Organized Labor Backs Lunsford – For Real

Speaking of Bruce Lunsford… he just picked up the endorsement of Change to Win, an organization comprised of the Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers, Jefferson County Teachers Association, Service Employees International Union, Laborers and UNITE HERE.

Here’s Bruce’s statement on his latest pick-up:

I am honored to have earned the endorsement of these hard-working men and women across Kentucky.

Their organization’s name is meaningful this year. It is time for change in Washington so Kentucky’s working families can start winning again. It is time to bring Mitch McConnell home for good.

As Senator, I will work to create more good paying jobs in Kentucky and provide more opportunities for our children to live the American dream as I have been fortunate to do.

I am proud to have the support of these hardworking unions and excited to have their help in uniting Kentucky for change in November.

We’re not surprised organized labor has decided to endorse Bruce since he’ll likely face McConnell in the fall. But it’s definitely strange to be writing about them playing on the same team as the man they hated in, well, 2003-2007.

UPDATE @ 10:20:

Here’s the press release (PDF link) from Change to Win on their endorsement of Bruce. Forgot to include it earlier.

Interesting to note: Chris Sanders once told me (at a meeting last summer with the head of a prominent campaign finance-related D.C. political action committee) he swore to God he would never endorse Bruce Lunsford or anyone affiliated with him– meaning Greg Stumbo (this was post-primary.) My, how times have changed.

18 thoughts on “Organized Labor Backs Lunsford – For Real

  1. Well, surprise, surprise.. B-U-T, just because the unions themselves endorse Bruce Lunsford does not mean the workers that are forced to belong, i.e.”the hard-working men and women across Kentucky” are necessarily behind him.

  2. I was a union member for over 20 years just be cause the committees endorse him doesn’t mean the rank and file will vote that way,I sure want

  3. I’m a Dem but I think it would be totally stupid to not re-elect the third most powerful person in the world (politically) back into office. (Dems don’t count with a “R” President)

    McConnell is the minority leader of the U.S. Senate. This weilds much political power.

    A rookie Freshman Senator has less than zero power.

    Maybe someone can give me a reason to not vote for Mitch but I haven’t seen one yet.
    Just because he is a “R” is not good enough.

    With all that said, Lunsford stabbed every Dem in the back when he supported Fletcher. I’ll never forget the video of Fletcher welcoming his good friend Bruce Lunsford on stage when he endorsed him

    Lunsford is only looking out for Lunsford and he has proved it many times over.

    And the way he went after Chandler…

  4. Yeah Mitch is powerful and he has used his power to back up Bush on everything. Iraq, energy, healthcare, the ecnomomy, wiretaps, torture, shredding the constitution, etc, etc, etc. Wake up. Your personal grudge towards a guy who made a mistake and is now willing to spend millions of his own money to help us Democrats with this problem is misplaced, short sited and ill informed. Think about it. This is important.

    You around here for personal power/some kind of petty exercise or to support democratic policies? Mitch’s power aint good for anybody but Bush and his billionaire oil buddies. Period.

    Time to clean house.

  5. I heard the Change to Win affiliated unions didn’t even allow Greg Fischer or any of the other senate candidates to even interview for the endorsement. Talk about democracy.

  6. Fischer should get the majority of the endorsements. Everyone who meets with him seems to love him, with the exception of most bloggers. ;)

  7. HUH…

    “Time to clean house”

    I’m all for it … I’d vote every incumbent out of office if 50% + 1 persons will do it with me.

    It sure is time to completely turn over all politicians.

    But no one will do it. And I’ll never vote for Lunsford

  8. Lunsford will never get my vote. First of all he is a crook pure and simple. If the Democratic Party has gotten to the point that candidates must pass a big wallet test, maybe it is time I stay home anyway. Being a registered D does not make one acceptable.
    Republicans started the big wallet starting point for campaigns years ago. Now Democrats seem to be emulating them. Sorry, I do not want to go out and play!
    I was taught Democracy in school. I believe in Democracy. It used to by the people, for the people. Now it seems to be by the wealthy for the wealthy.
    I have no problem with wealthy people. I have a very serious problem when wealthy people are the only ones given the right to run by other wealthy people. It will take a long time for me to get over the Andrew Horne ordeal.
    It is one of the most disgusting things I have seen in the Democratic Party in years and years. Everyone involved should know that people are beyond angry. This is one of the reasons for people like Ralph Nader in politics.
    As my grandpa used to say, We get what we deserve in this country.

  9. I think we now see one reason why Horne dropped, he expected to do well with labor. Why fight for people that do’nt have your back? Disillusioned, I’m with you, just call me Disgusted.

  10. Just like something corrupt was going on “behind closed doors” when Beshear handpicked Lunsford and handpicked Scott Alexander … I wonder “what’ went on behind closed doors to make Change to Win change their loathing of Bruce Lunsford.

    On Feb. 17, 2008 the Herald Leader reported:
    “Kentucky’s largest labor federation said Monday it will “aggressively educate its members on why Kentucky working families cannot afford Bruce Lunsford as governor of Kentucky.”

    Leaders of the Change to Win said, “Lunsford worked on a task force for Fletcher that advocated the elimination of the state Labor Cabinet.”

    Steve Neal, chairman of Change to Win, said he “would not be able to support Lunsford for governor even if Lunsford wins the primary.”

    Change to Win noted that Lunsford’s running mate, Attorney General Greg Stumbo, has been a friend of labor, “but Stumbo has left us with his support for Lunsford.”

    — Pretty clear, Change to Win loathed Bruce Lunsford

    One year later … with a corrupt Governor in office that likes to handpick candidates BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ….

    Change to Win thinks Lunsford, with his track record, could beat McConnell. NO WAY BABY, NO WAY.

    The Union members haven’t forgotten that we were educated “on why Kentucky working families cannot afford Bruce Lunsford as governor of Kentucky.”

    …. AND …

    If my Union told me last year, Kentucky families can’t afford Lunsford as Governor I KNOW Kentucky families cannot afford Lunsford as U.S. Senator.

    I will vote for Fischer in the Primary!

    PS. I will never forget that Beshear was behind forcing Horne out of the race … corrupt guv.

  11. I don’t think it was Beshear deciding to force Horne out, as much as it was Beshear not having the balls to stand up to Schumer and the DSCC. That said, Horne hadn’t been able to raise any money, and there was no way he could’ve come out on top in the spending war that is about to ensue between Lunsford and Fischer.


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