Goodbye to Jim Waters

It has been a pleasure providing a differing point of view each week. It’s been a pleasure hosting Jim Waters’ thought-provoking writing. That’s why we write today with a heavy hand. We’re disappointed.

Jim Waters was the special guest on Evangel World Prayer’s latest television program. He was there promoting a school “choice” plan backed by Frank Simon and the American Family Association of Kentucky. See it here for yourself. And here’s Jim’s one sheet on school choice, hosted by Frank Simon.

During the discussion on school choice the issue of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation came up. And boy, were they fired up. An older, obviously gay gentleman called in who claimed to be “cured” of the gay. His father was allegedly a school teacher (convenient, eh?) who raped him along with other students when he was younger. This turned him gay, led to his alcoholism and landed him in prison. Imagine that. “Pastor” Bob Rogers, the host of the show, then used the story to scare the bejeezus out of folks re: the gays as teachers in schools. He provided the telephone number for Frank Simon’s office and proceeded to not-so-overtly spread the homophobia.

Jim tried to distance himself in his weekly column published yesterday on Page One and in LEO. But this just takes the cake. Promoting school choice or a voucher program is one thing. But combining it with religious hatred and homophobia is beyond offensive.

As a result we’ll no longer be publishing Jim Waters’ weekly column, Bluegrass Beacon. We’ll leave that up to LEO. That is, if they want to promote ignorance disguised as progress in the form of the Bluegrass Institute. And we doubt they’ll want to do that even in the name of offering an alternative point-of-view.
We’re disappointed and wish Jim the best. But we won’t be publishing anyone promoting Frank Simon’s tripe. Especially not a man who is a member of an alleged think tank that was established to prevent government waste while supporting education.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to Jim Waters

  1. Hate to say it, but this was completely predictable. Scratch a republican, a “conservative,” even a “moderate” and you’ll find a hate-spewing, war-mongering, corporate-power-promoting, anti-worker wingnut freakazoid.

    It’s a shame, but no surprise.

  2. My canine friend, you’re mostly correct here.

    But Jim’s latest association with Simon really came as a surprise. I’m basing my reaction on personal meetings I’ve had with Jim where I’ve found him to be a wonderful person who doesn’t have his head in the clouds. We’ve spent hours discussing politics of the day and social issues at current.

  3. P.S. I still hope to work with Jim on a couple other projects because they’re of the utmost importance to Kentuckians in need.

    There’s just no way on earth We’ll be publishing anyone associated with Simon.

  4. Simon spends all his time searching for the anti-Christ, and yet all he needs to do is look in the mirror!

  5. Can’t say that I’m all that surprised regarding the stuff re Evangel and Simon (as I’ll note below…let’s just say I’ve seen that particular hive of scum and villainy all too up close and personal)–though agreed that it is sad that Jim Walters didn’t use better judgement on whom he associates with.

    And good on you on having the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say “This is not acceptable; we will not publish you when you actively work with hate groups”.

    And as sick and as sad as it sounds, trust me when I note that what Evangel and Simon promote *publically* re anti-LGBT stuff is nothing compared to what they promote *inside* the church. We’re talking shit like forced involuntary “exorcisms” of LGBT kids who happen to be misfortunate enough to be born to parents in the church and who were outed…in the middle of revival meetings, no less…much of why I report on dominionism now and try to warn people about dominionism is because of what I saw with Simon, Rogers and the whole crew of rogues there with their two-minute hates :P

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