Silly Drama Over Roger Noe

Some Democrats and Republicans are blowing discussion of the special election for the 30th Senate District out of proportion and are getting into an unnecessary huff over Roger Noe. Noe, for those unaware, is the favorite to get the Democratic nod to take over Daniel Mongiardo’s seat in the state senate.

This is a time for Harlan, Bell, Leslie and Perry Counties in southeastern Kentucky to shine and an opportunity for them to walk to the front of the line. They no longer have to be pushed back and held down. They need a Democrat who understands the legislature like Roger Noe. As State Representative, Noe did more for educational reform in Kentucky than anyone in the history of the Commonwealth. And as a private citizen he’s done nothing but stand up for eastern Kentucky when it’s been trampled upon and forgotten.

Noe has the ability to aide Daniel Mongiardo and Steve Beshear in getting the region’s long overdue fair share.

This noise about Noe’s outrage at coal industry misdeeds is nothing but Republican hype and an attempt to distract from matters of importance. It’s a classic attempt to prevent discussion of issues like public health and the general welfare of the citizenry.

The choice is simple. Do you want a Democrat who will lead, affect change and bring home the bacon for Appalachia or do you want to assist Mitch McConnell, David Williams and the rest who live for nothing more than to divide, distract and destroy? If you– Republicans and Democrats alike– want to hamper the first days of a new and hopefully competent administration by allowing ignorant and petty hackery to flood the state? Have at it. But if you don’t? Get a damn grip and realize coal isn’t the end all be all for Kentucky. Being a coal industry shill like Jim Gooch isn’t good for either political party and keeping eastern Kentucky on the back burner is the worst possible thing we could do.

Ernest Lee Still Crying Wolf

While we’re on this kick of Ernie kick about exit interviews we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share the latest from Joe Biesk of the Associated Press. Biesk asked Ernie about the blanket pardon of his co-conspirators only to hear that it was ‘the right thing to do.’ Along with some whining about Stumbo.

Fletcher has maintained that the investigation was politically motivated by Stumbo’s aspirations to seek higher office…

Still, Fletcher said the pardons were warranted because Stumbo’s approach during the investigation that rocked his administration was unprecedented by prosecuting the case in criminal court…

“It was absolutely the right thing to do,” Fletcher said of the pardon. “I deliberated that quite a while, and we had an evolution of a number of folks that recommended that over a period of time. Even the lieutenant governor recommended that at one time.”

In the deal with prosecutors, Fletcher acknowledged, among other things, that “the evidence strongly indicates wrongdoing by his administration.”

Ernie still seems to have a problem with the truth. He’s obviously forgotten that he admitted wrongdoing in exchange for charges against him being dropped. He’s still fighting reality.

And while he struggles against the reality-based community, is he preparing to pardon the rest of his crew before Beshear takes office? Probably. That is, if there are any left to pardon.

Meanwhile, Fletcher said he’s considering additional pardons. Fletcher said he has people reviewing the pardon requests that have flooded his office, and he’s planning on making announcements before he leaves office on Dec. 11.

“It’s an important role of the governor,” Fletcher said. “There are some people out there who haven’t gotten, I think, either a fair shake or have shown that they’ve really turned their lives around — one or the other.”

Fletcher Shooting Self in the Foot, Exit Interviews Lacking

Like we reported a couple days ago Ernie Fletcher handpicked a few journalists to meet with privately. We have since learned these journalists were called to Frankfort because they were granted exit interviews with the governor. No Mark Hebert, no Ronnie Ellis, no Bill Goodman.

Greg Stotelmyer from WTVQ in Lexington was one of the invitees. And what’d he discuss with Ernest Lee? Steve Beshear visiting the mansion to witness Glenna’s “renovation.” Seriously. That’s what he used his interview to discuss.

Beshear, the Democrat Governor-elect, beat Fletcher, Kentucky’s first Republican Governor in three decades, by nearly 184 thousand votes. Tomorrow night they will talk for the first time since the election. Fletcher says he and his wife, Glenna, have invited Steve and Jane Beshear to the Governor’s mansion for dinner. “It’s part of a tradition and we wanted to invite them over,” Fletcher said today. “The fist lady’s actually done a complete restoration of the first floor and we wanted to welcome them over and show them their new home.”

Note the inability of some in the Kentucky press corp to use “Democrat” and “Democratic” correctly.

Aren’t there a few more important issues to be discussed in an exit interview? Just wondering.

Mark Hebert confirmed the information we earlier reported regarding the chosen few. Hebert, arguably the state’s most prominent political reporter on television, has requested an interview with Fletcher that has fallen on deaf ears..

Uh, snubbing your nose at Mark Hebert, Ernie? Not a good idea. Securing your legacy at this point is imperative. Avoiding the individuals who will define that legacy boggles the mind.

Jim King Update: Damage Control?

We reported yesterday that Democratic Louisville Metro Councilman Jim King attended a fundraiser for Mitch McConnell the evening prior.

After taking some heat, it appears, Councilman King has said he does not support McConnell or the war in Iraq.

King now says he was present at the event (without contributing) because three of his friends/business partners were there. And because he wanted to discuss airport funding. Definitely a reason King would want to be around McConnell. But at a Republican-held and Republican-sponsored fundraiser publicized by McConnell’s campaign? That’s more than a little dangerous politically.

There are far better methods of communicating with Kentucky’s Washington core that are far less controversial for a Democratic official soon to be up for re-election.

See what King had to say in his e-mailed statement released to Page One after the jump:

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Beshear Appoints State Police Commissioner

Rodney Brewer - Beshear AppointeeGovernor-elect Steve Beshear has appointed Rodney Brewer as Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police. Contrary to the spin you hear from Republican mouthpieces, Brewer isn’t being appointed because he’s merely a friend of Beshear.

Here’s a link to Brewer’s resume so you can see just how qualified he is.

His resume details his extensive law enforcement background in Kentucky. With both a Bachelors in Police Administration and Masters in Criminal Justice from the University of Louisville.

He’s been a professor at UofL’s School of Justice Administration for nearly four years, was Deputy Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police Dec 03 – Aug 04, Lt. Col of Operations for the KSP Aug 02 – Dec 03, Lt. Col of Administration for the KSP Feb 02 – Dec 02, and Lt. Col of Strategic Planning at KSP from Sept 00 – Feb 02. Not to mention he has been Major of Operations, Commander, Captain and Lietenant– working his way up from being a lowly detective. He’s a respected author in law enforcement journals and has won numerous awards.

If he was politically savvy and vying for a crony’s appointment, don’t you think he’d be moving on up a little faster than this?

Spin all you want, shysters. Spin, spin, spin. Don’t even try to report the truth.

McConnell Calls Himself “Grim Reaper”

Mitch McConnell gave an address to the Federalist Society at its National Lawyers Convention on November 16. It was a typical McConnell speech about interpreting law, not making law… about doing everything to keep the Democratic legislature down and the rest of the country from edging toward progress.

As reported last week by BlueGrassRoots, McConnell generated a spectacular soundbite by referring to himself as the “grim reaper.” Just couldn’t get any better.

Here’s the full audio:

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And here’s the clip of Mitch calling himself the grim reaper:

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Video soon to come.

The campaign material just writes itself.