4 thoughts on “Breaking: Proof McConnell Misled the Public

  1. Thanks for posting this video of Sen. Maccaca McConnell and congrats on getting it posted on crooksandliars.com. The good Senator looks pathetic.

    We need to keep this story alive by pushing for answers. Stewart only wants to talk about his disclaimer email, not the original on Oct 8th that had bogus info to smear the Frosts. The Oct. 8th email was quoted verbatim by John Roberts on his CNN newscast, which proves that McConnell and Stewart were directly responsible for propagating the media trashing of the Frost family.

  2. Does anyone believe Republicans anymore? I expect them to hate and disparage any
    American who needs economic aid…except if it’s a corporation and then they use our tax dollars for a bail-out.

  3. in my 71 years i have never seen as much corruption as we have seen in this bush Republican administration,every one of the republican’s in all three branches had rather lay down an tell a lie than stand up an tell the truth an the Republicans in the senate an the house seem to be following the pide pipper right of the end of the pier.

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