Prominent Louisville Democrat Supporting McConnell

It may be commonplace for Larry Bisig, owner of Bisig Communications, to host a fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. And it’s no shocker that business magnates like Todd Blue, Gus Goldsmith, Patti Swope and snake oil salesman Jim Host would serve as co-hosts for the event.

What may come as a surprise to many, however, is that Democratic Louisville Metro Councilman Jim King (D-10th) shelled out $500 to attend. King was the last person anti-war protesters expected to see leaving an event usually filled with Republican business leaders. But that’s who they saw: Jim King, faux Democrat, who nearly fainted when he realized he’d been caught.

Peep the invite and more on King after the jump…

Why would Jim King ruin his political future? Call him to find out. Ask him if he’s ready to be the Democratic Party’s next outcast. Ask why he supports failed Bush-McConnell policies and why he supports the Iraq disaster. Looks like his dream of becoming Metro Mayor is dead in the water. Let’s see how quickly he calls his bank to put a stop payment on the check.

As last evening’s fundraiser drew to a close all lighting on the property was turned off. Why? What was there to hide? Were other Democrats trying to play the incognito card? Jim King certain was. If it wasn’t for those pesky war protesters and their flashlights.

4 thoughts on “Prominent Louisville Democrat Supporting McConnell

  1. Jim King is an up and coming leader of the Democratic Party in this City. I’ve heard from personal sources that he didn’t give any money to be there and only attended to talk more with Senator McConnell about a couple of issues in his district. This makes sense since King is an upfront and honest type person. We need more of this type of leader in Louisville and not more political loyalty. By the way, if you’re questioning King’s loyalty to the party, check out the KREF website – he’s maxed out to every Democrat in KY since Kennedy! I’m a district 10 resident and totally stand by my councilman.

  2. Hebert is reporting that King has admitted that attending the function was “dumb” and “politically naive”. Sounds sincere. It would have saved him some trouble, though, if he’d taken the time to actually explain the situation to the protesters right then and there.

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