Faux Rights Group Slanders David Williams

As Ben reports, the faux rights organization Kentucky Equality Federation has killed the last remaining ounce of credibility it allegedly had.

The organization is no longer making up names of board members and claiming a legal counsel who isn’t a member of the Kentucky Bar Association (because she allegedly doesn’t exist). Nor are they attempting to ruin the credibility of the long-standing Kentucky Fairness Alliance as the org has done in the past. Nope. Wait for it.

The “Federation” is now claiming that Senate President David Williams is gay.

Take a look:

Monday, March 31, 2008
Family in the Kentucky Senate?

A blogger claims there is homosexuality (or same-sex acts) in the top ranks of the Kentucky Senate. Click here to read.

This is ridiculous. Even if the man was a known homosexual, why on earth is a self-proclaimed gay rights organization (aka front group for cash) spreading such information? Without any evidence but nasty rhetoric, the group is, of course, attempting to assassinate Senator Williams’ character. He may be a first-rate hack, but this is low.

We call on the Senator to rebuke this horse crap of a nasty allegation immediately. And on the Republican Party of Kentucky to dig their nails into the Kentucky Equality Federation. Anyone who has contributed funds to this organization should request a refund and the Secretary of State should revoke their non-profit status.

Attacks like this should not be tolerated in today’s society.

2 thoughts on “Faux Rights Group Slanders David Williams

  1. If you read the page at the Equality Federation, it says clearly “No, we’re not saying this is true, but has anyone else heard anything about this?” If you’re going to quote someone, Please help us all out and get the whole quote in there.

  2. Like Ben says: I think the Kentucky Equality Federation may have just taken their credibility and blown it up, despite saying “we’re not saying this is true.”

    As a non-profit organization you can’t promote scandalous, slanderous tripe and then attempt to distance yourself by saying “we’re not saying this is true” because they’re also not saying that it’s NOT true.

    Tough tit.

    You guys at a well-known metropolitan Fairness organization need to distance yourself. You won’t enjoy the investigation looming just around the corner.

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