Greg Fischer & Self-Funding

Has someone recently explained the millionaires’ rule to Greg Fischer and the young people at the KDP? Did they just figure out that Fischer would be a waste?

Forgot to mention this last week, but, the Millionaires’ Rule (Millionaires’ Amendment) is kind of a big deal in this Senate race. And the only person it really affects is Greg Fischer. (Bruce Lunsford is so wealthy it doesn’t even come into play. He could write a $20 million check and never think twice about it.)

Here’s the dilly, kids: Once Greg Fischer loans about $600,000 to his campaign, Mitch McConnell can at that point allow all of his contributors to double their contribution amount. Meaning Mitch could easily have $20 million on-hand in no time.

If Fischer gave his campaign about $1.4 million, McConnell would then be able to triple the contribution amounts from all of his money men. So… how does $30 million sound?

Yeah. Exactly. That’s why Fischer can’t contribute a wad of cash because he just doesn’t have enough to keep up. He’s afraid of losing money and doesn’t want to win badly enough.

At a Christmas party Greg Fischer told numerous people he would drop $5 million into his campaign. A week later, after getting a bit of an FEC education, Fischer is saying he can only drop in $200,000. He and the Party now realize dropping any more into the race would sink his faux progressive ship faster than Fat Albert in a pool with floaties.

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Is this a move to distract fundraising efforts of the party’s major announced candidate, Andrew Horne? Why say $5 million during Christmas and flip around two weeks later with a meager $200k mention? What’s with his millions & more rhetoric and the abrupt switch to “I believe in campaign finance reform” mumbo jumbo? If that’s his evolution in just two weeks– how will he waffle on other major issues? Abortion? THE GAYS? Labor? Health care? Iraq? Being a flip-flopper at this early point is an indication of inexperience, knowledge, inability and behavior to come.

I’m bringing all of this up because someone calling themselves “Jake” at Ditch Mitch is seemingly attempting to impersonate me. The funny part? It’s pro-Fischer, painting him as some campaign finance reform loverboy.

Here it is:

Don’t sell Fischer short. He is choosing not to self-finance because he doesn’t think it’s the way elections should be decided. He’s building a grass roots effort to rival the terrific one built by Andrew Horne. His ideas are as progressive as Andrew’s. The primary will be healthy and the winner will go into the Fall election with a tight message and an enthusiastic organization.

Fischer is the “grass roots” guy? Where’s his crew, then? Owsley Brown doesn’t count because his feet haven’t touched the ground in anything but $5,000 Ferragamo in three decades.

He’s suddenly “choosing not to self-finance because he doesn’t think it’s the way elections should be decided” ?? What on earth? My big (less big than six months ago), gay ass. It’s highly coincidental that Page One was discussing Fischer’s financial posturing for weeks– only last week poking fun at his measly $200k mark– and now someone impersonating me comments on a widely-read blog about Fischer loving finance reform? So laughable. A complete joke.

Having a favorite candidate and desiring choice is fine and dandy. But. Why is this guy trying to run again?

On a somewhat related note: We hear Bruce Lunsford is backing away from the Senate race. This could be great news for all of us who love Bruce as a person. Deciding to back away could finally give him the chance to leave a positive political legacy and the opportunity to become a true leader and ally for all Kentuckians– just not in politics.

6 thoughts on “Greg Fischer & Self-Funding

  1. I think you’re wrong. Think, but not sure. Reading through the FEC guide, plus the actual forms, to see the formula, he could dump quite a bit of money in before McConnell could get increased limits. If Candidate ‘A’ is outraising Candidate ‘B,’ ‘B’ can put personal funds into the raise without risk. It’s only when Cadidate ‘B’ has put more money in than Candidate ‘A’ has raised all together that the millionaire’s amendment applies. At least that is how their formula seems to work (It looks like what happens is you subtract half of what candidate has outraised candidate b by, then that is added to the threshold).

    Hasn’t Mitch raised something like 10 million? Which means Fischer could put $5 million in before hitting the increased contributions.

    I’m not saying I support Fischer, just that I think you are misreading the rules. Didn’t Yarmuth cross over the threshold last election? Was Anne allowed to double contributions?

  2. Do you have proof that he ever stated the five million mark? Either way, I believe he will be a more than competent fundraiser with contributors who will definitely be able to outstrip Horne.

  3. Sorry, I didn’t know you had trademarked the name Jake. Seriously, you have to be pretty self-absorbed to think everyone else with the same screen name is trying to impersonate you. Fischer will raise money from donors just like Andrew. They’ll run campaigns and the electorate will decide. Your politics of personal destruction only hurt the Democratic Party and help Mitch. Frankly, you sound a little worried.

  4. Fischer’s strength lies in more than money. There is a real hunger out there for someone OTHER than Bruce. Skeptics I have seen are soon won over when they meet Fischer. So combined with the desire to find a candidate as well as seeing Fischer’s qualities when they meet him, will make Greg Fischer the nominee .

    Then there’ll be your skepticism that he cannot beat McConnell. one thing for sure McConnell will have a very very very hard time digging dirt on Fischer

    So Bruce’s dirt is Mitch’s insurance policy, see?

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