Jim Gooch: The Nut that Keeps On Giving

Democratic Rep. Jim Gooch brought his weird in-denial-about-global-warming circus to Frankfort last week. And we’ve all thrown up a little in our mouths as a result. But who thought he was crazier than he seemed a few days ago?

We didn’t talk much about one of Gooch’s “experts” last week, Lord Christopher Monckton, a guy who calls himself a journalist. Monckton has an interesting past and an obscure world view on things like holding insane beliefs about HIV/AIDS. In John Cheves’ Herald-Leader story about Gooch (Nov 15th) we learn a bit about Monckton’s stance:

Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is a British journalist and onetime adviser to then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Monckton generated controversy during the 1980s with his recommendation — which he repeated for lawmakers yesterday — that people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS be locked up for life.

“Twenty years ago we could have stopped this disease from spreading worldwide by treating it just like any other fatal, infectious disease, by making it notifiable, so people who got it were isolated — and in the kindest and nicest way — but isolated so they couldn’t spread it to everybody else,” he said.

Eyes bulging out of their sockets? How does one begin to break down the serious holes in that logic? Gah. It’s not worth the time.

Jim Gooch needs to answer the question about why he’d allow someone who’d say something so disgusting and inhumane to speak to the state’s legislature on subjects of such importance as global warming and the environment. It seems that Gooch holds the same beliefs as Monckton or he wouldn’t have allowed the matter to come up.

To further complicate things, Monckton and his family are currently trying to sell their anti-global warming/anti-Gore movie. So he came to Kentucky to make a buck. Imagine that. A British shyster coming to the Bluegrass to take advantage of people he thinks are as uneducated as Gooch.

Gooch says “we’ve all heard from Hollywood”– so why is he trying to help Monckton get there?

Oh, to Gooch & Co: The next time you decide to send us hate mail– please attempt to disguise its origin. We don’t think you’d want something so controversial to get published. Especially not something sent from a state computer.

Where do we get these nuts?

Update: For anyone who doubted whether Jim Gooch is off his rocker — Saturday marked the first Presidential Forum on Global Warming and America’s Energy Future. Coverage here and here. John Edwards’ team archived a portion of the forum here. Like Edwards said, this is the moral test of our generation. We cannot leave the world better than we’ve had to our children while people like Gooch put their ignorance front and center before the world.