re literally attacking Kentucky’s signature industry, Thoroughbred Horse Racing.

See for yourself:

This weekend while Greg’s primary opponent was reportedly hanging out in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Greg was meeting with Kentucky Democrats at the Ruby Lafoon Democratic Dinner in Madisonville.

With so much recent history. So much controversy. So much juicy and well-documented Lunsford disdain on the internet. So many negative videos. What does the Fischer campaign do? They ignore it all and passively attack Bruce Lunsford who went to Dubai for a major horse race on a trip that’s been planned for months and months with dozens of other prominent Kentuckians. Smooth move.

Hello, common sense. How many times do we have to tell you that Google is your friend? If you’re going to attack, then attack. Stop with the amateur hour behavior. Act credible before you alienate the support base you claim to have.

We wish this race would get exciting. But attacking a prominent ambassador for horse racing– an industry that generates anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 jobs, an industry in which Lunsford spends millions of his own dollars– is a total waste of effort.

Update: Here’s some good information about the impact Kentucky’s equine industry has on the state. Here’s a taste of the financial impact:

  • $4 billion Estimated economic impact of Kentucky’s horse economy
  • $8.8 billion Economic impact of the state’s tourism industry
  • 14,600 Tourism-related jobs attributed to the equine industry
  • $240 million Economic impact of the Kentucky Horse Park
  • $217 million Economic impact of the Kentucky Derby
  • $650 million Value of horses sold at auction in Kentucky in 2003
  • $127 million Estimated Kentucky horse industry exports

3 thoughts on “Fischer Passively Attacks Lunsford. Again.

  1. By the bye, any Fischer supporters or staff reading this …

    Every time I go to the Mid City Mall, and I end up parking further away than the Fischer staff who’ve taken the premium parking spaces, that’s just one more reason why I don’t want to vote for the guy. Petty on my part? Sure. But inconsiderate and selfish also come to mind …

  2. I think the reason you don’t want to vote for him is because you were a fervent Horne supporter who feels betrayed, and are too bitter to at least vote out of principle for Fischer.

    By the bye, if they get there before you, aren’t those spaces fair game? First come, first serve. It has nothing to do with elitism.

  3. Bitter? Fat chance. I won’t vote for him because he’s backed by Christy & Owsley Brown, as I have stated hundreds of times.

    And vote out of principle? That’d mean casting a vote for Andrew Horne, which many will likely do.

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