Out of Touch Press on Senate Race

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza once again proves how out of touch he is with what’s really happening on the ground by discussing the U.S. Senate race.

Democrats argue that Lunsford’s past races have not negatively impacted how he is viewed in the state; Republicans retort that Lunsford is badly damaged goods. Democrats are on the rise in Kentucky, having just taken back the governor’s mansion last year, but McConnell is a very tough candidate to beat. (Previous ranking: 10)

Really? Who is arguing that Bruce’s past races haven’t negatively impacted his reputation? Which Democrats? Seriously. Who?

These people need to give up if they don’t know what the flip they’re talking about.

4 thoughts on “Out of Touch Press on Senate Race

  1. We should have learned by now that the generic “democrats say” or “some democrats say” actually means:

    “what follows is a damned lie I just pulled out of my ass to (for Smirky and other goppers) set up a strawman argument or (for lazy Beltway transcribers like Cillizza) pile up 800 words of shit for a column.”

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