Setting the Lunsford Record Straight

Did you know? Millionaire investor Bruce Lunsford owns homes in other states. Not only does he own homes, but, get this– he invests in real estate. Oh noes! Another scandal shot down. You know we love scandal, especially with Bruce or McConnell or, well, okay, anyone– so this totally sucks to write about.

Bruce lives in Louisville, Kentucky and has for literally decades. I (Jake) know this to be a fact because I know Bruce and have been to his home. Here’s the real story on the address in Chicago and the home in Scottsdale.

Bruce invests in real estate in Kentucky and across the country and has a long history of doing so. Jennifer McAdams, the woman pictured above and the person many are up in arms about, is a well-known professional interior designer who specializes in investment properties with services focused on the Chicago and Phoenix metro areas. Bruce and Ms. McAdams are business partners in the Scottsdale property which they will be developing for sale. Much like the dozens and dozens of other real estate deals Bruce has been involved in through the years. Much like the property in– wait for it– Chicago.

Our potential scandal is dead.

Reminds us of McConnell recruitee Ed Whitfield running for U.S. Congress while using a Post Office Box in Hopkinsville as his home address. But, uh, Bruce actually lives in Kentucky (Hello? He lives and breathes horse racing.) and Whitfield literally never steps foot on Bluegrass soil.

20 thoughts on “Setting the Lunsford Record Straight

  1. So you drew the short straw today? Two days ago you were bemoaning the political tin ear of Bruce Lunsford for buying a multi-million dollar home in Arizona.

    Now, with a convienient cover story, you’re defending Bruce. It sounds to me like he’s feeling the pain.

    If I read Hall’s story correctly, when Bruce bought the home in Arizona he swore under oath that he lived in Chicago. Nowhere in the story did he imply anything about Ms. McAdams except what was apparent – she and Bruce bought a house together.

    It’s probably not a violation of the Constitution for Bruce to live in Chicago or Scottsdale, Arizona and run for Senator in Kentucky. It just looks bad – something you noted in your earlier post. This is going to be a great campaign ad (by either Fischer or McConnell – whomever gets to it first) and I look forward to watching it.

    By the way, Congressman Whitfield lists his father’s home as his residence in Kentucky, not a P.O. Box. I doubt he spends much time there, but unless you can figure out how to travel back in time to 1994 and advise Tom Barlow to make an ad about Whitfield’s residence, you’re spinning your wheels.

    Whitfield rigorously travels his district when the House is recessed. He wouldn’t be racking up the margins he does otherwise.

    Good luck putting the genie back in the bottle.

  2. This doesn’t look nearly as bad as the disgusting stories about his nursing homes. This probably won’t be attacked unless his opponents are desperate for material (which I can’t imagine). I’m sure Fischer owns real estate elsewhere, too, but hasn’t bought any multi-million dollar homes that attract the attention of Google Alerts or the blogosphere.

  3. Ed Whitfield DID list a P.O. Box as his address. But I know the story has evolved since then. Now he says he lives with his parents. And I haven’t ONCE seen Whitfield in Kentucky. Not once. And I do, however, see the other D.C. crew all over the state all the time. Nice.

    Defending Bruce? Hardly the case there, princess. It’s no secret how I feel. Don’t try to spin it. Cover story? Riiight. Bruce doesn’t date older women, anyway.

  4. I’m just betting Ms. McAdams handled everything for the deal and Bruce only provided some cash. His m.o. isn’t to do things like paperwork. It’s completely in character for him to do that.

    And the address in Chicago is his address. He has about six others. Even if they’re not his permanent residence.

  5. Not suprised you haven’t seen Whitfield on TV in Kentucky – the Louisville media market doesn’t touch any part of his district. Get out on the ploughed ground once in a while if you want to see Whitfield.

    As for McAdams’ age, she must be really taking care of herself if she’s older than Lunsford. Or did you mean something else?

  6. You need to go back and check with Lunsford’s handlers on your last statement. If you read Hall’s site, McAdams owns the condo at the address Lunsford claims is his own.

    Does he live there? Does McAdams live there too?

  7. I meant older– as in older than 40. Hello? I’m a huge, inconsiderate and superficial homosexual– I say mean things like that. Keep up.

    Funny. I’m out and about in Kentucky all the time, being a country-mouse-turned-city-mouse. And I monitor all media markets in Kentucky. Hence owning a media company…

  8. Why waste time talking to his handlers when I can talk to him directly?

    Bruce has properties in Chicago. Also in Florida, New York, the southwest.

    The condo may belong solely to McAdams. But my understanding is that the Chicago address is one to which Bruce is directly connected.

  9. “… chicago address is one to which Bruce is directly connected” makes no sense, but whatever…. just another democrat running for office in Kentucky with what sounds like another corrupt maze. At the rate were going, some shady 527 will get him elected.

  10. As in, he owns it/lives there/whatever.

    He may be corrupt and 527s may help him try to defeat McConnell, but this real estate non-issue (other than the fact that he SPENT TWO MILLION DOLLARS and it was public record– which is stupid) certainly isn’t corrupt.

    Time to move on to something that matters. Heck, talk about Vencor or whatever. But this one is dead in the water.

  11. Let’s not kill it off too quck, Jake. Do us a favor, and ask Bruce some questions about this issue.

    #1. If this was part of a larger real estate empire that Bruce buys and sells, why doesn’t he have an LLC to protect his personal assets from any liability? That is, if he does this “dozens and dozens” of times.

    #2. Why did he personally sign the deed for the Arizona property but couldn’t even make it to his attorney’s office in Louisville to sign the deed for the house he “lives in” in Kentucky?

    #3. Bruce swore under oath that he had an address in Chicago when he signed the affidavit on the Arizona deal. Did he commit purjury?

    You can officially call it dead in the water when you post his answers.

  12. 1 – Maybe Bruce will be transferring the property to an LLC? No clue. I’ll ask him when I see him.

    2 – Retarded. Bruce has lived in the Willow for years. That’s his residence – one of several. Maybe Bruce wasn’t busy when the deed needed to be signed in AZ but was when things needed to be done in Louisville?

    3 – Like I’ve said over and over, Bruce has residences in many cities – including Chicago. I believe he has said so publicly in the past/it’s been mentioned in public profiles.

  13. Beg pardon about the Louisville media market comment. Several of Whitfield’s counties are on the southwestern edge of what used to be the old 5th. They are on the periphery of the Louisville TV market, given that the Louisville stations carry the severe weather alerts for places like Allen, Monroe and Cumberland counties. Lexington TV picks up with Clinton and moves east.

  14. I am of the opinion in this particular case it really is insignificant. Bruce is an investor and I do not find this a problem at all. I do however lack some respect for Bruce and do not trust him to do the right thing in office. I tried vigorously to sit with him during the Mayoral race for example to discuss issues like the arena he and Schnatter worked on. I sided with their assesssment and neither would take the time to speak with me.

    Old school politics or snub nosed leaders. Either way I did not feel they truly cared for anyone outside themselves.

    Just my opinion as usual.

  15. 10:15: Dude, buy a map. Whitfield’s counties in south/central Kentucky (counties like Monroe, Cumberland, Clinton, Russell, Casey, Adair and Lincoln) are in the Bowling Green and Lexington media markets.

  16. Then tell me why that when I go to Dale Hollow State Park, the TV channels in the rooms include Nashville and Louisville. No LEX, KYT or TVQ to be seen.

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