Greg Fischer Finally Gets Some Media Play

In a story about Bruce Lunsford’s endorsement by Change to Win, that is:

A spokesman for Louisville businessman Greg Fischer, who generally is seen as Lunsford’s chief opponent in the primary, couldn’t be reached for comment yesterday.

Since when does a campaign for U.S. Senate turn down an opportunity for FREE PRESS? When is the last time a losing candidate ever allowed his people to snub the lead writer at one of the state’s major newspapers? Ha.

Advice for Greg Fischer: Don’t allow your people to snub media types or bloggers even by accident. Return telephone calls. And when you tell someone you’ll call them for a meeting, do it.

9 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Finally Gets Some Media Play

  1. This is bull. I know some people on the inside of Greg’s campaign. Joe Gerth didn’t even try to contact them, as far as I know.

  2. Message left. No return.

    I experienced kind of the same thing last week but am reluctant to say much more.

    Definitely going to the Ford Dinner. Read about it in a story from earlier today by CLIKING HERE.

  3. Add this to the mix. I was at the Mid-City Mall Library Friday, saw Fischer’s spacious HQ there, and saw Fischer inside talking with someone. So he was definitely in town and available.

  4. Just confirmed this. Kim Geveden was the one Joe Gerth tried to call. He and Greg were somewhere between Ashland and Louisville, and there are pockets without cell service. Greg was not in town, I can tell you that much, Rick.

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