Fletcher Shooting Self in the Foot, Exit Interviews Lacking

Like we reported a couple days ago Ernie Fletcher handpicked a few journalists to meet with privately. We have since learned these journalists were called to Frankfort because they were granted exit interviews with the governor. No Mark Hebert, no Ronnie Ellis, no Bill Goodman.

Greg Stotelmyer from WTVQ in Lexington was one of the invitees. And what’d he discuss with Ernest Lee? Steve Beshear visiting the mansion to witness Glenna’s “renovation.” Seriously. That’s what he used his interview to discuss.

Beshear, the Democrat Governor-elect, beat Fletcher, Kentucky’s first Republican Governor in three decades, by nearly 184 thousand votes. Tomorrow night they will talk for the first time since the election. Fletcher says he and his wife, Glenna, have invited Steve and Jane Beshear to the Governor’s mansion for dinner. “It’s part of a tradition and we wanted to invite them over,” Fletcher said today. “The fist lady’s actually done a complete restoration of the first floor and we wanted to welcome them over and show them their new home.”

Note the inability of some in the Kentucky press corp to use “Democrat” and “Democratic” correctly.

Aren’t there a few more important issues to be discussed in an exit interview? Just wondering.

Mark Hebert confirmed the information we earlier reported regarding the chosen few. Hebert, arguably the state’s most prominent political reporter on television, has requested an interview with Fletcher that has fallen on deaf ears..

Uh, snubbing your nose at Mark Hebert, Ernie? Not a good idea. Securing your legacy at this point is imperative. Avoiding the individuals who will define that legacy boggles the mind.

1 thought on “Fletcher Shooting Self in the Foot, Exit Interviews Lacking

  1. Were I:
    Arrogant, Narciscistic, Ego-bloated, Self-delusional and just plain stupid – I would invite everyone & anyone I could embarass to my exit.
    Hence: Mark Hebert, Mark Nicholas, Andrew Horne, John Stamper or Ronnie Ellis are not invited to commune with the departing clown.
    Actually, I shouldn’t insult the clowns – my abject apology to all clowns.

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