Jim Gooch: More Embarrassing Than Before

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This takes the cake.

Just when you think it can’t get worse? Jim Gooch garners national attention for his stupidity. First it was spewing his global warming denial on Good Morning America. Now it’s continuing to foam about how mean and terrible editorial writers and cartoonists are– for making fun of his giant, stupid ass.

The Moonie Times printed an editorial yesterday about Mr. Gooch and his silliness and went pretty far in calling for his retirement. Just what we need, right?

Here’s a peek:

Not that Mr. Gooch thinks that opinion writers and editors are just another interest group seeking favor. That regrettable viewpoint would be merely wrongheaded and unconstitutional. No — Mr. Gooch’s attack on the First Amendment is much more frontal. He calls the actions of editorial writers and cartoonists who lampoon him “beyond lobbying. [It’s] almost extortion.”

“It’s almost as if they want to silence you,” Mr. Gooch complained of his opinion-page critics, seemingly unaware of the irony. “They want to hurt your credibility. They do it by either trying to make you look stupid or corrupt.”

This bill does far more damage to its author’s credibility than any political cartoon could. It suggests a new depth of unsuitability for public office. Indeed, a lawmaker who reaches to deny press freedoms to opinion writers merely because the opinions are inconvenient and perhaps contrary to his official acts is a lawmaker who richly deserves retirement.

Go read the rest. Gooch – a serious embarrassment for Kentuckians everywhere.

8 thoughts on “Jim Gooch: More Embarrassing Than Before

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way- but if Gooch didn’t have a ‘D’ after his name, I doubt this would have seen print in such a well known rightrwing paper.

    Gooch has moved beyond mere embarrassment to serious political liability to the KDP and the party at large.

  2. Everyone needs to call their state representatives and urge them to ask the Democratic House leadership to remove Jim Gooch from the leadership of the Natural Resoures and Environment committee.

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