Ernest Lee & Pat Boone: Suspicious Homophobes

What is it with Ernie Fletcher? What on earth is with his fixation of openly hating gay people as often as possible? It’s too bad we have morals or we’d out his gay campaign staffers and gay cabinet members. Surely they’re ashamed of the giant idiot this guy has proven to be.

We thought the race for governor couldn’t get any more hilarious. Til now.

Pat Boone has produced two robo calls in support of Ernest Lee. They’re paid for by the Republican Party of Kentucky, of course. Put your beverage down before proceeding. Don’t say you weren’t warned. (And make sure you don’t need to tinkle before hitting play.)

Here’s a gem from one of the calls:

“His opponent is so ultra-liberal he’s just been enthusiastically endorsed by C-FAIR, a prominent gay rights advocacy group. They’re convinced Beshear is their guy. Now you have to ask, ‘Do you really want Kentucky to become another San Francisco?’ Please re-elect Ernie Fletcher.”

The 30-second spot:

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And a longer, more hate-filled 60-second spot:

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These kooks can’t lose quickly enough with their anti-gay tripe.

13 thoughts on “Ernest Lee & Pat Boone: Suspicious Homophobes

  1. Wow. Not one but TWO antediluvian irrelevancies in the same ad: Pat Boone and Ernie Fletcher.

    I always kinda suspected ol’ Pat was at least walkin’ on both sides of the street, if you perceive my meaning, and this ad can only serve to add ammo to that line of thought. I mean, who CARES what Pat Boone thinks on ANY topic?

    I’ll tell you who cares – the people in his demographic. 80-year-olds who still watch Lawrence Welk, and who still think America is like it was portrayed in that program, and in Ozzie and Harriet, and “The Pat Boone Show” and so on.

    In other words, best case scenario, Lil Ernie picked up maybe 50-100 votes with this hate-filled crapola. Not much of a payoff to get for selling one’s soul. Again.

    And BTW – I know P. Boone is old, but is Daniel Boone REALLY his grandfather? Daniel died in 1820, and Pat was born in 1934. Kind of a long span for a single intervening generation, ain’t it?

    Here’s a quote from Pat’s Wikipedia entry:

    …He later wrote an editorial where he made up a fake fairy tale where a young Prince Charming was seduced by a dwarf, got AIDS, and then overdosed….

    If that’s not a gay storyline, I don’t know what is.

    I just wish these Republican closet cases would get a life…

  2. Doesn’t Pat Boone live in Hollywood? I believe he’s closer to San Francisco than any of the rest of us.

  3. I was happy to see the cowboy lovers from Brokeback Mountain handing out goodies to trick or treaters at the Mansion on Halloween. What’s up with the fear the gays tactic now? I thought they’d evolved.Oh well.

  4. I love the phrase “Even Transgendered people!!!!” as if believing in civil rights for the transgendered is something horrific out of one of the SAW movies.

  5. After I reluctantly went to the polls yesterday I came across the Pat Boone article on and almost choked with disgust that any semblance of the San Francisco weirdos prevail in Kentucky, then to learn later that it was all garbage used for political points and paid for by the Republican Party of Kentucky made me want to choke more. I’m glad I didn’t get that call.
    As a conservative….yes, I support the republican party, but not crap like this. It’s a shame the public doesn’t get all the truth and fiction in an election……from both sides. Congratulations to Trey Grayson coming through and making my vote worthwhile.
    P.S. San Francisco is a beautiful city except during the Pride Fest.

  6. Nice to know not everyone stands with hacks like Pat Boone.

    San Francisco weirdos?

    Care to elaborate on why you’re skeert of the queers?

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