Almost Friday Update Edition

The state Senate approved an HIV/AIDS testing bill for inmates of the Kentucky Department of Corrections which would require tests for inmates 30 days before their release. Jack Brammer called Dan Seum a Democrat. And Ernesto Scorsone wants to protect peoples’ privacy. [PolWatchers]

The Protector of Our White Women is woah out of control. Poor Doug Hawkins has gone batshit yet again. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Everyone is peeing on themselves a little now that they’ve found a piece of paper on which Bruce Lunsford admits to having a residence in Chicago. Like he does in like 483920 other cities. [Rural Democrat]

A glimpse at life in a trailer park and what down when those in poverty are trampled over. [H-L]

Crappy Gannett faux weekly Velocity made a silly attempt to call LEO out as “corporate.” HAHAHA. Further proving why Democrats and Republicans alike hate the Courier-Journal and any other by-product they peddle as news or journalism. [General Sense of Outrage]

3 thoughts on “Almost Friday Update Edition

  1. Word on the street has it that a certain blogger, along with a certain former Senate candidate associated with that blogger, will be joining the multi-parcel owning current Senate candidate at his table at the Jefferson County Democratic Dinner tomorrow night.

  2. Actually, it’s the former Senate candidate’s table.

    Thanks for spilling our dirty little secret.


  3. Seriously Forks, at least get the name of the dinner right.

    and so what? The certain former senate candidate is still very respected among us self respecting democrats.

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