Beating a Dead Horse: KDP Style

Joe Sonka at BlueGrassRoots says exactly what we’re too lazy to say today:

I swear to Jeebus, I don’t enjoy beating a dead horse and I take no pleasure in continuing to point this out… but what the hell is Jennifer Moore doing?

Earlier this week , it was the mass KDP email asking for donations using the Bunning story about paying his daughter $20,000 a year to run his campaign financing. Of all the hideous crimes and travesties of our Republican Senators, that is what you’re going to call out? That’s like prosecuting Jeffrey Dahmer for jaywalking. Let’s aim a little higher, eh?

And today, another bewildering email. This one asks for democrats to call their state senator and ask them to vote no on SB 14, which would eliminate the Secretary of Treasurer office. Nothing wrong with that at all, in fact we need some more of that stuff from the KDP. But this is a bill that everyone knows will never come close to Steve Beshear’s desk. How about doing this stuff for legislation that actually, you know, needs some grassroots support from democrats? And adding insult to injury, we have to hear in the email how Todd “good buddies with crazy fundie bigot Frank Simon” Hollenbach will protect us Kentuckians in office.

Please don’t remind me of that spineless, gutless coward. I beg you. Having him in office almost makes me want the damn bill to pass.

Hrm. I bet Jennifer and Todd will be really happy to see us this evening. Maybe we’ll be tipsy by then.

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Slow Friday Press Release Time

Rep. John Yarmuth (KY-03) just announced $452,746 in federal funding from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program to fund support services for Louisville’s hungry and homeless.

“This will provide a major boost to the people in our community who need it most,” Congressman Yarmuth said. “The funding will go help people get off the streets and back on their feet.”

“The emergency food and shelter program is a fantastic partnership between the federal government and local homeless service providers throughout the United States,” said Greg Hudleson, Community Coordinator at Metro United Way. “It’s a tremendously efficient operation, and this funding will immediately benefit the most vulnerable citizens of our community.”

Since Dubya’s done his level best to kill funding for food banks and programs to help those who can’t help themselves, this is positive news. Organizations like Louisville’s Dare to Care are the silent backbone of our entire community. We see it day in and day out. Can’t even begin to count the number of lives that have been saved just because a foodbank was able to get a jar of peanut butter into the hands of a child of a crackhead. They’re able to open the jar themselves and get necessary protein. You’d be surprised how serious I am and how often this takes place.

P.S. Don’t forget the Wendell Ford Dinner tonight. Come hang out with us. We love attention and gossip.  But if you can’t, look out for photographs and mean stories tonight/tomorrow.

Wendell Ford Dinner Tonight

Every Democrat with a hundred bucks to throw away on bad food and expensive, watered-down alcohol will be on-hand for the annual Wendell Ford Dinner in Louisville this evening.

We’ll be there. Will you?

If so, introduce yourself to us during the reception or stop by our table to say hello. That’s the best way to make sure we don’t write about your ugly dress or inability to sing. Heck, it’s the best way to make sure we don’t photograph you while you’re drunk and groping your server from behind.

Also, someone will need to give us several free drink tickets. We’ll trade for the less than mean things we’ve said lately. (Dale– you reading this? FREE DRINK TICKETS. Need them.)

Should be a great night of drama, attitude, social rifts, drunken flirting and laughter. If you have gossip? Seek us out tonight. We’ll be all ears and smiling so long as you don’t spill cheap bourbon on our shoes or try to get your greasy fingers on our tie.

To recap, there are a few ways to curry favor with us: Free drink tickets, gossip, free drink tickets, just introduce yourself (especially if you’re an elected who routinely avoids us/someone we say mean things about) and (this is important) tell us how skinny we’re looking these days.

Greg Fischer Finally Gets Some Media Play

In a story about Bruce Lunsford’s endorsement by Change to Win, that is:

A spokesman for Louisville businessman Greg Fischer, who generally is seen as Lunsford’s chief opponent in the primary, couldn’t be reached for comment yesterday.

Since when does a campaign for U.S. Senate turn down an opportunity for FREE PRESS? When is the last time a losing candidate ever allowed his people to snub the lead writer at one of the state’s major newspapers? Ha.

Advice for Greg Fischer: Don’t allow your people to snub media types or bloggers even by accident. Return telephone calls. And when you tell someone you’ll call them for a meeting, do it.

Out of Touch Press on Senate Race

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza once again proves how out of touch he is with what’s really happening on the ground by discussing the U.S. Senate race.

Democrats argue that Lunsford’s past races have not negatively impacted how he is viewed in the state; Republicans retort that Lunsford is badly damaged goods. Democrats are on the rise in Kentucky, having just taken back the governor’s mansion last year, but McConnell is a very tough candidate to beat. (Previous ranking: 10)

Really? Who is arguing that Bruce’s past races haven’t negatively impacted his reputation? Which Democrats? Seriously. Who?

These people need to give up if they don’t know what the flip they’re talking about.

It’s Leap Friday!!!! Updates & Such

Humana raised the base salaries of its top officers one billion dollars. CEO Mike McCallister got $50K (now $1,025,000), SVP/CFO/treasurer Jim Bloem got $35K ($545,000), COO Jim Murray got $40K ($670,000), SVP/CIO got $18K ($520,000) and SVP/CSIO Bruce Goodman got $17K ($492,000). [Business First]

We have absolutely no idea what he’s saying but this is why you should never allow your children to watch Barney. Barney is the devil. Here’s proof. Thanks to Joe @ BGR for scaring the bejeezus out of us with this clip. [Soulja Boy Barney]

Governor Steve Beshear arguing against global warming and cuts in Kentucky that could help stop the coming apocalypse or whatever? Apparently happened during his trip to the White House. All from Bob Novak. WTF. We love us some first-rate hypocrisy. [C-J]

Mitch McConnell’s approval rating is now above 50%. Highest it’s been since the evil librul nutroots started telling the truth about Red Chinese Money Mitch – and stopped once the DSCC/KDP/Beshear forced the best man out of the race. The man Republicans admit they fear. So, good luck, KDP, thanks for tossing us aside. We’ll make sure this race is easy for you. [BGR, SUSA]

Don’t tase me, bro! An unruly teenager was tased at a Jefferson County high school because he went batshit crazy while resisting arrest. Yay. We love America’s youth and the crazy crap their parents let them get away with. [C-J]

Organized Labor Backs Lunsford – For Real

Speaking of Bruce Lunsford… he just picked up the endorsement of Change to Win, an organization comprised of the Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers, Jefferson County Teachers Association, Service Employees International Union, Laborers and UNITE HERE.

Here’s Bruce’s statement on his latest pick-up:

I am honored to have earned the endorsement of these hard-working men and women across Kentucky.

Their organization’s name is meaningful this year. It is time for change in Washington so Kentucky’s working families can start winning again. It is time to bring Mitch McConnell home for good.

As Senator, I will work to create more good paying jobs in Kentucky and provide more opportunities for our children to live the American dream as I have been fortunate to do.

I am proud to have the support of these hardworking unions and excited to have their help in uniting Kentucky for change in November.

We’re not surprised organized labor has decided to endorse Bruce since he’ll likely face McConnell in the fall. But it’s definitely strange to be writing about them playing on the same team as the man they hated in, well, 2003-2007.

UPDATE @ 10:20:

Here’s the press release (PDF link) from Change to Win on their endorsement of Bruce. Forgot to include it earlier.

Interesting to note: Chris Sanders once told me (at a meeting last summer with the head of a prominent campaign finance-related D.C. political action committee) he swore to God he would never endorse Bruce Lunsford or anyone affiliated with him– meaning Greg Stumbo (this was post-primary.) My, how times have changed.