Wendell Ford Dinner Tonight

Every Democrat with a hundred bucks to throw away on bad food and expensive, watered-down alcohol will be on-hand for the annual Wendell Ford Dinner in Louisville this evening.

We’ll be there. Will you?

If so, introduce yourself to us during the reception or stop by our table to say hello. That’s the best way to make sure we don’t write about your ugly dress or inability to sing. Heck, it’s the best way to make sure we don’t photograph you while you’re drunk and groping your server from behind.

Also, someone will need to give us several free drink tickets. We’ll trade for the less than mean things we’ve said lately. (Dale– you reading this? FREE DRINK TICKETS. Need them.)

Should be a great night of drama, attitude, social rifts, drunken flirting and laughter. If you have gossip? Seek us out tonight. We’ll be all ears and smiling so long as you don’t spill cheap bourbon on our shoes or try to get your greasy fingers on our tie.

To recap, there are a few ways to curry favor with us: Free drink tickets, gossip, free drink tickets, just introduce yourself (especially if you’re an elected who routinely avoids us/someone we say mean things about) and (this is important) tell us how skinny we’re looking these days.

13 thoughts on “Wendell Ford Dinner Tonight

  1. Ok, I’ll probably sound stupid here but where is the Wendell Ford dinner being held and what is the purpose of the dinner?

    Thanks —

  2. Here’s hoping your subtle-as-a-flag-pole extortion for drinks scheme is successful. The path is always smoother with help of the ‘bachelors best friend’.

    Looking forward to the event pictures; nothing like putting the names with the faces.

  3. anony:

    It’s being held at the crappy Executive West Hotel near the airport. Purpose: annual gathering of local Democratic Party in the name of Wendell Ford. AKA perfect time for me watch some crazy crap go down.


    It’d be a really good idea for someone to hook me up just so I’m relaxed enough not to remember all of the gossip I hear.

  4. Jake:

    Kudos to you guys… I don’t agree on most issues, but you guys write with wit and charm as opposed to the traditional anger you get on the left.

    Best of luck with those drinks. Remember: Bloggers can’t be bought, but they can be rented by good alcohol.

  5. This post slays me, jake. Exactly the HAR I needed after about elevnteen hours on–and now past–deadline. If I had a hundred bucks and were I a democrat, I’d be there just to watch. But then again, it is the Executive West, which, the last time I was there, was a scary place what with its concrete Snow White and the Seven Dwarves set up one of its gardens on the east side of the street. LMK if those are still there.

  6. Jake…update, por favor!

    How was it? Dying to know the scoop de poop! And don’t leave out a detail! I want to know:

    a) who looked bad
    b) who looked reaaally bad
    c) who got drunk and humiliated him/herself
    d) who got really drunk and humiliated him/herself
    e) what you wore
    f) who bought you drinks
    g) who snubbed you and thus will suffer death by blogging
    h) all the dramz you can spare!

    I know it ain’t the Oscars…but what the hell…it’s 1am and I’m home alone. Close as I’m gonna get…

  7. Very heavy turnout, good energy in the room. Some Senate race drama what with all the candidates working the room. Some presidential race drama with dueling Obama and Clinton tables. Everything was civil, but the undercurrent of tension was there. In all, though, Dems seemed united and energized. The food made me feel terrible though. Running to the bathroom a lot today…

  8. Thanks, Mike. Here’s a tip, though. Never never chow on banquet food. Eat a cheeseburger or order a pizza afterward. You may still end up running to the bathroom (especially if the alcohol consumption is at the level it needs to be so that you don’t lapse into a boredom coma at the event)…but at least it would have been worth it.

  9. If what I’m hearing about this dinner is true, than Horne has a lot of explaining to do.
    I know for a fact he was sitting with Lunsford, but what I’ve heard and am not sure about is a nasty little rumor. When Jack Conway runs to unseat Bunning and wins, Horne will be appointed Attorney General. I can only hope that’s not true…

  10. Won’t Little Jackie Conway (phrase shamelessly stolen from another blog) have to beat Gentle Ben Chandler in the primary first?

    And Rose … what’s a good GOP gal like you doing alone on a Friday night? How about a date, sweet thing?

  11. Anon…

    There are single GOP women all over the Commonwealth chillin out at home alone on Friday nights. It’s the great untold story…

    To be honest, (and this may sound sad to some) reading this blog is my entertainment on the weekends. I never have to be alone…cause I have all you guys to keep me company! That’s sort of sicko stalkerish…but hey…I’m a Republican. I can get away with it.

  12. The AG rumor is just that– rumor.

    It is true, however, that Andrew, Bruce Lunsford, John Y. Brown III and myself were all at the same table last evening.

    Look for a detailed post tomorrow along with photographs of some HAAAATEFUL bitches. And enjoy the rest of your weekend, boys n girls.

  13. Who does Horne owe anything to? The Louisville dems that sucked up to pro-life, pro-war and anti labor Fischer because the Browns coronated him?

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